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3/22/2020 - by wrote:
Clean, peppery, violet nose, very nicely balanced. Slightly tangy on the back end.
2/10/2020 - by wrote:
I love this wine:

Lively, racy
Sour cherry, currant, earthy, fresh grass--a lingering almost menthol finish
Reasonable alcohol (12%)
2/1/2020 - by wrote:
Consistent with my note from a year ago. A little too sweet & over the top for me as it opened up. Lovely nose though.
11/9/2019 - by wrote:
vanilla, raspberry, pepper, tobacco.

starting to get into a nice place.
9/11/2019 - by wrote:
Inherited from Dad. Drinking nicely. Perhaps missing a little fruit, but nicely integrated & still with a peppery Gigondas note.
2014 Maison Bleue Coureur des Bois Columbia Valley Mourvèdre Blend, Mourvèdre (view label images)
5/3/2019 - by wrote:
drinking really nicely now
2/19/2019 - by wrote:
Vanilla, cherry, raspberry. Sweet, floral nose.
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2/11/2019 - by wrote:
Drinking nicely now.

Leather, graphite, somewhat vegetal, currant.

Lovely stopper too.
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1/14/2019 - by wrote:
Nice floral nose.

Pepper, sour cherry, green notes and a spicy finish.

I hate tasting notes but I love the wine. And 13.2% abv. This is the sort of wine we need to make!

Old world I guess :)
12/20/2018 - by Likes this wine:
Blackberries, cherry, vanilla on the nose. Spicy, peppery, leathery & dense. Lingering finish.

Drinking nicely now, but this is the last bottle of mine.
12/5/2018 - by Likes this wine:
Nose not all that interesting.

But unlike others here I got more of a tobacco, pepper & spice taste. Not heavy at all and consequently really nice for my taste.
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11/27/2018 - by Likes this wine:
Nose of chocolate, toffee & vanilla with a little raspberry.

Vanilla-y & sweet in the mouth with some blue fruit and a peppery linger.

Nicest with food.
11/23/2018 - by wrote:
really nice balanced wine. drinking well now.
11/18/2018 - by Likes this wine:
Brilliant food wine. Which is how I drink my wine. Perfect.
2012 Maison Bleue Jaja Yakima Valley Red Rhone Blend (view label images)
8/20/2018 - by wrote:
Still drinking nicely
7/9/2018 - by wrote:
Showing well. Peppery, minerally, blue fruits. Little bit of vanilla & possibly tobacco.
2017 La Nevera Rosado Vino de Mesa Garnacha, Grenache
6/23/2018 - by wrote:
Crisp, lively, acidic, not too boozy. Great quality for a box!
6/2/2018 - by Likes this wine:
Looked back at my previous note and was astounded.

This bottle was great.

Drunk a few days ago, but I seem to remember:
* a lovely light color
* well balanced
* straw & mushroom tastes

just a great wine. bottle differences are astounding sometimes.
5/11/2018 - by wrote:
drinking nicely. alas my last bottle
3/31/2018 - by wrote:
Lovely tawny color.

Throwing some sediment.

Nicely integrated.

Vanilla, cassis, tobacco.

Seem to remember previous bottle (drunk 2014) was way too powerful (for me). This was nice.
11/25/2017 - by wrote:
Floral nose with melon & lychee.

Wonderful racy acidic backbone.
10/30/2017 - by wrote:
Final bottle of one of my favorite wines. Yep it's over its best.

But still, thanks to Olsen Family, Vinum/For a Song, Full Pull, and really, sadly, the horrible financial crash that brought this wine to me.
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2014 SoDo Cellars Wingman Washington Grenache Blend, Grenache (view label images)
10/17/2017 - by wrote:
Not heavy, not fruity, not alc-ey, not oakey. Would almost think it is Not new world!

All joking aside, lovely wine.
Flat. Stewed fruit. Not overpowering but so flabby. Almost port like.
2014 Maison Bleue Coureur des Bois Columbia Valley Mourvèdre Blend, Mourvèdre (view label images)
10/13/2017 - by wrote:

The winemaker, Jon Meuret, contacted me and made everything more than right. Good on them.

