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2017 Guy Breton Morgon P'tit Max Gamay
1/18/2022 - S.Wayne wrote:
90 points
Double blind tasting
Pale ruby, unfiltered
Aromatics medium +. Raspberry, ripe cherry, mild candied note. No oak
Palate has medium body. Acid medium +. Tannins medium, fine grained. Alcohol medium +. Raspberry, ripe cherry again.
Finish has medium length, but balance is towards the alcohol.
I guessed cru beaujolais, but would have liked less alcohol.
Ready to drink now, but I'm not sure what aging more would yield
  • Ebrim commented:

    1/19/22, 12:35 PM - Just need to ask beacuse i have some bottles in my cellar and haven't tasted it for some time. When you write "drink now" you do not see no further potenital?

1934 Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos Colares Reserva Tinto Ramisco
2/16/2020 - Ebrim Likes this wine:
95 points
The wine is clear, deep garnet core with a very thin watery rim, developed

The nose is medium intense with aromas of seaweed, stable, craneberry, wet moss, blueberry, iron/copper, sweet tobacco, developed, complex

Palate is dry, medium + acidity, low alcohol, medium body, medium tannins (surprisingly), flavour intensity and high dry extract with aromas of seaweed, stable, iron/copper, blueberry, blood/dried meat, craneberry, sweet tobacco, after a while more like a Bordeaux with dark plums, bandage, dark plums, long finish

Very well balanced, very long finish, extremely complex, must be a great bottle, not that intense but very nuanced and layered, elegant, very very complex and deep concentration. Outstanding quality and a amazing experience. This wine will probably keep for many many years to come. Outstanding quality 95p
  • Ebrim commented:

    3/9/21, 11:40 AM - Sorry, haven't seen your comment.

    If the bottle is as good as mine have been, it only have positive benefits of being opened for a couple of hours. We had maybe half a glas left in a quite wide caraffel which i tasted the following morning and i still was going very strong.

2010 Château Le Borderon Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend
4/20/2017 - Ebrim Does not like this wine:
83 points
Short note - blackberry, juicy, some pepper, tobbacco, medium tannins, well structured but a bit bitter in finish. Very good quality. 83-84p
  • Ebrim commented:

    5/10/20, 10:35 PM - I do not remember because this was a part of a very large tasting with the importers. in my mind the scale has always been good up to 82p, very good 83 and upwards, 92 outstanding quality. I know this is not correct according to the scale (also depends where you are reading). that's why I always write not only the points, but my conclusion on the quality, if that make sense. Have done it long before I started to use cellar tracker, but maybe I should start changing things.

    When I click I "I don't like this" wine it is because I personally don't like it and dosent necessarily nothing to do with the quality of the wine.

  • Ebrim commented:

    10/24/20, 2:36 AM - One of the biggest problem with the scale in my opinion is that it is not being used as it initilay was supposed to. So what we are looking at today is basically a 11-15 point score system (in most cases), where the wines are generally being scored between 83-84 to 95-96p. A wine has to be absolutley terrible for someone to score it under 80 points, and under 70 it seems to have too be faulty or straight up undrinkable.

    Maybe the scale has eveolved this way beacuse of lack of nuance or the willingness from wine journalists to give high scores, or a combination with also other influences, but in my opinion the scale is not being used too it's full potential.

2014 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Aveta Napa Valley
8/29/2016 - jrhonda160 Likes this wine:
86 points
Pretty simple, great wine. Lots of tart pears, needs to be cold for best results
  • Ebrim commented:

    11/30/16, 2:25 PM - So from 30th Of may 2016 to august the 29th 2016 the wine deterioated from 95 to 86 points? 9 points difference... that is quite ridiculous

  • Ebrim commented:

    12/3/16, 8:13 AM - What do you mean "really"?

2013 Some Young Punks Riesling Monsters, Monsters, Attack! Clare Valley
9/18/2014 - tsverdrup Likes this wine:
Tasting with Colin from Some Young Punks in Bergen, Norway. This wine is made from 12-22 years old vines. Its made with whole bunches. Fermented at 10-12 degrees. Some oak.
Nose destroyed because of dirty glas. Smells like a newspaper in my glas. Feels a bit sweet at once, good acidity supports that and does this wine pretty good in my mouth. Too bad the smelly glas..
  • Ebrim commented:

    11/17/15, 6:53 AM - So the wine is faulty because of a dirty glas and you give it 82/100 points? If the wine is faulty then in my opinion you should not give points.

1986 Château Montrose St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend
1/3/2015 - Ebrim Likes this wine:
88 points
Classic Bordeaux, plum, kirch, pencil, great structure in form of aciddity and tannins but i felt like the alkohol sticks of a bit and a green finish that i did not either understand what was and did not enjoy very much. Can easily be stored for many more years and the only reason why i opened it now was beacuse of my girlfriends birthday (also vintage -86).
  • Ebrim commented:

    1/4/15, 1:31 AM - Forgot to mention that i got a licorice and later salmiak taste in the end.

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