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2005 Jean Bourdy Savagnin CĂ´tes du Jura
4/26/2011 - Keith Levenberg wrote:
92 points
I am not normally a fan of oxidative white wines but finally here is one that actually seems to have picked up all sorts of interesting flavors from the process without tasting like a bottle that had been left open on the counter too long. The fruit is still chiseled and bright with taut citric acidity and a salty thing going on that hasn't yet crossed the line into anything nutty, which helps retain its freshness, not totally dissimilar from a fino sherry though I think the oxidation here is more mild. We drank this with raclette and a salad with our usual mustard-based dressing and it was good with the cheese but great with the salad - really I don't think I've ever had a wine taste so good with salad (it absolutely loved the mustard) and it was one of those rare truly synergistic wine/food matches, and the whole combination could not have tasted more wonderfully and quintessentially French than if we had actually been eating croissants wrapped in the French flag while chain-smoking, taking a mistress, reading Sartre, and surrendering to Germany.
  • eschwet commented:

    7/7/14, 7:22 PM - I cracked up. I'm completely stealing your last line.....

2006 Clos de los Siete Valle de Uco Malbec Blend, Malbec
8/7/2012 - owr Likes this wine:
88 points
If ever a wine was perfect for a meal this was the wine and steak and potatoes was the meal ... Seems like a simple meal to pair, but the wine found a harmony with what was on the plate. The nose was leathery, spicy with cassis and blackberry notes ... the palate overwhelmed at first but then toned itself back (within 15 minutes) and began offering up exactly what was needed. Started with a big spice and hits of pepper but then turned into a lovely smooth wine that brought out the dark fruit and cocoa all lined with just the right amount of spice ... this was a very enjoyable wine with great flavours. Through all the bad publicity he gets Michel Rolland seems to know what he is doing. I also see I have a bottle of the 2003 vintage of this wine, I'll have to try it in the next few weeks to see if it too has got the stuffing or if it's falling apart. For now, this 2006 is the bomb - a great wine that has hit it's stride for a big meaty meal.
  • eschwet commented:

    1/18/13, 9:42 PM - Owr, did you ever come back around to the 2003? Just curious as I have a bottle or two left of the '06 and am trying to decide if it's worth revisiting yet....

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