Terrible! Spoilt somehow. I hate to say "brett!" but there was some funky thing that wasn't good.

And here's the problem with winery "clubs" (Côte Club in this instance). It's a one way street; I can't just return it as I could to my local retailer.

Maybe they monitor cellar tracker? If they do I'll be impressed and update here.
10/2/2017 - by wrote:
Drinking nicely now. Elegant, silky...

No huge tannins, not overly fruity, not hot (12.4%), not a powerful new world syrah.

And that's a total compliment. Washington--make more like this.
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9/18/2017 - by wrote:
I sort of liked this! Everyone has different taste & mine is rather the opposite of big bold california wines. that said, enough age has tamed this nicely. a little sweet perhaps, but lovely in its unique way. Glad I kept it so long (I was actually scared to open it so it lingered).
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7/15/2017 - by Likes this wine:
Awesome summer wine. Crisp & clear. More sophisticated than you'd expect for a can. 10% alcohol. Great serving size--no mostly full bottle to go flat if you just want one glass.
6/16/2017 - by wrote:
Drinking wonderfully right now and will probably last a good more years. lovely well integrated wine.
2010 Soos Creek Palisade Columbia Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/13/2017 - by wrote:
Black cherry, violets, figs, some spice and a lingering hint of vanilla at the end. Drinking well, but I bet another couple of years might integrate it even better.
3/17/2017 - by Likes this wine:
Still drinking well. So glad I stocked up on this. Only a couple of bottles left though.
3/12/2017 - by wrote:
Drinking amazingly well right now.https://www.cellartracker.com/popup/tasting_note_assist.asp
3/3/2017 - by wrote:
wonderfully soft & enjoyable. why cant more american wine be like this?
9/3/2016 - by wrote:
Hmm. Want to like it, but meh. Maybe a poor bottle?
8/26/2016 - by wrote:
Never really has mellowed. My note from 2013 still mostly applies. Maybe a little hotter.
8/14/2016 - by Likes this wine:
Sour cherry, boysenberry, vanilla. Peppery on the back. Some chewy tannins too. Nice
White - Off-dry
8/14/2016 - by wrote:
Boring lifeless, flabby, viscous. Garagiste mystery wine that was supposed to be great by 2017, but just gives German wine a bad rep. One of my last bottles from Mr Rimmerman.

Drink those last 321 bottles up folks--you're 50% through the 652 community holdings. Yikes!
7/25/2016 - by wrote:
Beautifully integrated. Round. Red fruits. Stewed fruits. Spice. Peppery backnote. Really nice wine and drinking perfectly now.
12/8/2015 - by wrote:
A little sweet. Nice pepperiness and sour cherries on the finish.
2013 Rôtie Cellars Southern White Columbia Valley White Rhone Blend (view label images)
5/30/2015 - by wrote:
Lovely wine. Perfectly balanced. Lean yet big. Great mouthfeel. Neecies +1
10/18/2014 - by Likes this wine:
Very rich. Lots of black fruit. Some pepper. Great mouth feel with a long finish. Great value!
6/16/2014 - by Likes this wine:
Nice. Dry yet lots of fruit. Would order more if I could.
6/16/2014 - by Likes this wine:
Amazingly good for $10. Minerally, tropical fruits, acid nicely balanced with sugar & fruit. By no means am I suggesting it is sweet though.
6/7/2014 - by Likes this wine:
Very nice balanced dry Italian red. Everything (and I guess more), I'd expect for US$14. Would love more.
5/31/2014 - by Likes this wine:
For some reason hard to discern a nose. A lovely light straw color. Nice creamy mouthfeel. Citrus, apple taste, lingering to mineral, spice and then a final bitter note on the end, which I found rather pleasant.
5/26/2014 - by Likes this wine:
Mineral, floral, viscous mouth feel. very nice.
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