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2012 Tenuta Corte Pavone Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
5/10/2019 - CO_Roots13 wrote:
91 points
Drank from a 375ml as part of a 2012 BdM tasting - 3 hours of slo-ox. Nice nose showing that hit first with a floral quality, and then leads into leather, jammy dark red fruit, wet leaves, and am over all fresh tone. The pallet is extremely fresh and round, yet there is a strong tannic backbone and fun complexity. Loads of the fresh, yet deep, red fruit hit first, followed by cocoa nips with element of pine sap. The finish lingers a bit with tobacco and vanilla rounding out the juicy black cherry top note. Very good now, and will probably be outstanding with some age (95+).

  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    5/10/19, 9:09 AM - You’re right! How embarrassing, thanks for the heads up. I edited my review anyways because I think I was too generous. I’m a little out of practice...

White - Fortified
1900 D'Oliveiras Madeira Moscatel Reserva
10/9/2015 - CO_Roots13 wrote:
97 points
This was the kind of experiance that confirms how short life is. Drinking an amazing bottle of wine that went to sleep before WWI and awoke when Greece nearly went out of business 115 years later. Marcona almond, meyer lemon zest, nougat, honey suckle and so many other things that I can't put works to. Incredible balance between sweetness, texture and acidity. The nose lends to a prediction of thick syrupy texture, but the reality is an amazingly light and clean low viscosity. The acidity completely accounts for the sweetness. Exceedingly long length on the finish.
  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    10/11/15, 11:24 AM - It was brought to a dinner by one of our friends.

2011 Evening Land Vineyards Pinot Noir Seven Springs Vineyard Eola - Amity Hills
5/29/2015 - atl10trader Likes this wine:
92 points
A winner. Glad I've got more and know how to drink this. Dark cherries. More spice than floral. Cinnamon nutmeg vanilla. Good oak. Great integration of the parts.
  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    6/3/15, 11:37 AM - What do I need to do to ensure a good drinking experience?

2011 Evening Land Vineyards Pinot Noir Seven Springs Vineyard Eola - Amity Hills
4/20/2015 - Purslane Does not like this wine:
84 points
A decent ringer for the lowest level of Bourgogne from Burgundy France. The color is mere ruby. The acidity is not just high but tart. The tannins are austere, with a slight bitterness, and leave the wine without any silk or smoothness. The primary fruit is sour cherry. The concentration is weak. But the worst problem is insufficient delicious fruit to buffer the sour acidity and harsh tannin. The wine showed no improvement after being opened for a day. Disappointing for a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.
  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    4/20/15, 1:42 PM - Was this wine just delivered, had it rested for a little while?

2011 Azienda Agricola Sant'Elena Chardonnay Friuli Isonzo
11/28/2014 - CO_Roots13 wrote:
89 points
Impressive value. This is somewhere comfortably between the big oaky buttery style and the fresh mineral-driven green-fruited style. Nicely done and will hold up for a while (if not improve some). Very versatile white.
  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    11/30/14, 5:09 PM - Sure. The first 10 point are for the nose. 20 points possible for palette followed by 10 points for finish. The final 10 points is meant to rate the character and it taken as the average of 3 categories: age-worthiness (taking into account its readiness), appropriateness/value of pricing and intangibles (meant to rate qualities that I can't articulate). 50 points are given to every bottle. This gives 100 points possible.

  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    11/30/14, 6:35 PM - Would you mind sharing your rating system?

  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    12/1/14, 7:44 AM - I agree with your thought on color. While color is descriptive, it doesn't make a wine any better or worse (in my opinion). I too used the Parker system as a starting point and I made a few changes to suit the things that I find important. I'm always interested in how others rate their wine. The only things that I'm sure of (when it comes to wine) is that I love it and sometimes struggle to understand it. I suppose I could say the same about my wife! Cheers!

1998 Pertinace (Cantina Vignaioli) Barbaresco Vigneto Castellizzano Nebbiolo
6/15/2014 - salua wrote:
80 points
The cork disintegrated. The wine has browned off, has a funky nose (at a minimum slightly oxidized). Very dry, limited fruit that drops off very quickly. Food can't rescue this vino...only cover up its limitations. My guests declined to finish their glasses, which say sit all. We quickly moved on to a 01 Tignanello..which was superb. A very disappointing Garagiste purchase.
  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    6/16/14, 6:14 AM - For my own edification, how long did you de-cant or slow-ox?

1998 Pertinace (Cantina Vignaioli) Barbaresco Vigneto Castellizzano Nebbiolo
6/11/2014 - Oineus Likes this wine:
93 points
I strongly disagree with the previous post. Yes, this wine needs food (scaloppine ai capperi, for example), but that does not mean it can for that reason not go beyond 90 pts. This is superbly aged Nebbiolo; even if there is still good fruit there, it's not for those who identify good red with parkerized fruit bombs.
  • CO_Roots13 commented:

    6/11/14, 9:32 AM - I find this to be a fair and accurate assessment and I could not agree more.

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