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Just popped the cork, came out in 3 pieces. Decanted through cheese cloth and poured back in the bottle. First taste I thought I was drinking a wine 10 years younger, amazing freshness. The tannins are fairly reconciled but still slightly gripping. I'm only 15 minutes into this wine and really looking forward to see where it goes. Primary notes of tobacco, leather and dark fruit but no secondary notes ....yet. More to come.
8/22/2013 - Monty_Vin Likes this wine:
89 points
BIG Zin! This is the first Turley Zin I have tasted, it is inky dark purple in color and very fruit forward. Dark cherries and spice are noticeable with very fine tannin if any. The balance is off due to the 15.6% alc content; could definitely taste the heat and thought it was overbearing. But, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this Zin and will make a point to drink it again in 4-5 years. This might be a 89 now but in a few years may very well go 91-92. Only time will tell.
4/19/2013 - Monty_Vin Likes this wine:
88 points
Purchased 2 cases of Alexander Valley 50% off; yea, I like this wine. It's my official house wine and what I break out for parties.
4/19/2013 - Monty_Vin Likes this wine:
85 points
Well, here it goes, my first tasting note ever not written on a napkin. I opened the bottle and decanted for 30 minutes before taking a drink. This wine is medium deep purple, cant see through it. First sip; impression was maybe this wine is past it's time, only time will tell. Bitter finish; yikes, did i let this wine sleep too long? I put the glass down and finished watching Two & A Half Men. Next taste, this wine is starting to open up a little. While this definitely isn't a typical CA jammy pinot that puts a smile on my face, it doesn't make me want to pour it down the drain. This wine would have been best served 1-2 years ago; it's not the worst Pinot Noir I've had but for the $35-$40 I laid down for it, I know I didn't give it a fair shake.
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