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2017 Tercero Mourvèdre Rosé Santa Barbara County
2/1/2019 - MillerRoad wrote:
I think this is my last one, although CT says I have one more. Got to make room for the 2018’s. Excellent balance of tart watermelon and strawberry. Nice acidity. Light salmon color.
  • Sweet Nancy commented:

    3/7/19, 7:59 PM - Just enjoyed our last bottle. Definitely strawberry on the finish as it warms up.

2013 Liquid Farm Chardonnay Golden Slope Sta. Rita Hills
Medium yellow and clear on the pour. Fragrant fruit with citrus and oak notes. Enjoyed with linguine, mushrooms with butter, herbs and olive oil.
  • Sweet Nancy commented:

    2/25/17, 2:02 PM - Just noticed that I must have clicked on the box marked flawed. No flaws!

2012 Seven of Hearts Pinot Noir Curmudgeon Cuvée Armstrong Vineyard Ribbon Ridge
3/15/2013 - J @ y H @ c k wrote:
100 points
Another shitty pinot noir. Sucks. Don't buy it. I poured most of the bottle down the drain. It was awful. That said, if you prefer the Russian River pinots, you probably have the palate of a yak. I won't pay that much. What are you babbling about? WTF? The sauvignon blanc has historically been pretty shitty, too. You were doing fine until that last, ridiculous, sweeping, stupid statement. More shit. I think I'm the only one who dumps on them. We won't talk about the label art. That's just because I'm a shitty, verbose writer; not because I actually have anything to say. You can fool some of the people some of the time . . . You guys plan this without consideration of my schedule. If I can get the time off from work, which is starting to become 7 days a week, I will. If not, I'll think good thoughts. We'll serve it blind to see if it's really an abomination or just shitty. Wow, that's incredibly generous of Brian
  • Sweet Nancy commented:

    3/25/14, 6:03 PM - Well, we have this shitty wine in our cellars now!

    Miss you, Bobby. I can't see a pair of Crocs without tearing up!

White - Sparkling
1996 Moët & Chandon Champagne Cuvée Dom Pérignon Champagne Blend
3/13/2013 - Harry Cantrell Likes this wine:
96 points
Pale Gold. Fine bubbles. Nose of yeast and citrus fruits. Taste was smooth, rich, citrus, bready. Best I've had from this bottling yet.
  • Sweet Nancy commented:

    3/13/13, 7:53 PM - We had our third of four bottles last Saturday. Great note from you and it is spot on. Now, when to drink the last bottle...

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