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2001 Behrens & Hitchcock Petite Sirah Spring Mountain District
5/27/2014 - mjhawes Likes this wine:
94 points
Terrific wine 13 years after release. Dense, inky, violet blockbuster with heavy sediment. Time to drink up if you have some. Wish I could get more.
  • aaronl3182 commented:

    7/6/14, 12:20 PM - I was researching this wine and came across your comment. See the link below for more.

White - Fortified
N.V. Gonzalez-Byass Pedro Ximénez Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Viejo Noé (30 Years/Años)
Not much to add on top of the previous few tasting notes. I can say that this is one of our favourite dessert wines / pudding wines / stickies.
It's great on vanilla ice-cream and pairs well with most desserts (though probably best with fruits/cakes that aren't themselves drenched in excess sugar, since it is very very sweet already and needs some contrast (try with poached pears). It's almost too sweet to drink on it's own. I'd go for a quarter of a small glass - try it before pouring a whole glass which would be overwhelming.

It would probably keep well, except, the closure type (cork stopper similar to the one you'd find a non-vintage port that's ready to drink on release) makes me think that it's intended for consumption within 2 years or so from release. If anyone has a well-informed idea about this issue, feel free to comment. Anyway, it's easy to reseal and keeps well a week or so. Serve slightly chilled.

This 30 year old is undoubtedly superior to the rubbish cheaper blends that are only good as cough syrup (or worse, the watery Malaga blends I'd avoid - they are sometimes offered as substitutes in Spain in restaurant/bars that don't have PX).
  • aaronl3182 commented:

    5/20/14, 7:45 AM - I had this wine out of a 750ml at a restaurant in Vitoria Brazil. 4 months later I was back there and had another glass from what they said was the same bottle. It was just as amazing as I had remembered it. Surprising. If it kept this well opened, I would imagine it would be good for a while in the bottle. Mine never last more than a week though!

White - Sparkling
2009 Iron Horse Vineyards Summer's Cuvée Green Valley of Russian River Valley Champagne Blend
5/16/2014 - scott w Does not like this wine:
84 points
All lime no depth and a terrible bitter finish, either not aging well or a bad bottle?
  • aaronl3182 commented:

    5/17/14, 1:17 PM - Thanks for the heads up. I will try and drink mine sooner rather than later.

N.V. Austin Hope Troublemaker Blend 4 Paso Robles Red Rhone Blend
4/15/2013 - bjamesclark wrote:
86 points
Over ripe fruit aromas of cherry, plum, and strawberry jam come through with pepper aromas and faint hints of chocolate, sugar and cinnamon.
The palate has a voluptuous body yet lacks the tannins and complexity to keep it balanced. the acidity is medium-minus, just enough to keep it from being flat and jammy flavors of strawberry blueberry and raspberry. Overall monolithic with the over extracted fruit and closer to the Apothic Red than Prisoner.
  • aaronl3182 commented:

    8/20/13, 11:09 AM - Spot on. Needs some backbone (tannin) and acidity to balance all that sweet fruit.

2009 Altaïr Vineyards & Winery Sideral Rapel Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
6/1/2013 - aaronl3182 wrote:
90 points
The wine looks Garnet colored. The legs are Slow. It smells like Ethanol, Cedar, Vanilla, Cherry, and Plum. It tastes like Black currant (cassis), Plum, Petrol, Clove, Cinnamon, and Ethanol. The body is Medium/Full. The wine has Round texture. The wine finishes Long.
  • aaronl3182 commented:

    6/1/13, 5:06 PM - Edit: Tasting note should read "but you can't tell where"

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