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White - Sweet/Dessert
2005 Domaine des Baumard Coteaux du Layon Clos de Sainte Catherine Chenin Blanc
6/25/2018 - wineshlub wrote:
95 points
Popped and poured. Rich aroma of melon and caramel. Intense, pure, complex mix of flavors includes apricot, lichee, and orange peel. Honey finish.

While the flavor profile is different, this reminds me a lot of Barsac. It has a similar raciness and complexity, plus (for me anyway) the finish concentrates on the roof of the mouth. For Barsac I call this "Melon ball", here it would have to be "Honey Ball" which sounds kind of weird, and may be something unique to me anyway. Regardless, this is an exceptional wine.
  • wineshlub commented:

    6/27/18, 7:09 PM - FWIW, I had it with a gyro. In general, it can work with a lot of stuff that is normally not friendly to wine as long as it's not too spicy. Any time you're considering Champagne or Riesling as the only viable option for a non spicy or mildly spiced food, this could work. And, of course, it's great on its own.

2009 La Rioja Alta Rioja Viña Alberdi Reserva Tempranillo
5/20/2016 - wineshlub wrote:
89 points
Popped and poured. Rich black fruit,black pepper aroma. Flavors of cassis and leather. Hot finish. Unfocused and messy when first opened, it pulled together in about 30 minutes. Enjoyable, decent staying power. Not complex. Could gain some with age, but if so the current posted drinking window of 2018 is wrong.

I would prefer a little more restraint and a little less heat, but this is a sound, delicious wine at a reasonable price.
  • wineshlub commented:

    7/5/16, 6:43 PM - Macaujames, if by aeration you mean something like Vinturi, I don't do that. I prefer to drink the wine over the course of the evening and let it evolve. However, it did definitely improve over time with exposure to air. I would say it leveled off at the one hour mark, with no appreciable difference on day 2.

2011 Château Combel la Serre Cahors Malbec Blend, Malbec
2/6/2016 - wineshlub wrote:
93 points
Popped and poured. Dark and inky. Complex, fragrant spice/black fruit aroma. Rich, slightly tart, deep flavors of berry fruit, tobacco leaf, earth. Vanilla and cherry in the finish. Some oak, but it's definitely a feature rather than a flaw.

A little high falutin' for a Cahors, not that there's anything wrong with that. This makes for better Bordeaux than most Bordeaux. Outstanding QPR.
  • wineshlub commented:

    2/6/16, 6:41 PM - Thinking about it. I'm on a very restricted buying regime right now (lack of space) but this could be worth it.

  • wineshlub commented:

    2/7/16, 10:48 AM - Maybe. I was thinking 6. Only potential wrinkle is I want to throw the business to my local wine store (it's in Sea Cliff on Long Island). It's $19.99 there before discounts, I forget what their case discount is but I think it's 15%. If we can work out the logistics on this, I'm game.

  • wineshlub commented:

    2/8/16, 6:38 PM - Yeah, probably more hassle than it's worth. I don't get into the city much but we definitely should get together some time.

2013 Bow and Arrow Rhinestones Willamette Valley Red Blend
10/26/2014 - wineshlub wrote:
91 points
Opened one hour in advance. Aromas of chalk, flowers and dishwater. Flavors of berry fruit with chalk and mint notes. Subtle dill pickle flavors in the finish. Funkiness, firm acids, interesting flavors, a little complexity.

I'm glad I gave this some time. It was a stewy mess when first opened but with 20-30 minutes of air time everything resolved. This has definitely been dusted by the VA fairy, but for anyone who is not completely intolerant, the VA should add rather than subtract.

The style is very much European vin nature, even by "New" California standards.
  • wineshlub commented:

    11/30/14, 3:55 AM - You're probably right about the reduction, especially since so much of it went away in a relatively short time. And I apologize if I insulted Oregon, but "New California" is a zeitgeist that stretches beyond the Golden State's borders. I guess "New New World" would be a more accurate way to phrase it, that is if one buys into the concept at all.

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