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9/6/2015 - Krolt wrote:
Wow, I am amazed and pleasantly amazed every time I open a bottle of Sea Smoke Ten Pinot Noir!!! Extremely smooth and balanced. Has a great fruit forward taste with a nice finish. I will be buying more.
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5/24/2015 - Krolt wrote:
Decanted at 8am and drank @ 2pm. Initial tasting had me worried as you could tell it was past its peak. Color was light brown but once poured in the glasses it continued to open up and drank very well. Fruit came forward with a very peppery finish. Every one really enjoyed it. If you still have any of the 2005 suggest you decant for several hours and drink them now!
5/6/2015 - Krolt wrote:
Fantastic after decanting. Gave it 1 hour and wow...
5/10/2014 - Krolt wrote:
93 points
Recommend decanting for at least 1 hour. After decanting wine had a fantastic smooth balanced finish.
4/28/2014 - Krolt wrote:
05 was at its prime. Best Plumbjack I've had. Full and smooth and couldn't get enough.
4/25/2014 - Krolt wrote:
I've had quite a few bottles of this wine and the 2005 in 2014 was by far the best I've ever had. This bottle compared to much superior wines and easily held its own.
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