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N.V. Krug Champagne Brut Grande Cuvée Champagne Blend
12/9/2017 - Ericsson wrote:
92 points
Aucune indication sur la date de dégorgement. Très belle couleur or, bulles très fines, arômes de golden et de blé mûr, belle persistance, j’ai bien aimé.
  • frapadingue commented:

    12/10/17, 1:20 PM - Sur la contre-étiquette de chaque bouteille de Krug, il y a un numéro d’identification de six chiffres. Si vous allez à et défilez vers le bas, vous trouverez des cases ou vous pouvez insérez le numéro pour avoir des renseignements sur l’histoire du vin.

1980 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Georges de Latour Private Reserve Napa Valley
11/13/2017 - rtsing Likes this wine:
89 points
Cork was in good condition, light sediment, decanted for 45 min. Very fruity nose. Tannins have fully integrated and there are loads of fruit on the palate, along with a heaps of dust/funk/sous bois. However the balance is a bit out of whack; it's somewhat astringent/sour on the finish and indicative that the wine was well past its prime. Having one glass was nice but I had some trouble finishing a second for this reason.
  • frapadingue commented:

    11/15/17, 6:43 PM - Thanks for the note. I have one of these as well. Perhaps a wine this old should be consumed as soon as it's decanted, just in case it might be prone to fall apart quickly. Or perhaps this bottle was - as you said - just well past its prime.

1985 Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon Monte Bello Santa Cruz Mountains
8/1/2016 - King Cab wrote:
96 points
Mature Ridge among friends (North Square, NYC): there have been moments in my life when a wine has commanded my attention and respect and truly shows how little I actually know about wine itself, this is such a wine.
A pretty nose of black cassis, black plum and black berries. Palate shows a deftness that only the most greatest of wines can show, and not being well versed in Ridge myself, I can only go on what I was told for many years, this one lives up to that esteemed reputation. Purity squared with densely pack lively fruits, this has it all: class, structure, balance, verve, texture, elegance, life. I loved it. Served alongside the 1983 Ridge Santa Cruz Cabernet, this outclassed it by barely an inch. Fully resolved and no cliffs in sight, this can only be described and incredible. Long, focused and in control of your senses and won't let got. Alongside my Steak au poivre with its hot mustard, this just rocked.
  • frapadingue commented:

    8/3/16, 9:49 PM - "Served alongside the 1985"

    But this is the 1985.


1988 Domaine des Comtes Lafon Meursault Clos de la Barre Chardonnay
5/11/2015 - Periko Likes this wine:
93 points
Opened for one hour and drank over two more. Opulent, powerful nose with lemon and citrus aromas, kept evolving in glass. More interesting in palate: tasty, grassy, citrus, medium bodied with a high, refreshing acidity that asks you to taste it again to savour that long finish. An excellent example from a fresh vintage that still drinks beautiful now and probably for a few more years. 92-93

Vineyard recovered in 1986, hence 3rd vintage for Lafon. Lot located in the low section of the vineyard that translates into a more opulent but fresher wine than its neighbors.
  • frapadingue commented:

    5/29/15, 7:54 PM - Thanks for the note. I picked these grapes on my honeymoon in 1988 and still have one bottle left. I plan on opening it on our 30th anniversary. It has been well stored, so your review gives me hope that it will still be good then.

1955 Faiveley Latricières-Chambertin Latricières-Chambertin Grand Cru Pinot Noir
12/25/2010 - mike wrote:
98 points
Purchased at auction last month among some other older interesting burgs, supposedly well cellared but unknown. I was not expecting too much so took it as a interest wine to a Christmas dinner we traditionaly do with some wino friends. Let it sit for a few weeks before decanting to a carafe and then back into the bottle to keep air contact down. Checked to make sure it was OK from decanter and was immediately taken with how it was completely sitting on its sweet fruit, absolutely no hint of oxidation, the tannins were reserved so as to be hardly evident. This was going to be special in a couple of hours... After having nursed the bottle along with a 96 Leroy Les Beaux Monts for a good 40 minutes walk we settled into the night, a couple of champagnes, a 1999 Clos St Hune - brilliant, a 04 Bouchard Chevelair Montrachet - great, a Chave Hermitage White, and then the 55 Latricieres - perfumed, seamless and elegant, the wine had broadened on the palate and become complete, the tannins silky, a balance and complexity that I felt only 55 years in the bottle could bring, still vibrant and youthful with great length.
  • frapadingue commented:

    10/23/14, 1:21 PM - CT shows two more of these in somebody's cellar. My wife would be totally psyched if I could serve her a good bottle of this next March 11 on her birthday. Mike, do you happen to have another bottle?

2008 Brewer-Clifton Pinot Noir Mount Carmel Sta. Rita Hills
3/22/2014 - drrobvino wrote:
87 points
Blind tasting at Rob & Bev's; 3/22/2014-3/23/2014: This Sta Rita Pinot showed a med ruby core, with a pale brick color at the rim.
The developing nose offered up med intensity notes of predominantly bright red fruit like strawberry and raspberry, with some gentle spiciness, as well as a caramel note, maybe from the oak.
The palate showed off a dry wine, med(-) in body and med+ in alcohol, with med+ intensity notes of strawberry pie, ripe raspberry fruit, cola, and a bit of pipe tobacco. The flavors are mostly fruity, although not in an over-bearing way that is typical of so many Calif PN's (for which I am thankful, since I have 3 more bottles). There is med acidity, and the tannins are med intensity but rounded and quite supple, allowing this wine to be in an ideal drinking window right now, through 2017+. Pretty good Sta Rita Pinot IMHO. I like this region for balanced PN's better than RRV.
  • frapadingue commented:

    3/23/14, 1:43 PM - Sounds like a different wine. Brewer-Clifton doesn't have vineyards in the Russian River Valley (RRV).

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