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2009 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc Cuvée Roussanne Vieilles Vignes
8/17/2023 - Mathijs81 Likes this wine:
99 points
Second time I've tasted this one, last bottle was 2017.

Was served blind, no specific theme in tasting, so anything goes these evenings.
From the start till the end ... this exceeds any expectation of what wine can bring you.
And whilst it does start showing some age ( hence the 99 and not 100 ), it remains fully enjoyable.
A nose one could keep smelling ... full bodied in mouth, so succulent and sexy, smooth and round.

A minor debate around the table if this bottle was "over the top" was quickly silenced in pouring them a second glass.

Love it ... want it ... need it ... buy it .... taste it !

  • Mr Coone commented:

    8/25/23, 8:11 AM - Doet me deugd :-)

2012 Pujanza Rioja Cisma Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
5/22/2021 - Mr Coone wrote:
88 points
Decanted for an hour.

Intense cherry-red colour with a high viscosity and slightly coloured tears.

In the nose, the secondary aroma's are dominating. Very lactic. Aroma's of vanilla, "nail varnish" and spices. Also aroma's of ripe cherry.

On the palate, the high acidity is a little bit shocking at first, continued with the presence of lots of tannins.
Aroma's of cherry, lots and lots of cedar, black pepper and cassis with a long finish.

Acidity and tannins are not in balance here and the acidity is overwhelming, which is the reason I am not rating this wine higher than this.

I still have another bottle, will try this again in a few years to see how it developed (although... this bottle is a nuisance to stock with my other wines in my wine fridge and it's in my way. I'll most probably finish it much earlier :-D )
  • Mr Coone commented:

    5/30/21, 1:55 AM - time will tell :-)

2008 Clos Fourtet St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
9/26/2020 - Mr Coone wrote:
92 points
Cherry red colour with small evolution in the rim.
Very intense nose with aroma's of cedar, cherry, caramel, chocolate, prune and liquorice.
A powerful start on the palate with smooth tannins (although there were some unripe hints in it).
Aroma's of smoke, cedar, vanilla, ripe cherry, prune, paprika (the unripe aroma) and leather.
Finish of 12 caudalie

A very good wine, although the green, unripe hints (not much) in the aroma's were a little bit disturbing.
  • Mr Coone commented:

    2/26/21, 11:37 PM - Hi Jake. Caudalie is the same as seconds.
    It's something that's being used by sommeliers. Don't know why though :-)

2017 Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay Diamond Collection Gold Label Monterey County
4/26/2020 - Thomas D. wrote:
80 points
I was always a big fan of Francis Ford Coppola, ever since Apocalypse Now, that I saw at movies theaters when I was young. Later I wanted to date his daughter, like everybody that is a film enthusiast, I guess.
Now I am happily married, so why not try his wine, I thought. I always wanted to try a wine of the Coppola family since I found out that they are doing wines. So here we are and we need to be strong ;)

N. Elegant is something else - into the face with artificial vanilla ( like in these pudding pulver you can buy) and a not at all harmonic greenish oak note.

T. Like a piece of oak soaked with Chardonnay, I could not describe it better than a fellow taster here, thanks for the tasting note.
A sweetness that is a bit unnatural also is in the wine, yesterday it was worse when I opened the bottle, but today it is still „special“

Oh dear, I understand from the winery’s webpage that this „Diamond“ line is the basic line, they also sell those wines in cans. But still...
Decision: I need to go there and taste the other wines!

This one is not worth to buy the name of my favorite director!
  • Mr Coone commented:

    1/13/21, 2:43 AM - Also nicely written :-)
    I gave my last bottle away ;-)

White - Sparkling
2009 Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut Champagne Blend
8/13/2020 - Mr Coone Likes this wine:
94 points
Light golden yellow and fine sparkle in the glass.

In the nose: aroma's of brioche, yeast, citrus and apple.

In the beginning a lot of acidity, but this softened up real quick. Soft and creamy with aroma's of apple, honey, acacia, citrus and brioche.
A finish of 13 caud.

A very good champagne. Perhaps one of the better champagnes I have tasted so far.
But is it worth that much money? I would say not. There are lots of equally qualified sparkling wines to be found for only a fraction of this price.
Anyway, I am very happy to have tasted this wine.
  • Mr Coone commented:

    8/14/20, 1:00 PM - First ones that come to my mind are Louise Brison and Ruinart. Both are also very "soft" and complex champagnes.
    In the more expensive category, I'd go for Dom Perignon, Dom Ruinart or la Grande Dame. They're expensive, but still cheaper than Cristal.

  • Mr Coone commented:

    8/14/20, 1:15 PM - Lucky for us we do not all like the same wines :-)

  • Mr Coone commented:

    8/16/20, 1:16 AM - If you don't like much toast. Don't go for the Louise Brison. These wines stay a long time on their yeast and have a lot of brioche/toast.

2017 Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay Diamond Collection Gold Label Monterey County
12/24/2019 - Mr Coone wrote:
86 points
This was actually more like oak fermented in Chardonnay, instead of oak matured Chardonnay, lol :-D
I wanted a full bodied white wine with my Christmas dish, well, I got it.

Although there was still acidity and citrus, most of the flavors were oak and vanilla.

People at the table thought this was a sweet wine. Tried to explain to them this is a dry wine but the "sweetness" came from the abundance of oak.

Not bad, but also not very complex.
A nice drinking wine.
  • Mr Coone commented:

    5/9/20, 3:58 AM - Thanks :-)

2015 Domaine de Veilloux Cheverny Les Veilleurs Sauvignon Blanc
11/17/2018 - Mathijs81 Likes this wine:
92 points
A wonderful surprise when tasting this for the first time.
Bought myself a few bottles and it didn't disappoint again.

A very interesting mix of smells and flavors, nicely balanced.
Some grassy touches, slightly greasy and white fruits.
This is a steal at only 13,02 Euro. If you can find it, buy it !

  • Mr Coone commented:

    4/5/20, 1:41 PM - Oh, ook 92 gegeven? :-D
    Ik heb niet gespiekt :-)

1996 Château Mouton Rothschild Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
9/13/2019 - Mr Coone Likes this wine:
94 points
Medium intense ruby red color.
In the nose: Earthy aroma's. Caramel, black pepper, leather, tobacco and liquorice.
On the palate: earthy, leather, tobacco, cedar, vanilla and also still some fruit. Cassis, berries and figs.
Finish of 8-9 caud.

I was quite surprised that this wine still looked so good in the glass and that we still have fruit in it.
This wine absolutely still has quite some reserves left!
  • Mr Coone commented:

    9/23/19, 3:33 AM - my pleasure :-)

2014 Quinta de la Rosa Douro Reserva Red Blend
5/6/2019 - Mr Coone Likes this wine:
91 points
High intensity in the glass.
Ripe black fruit in both nose and on the palate.
Ripe plum, cassis, vanilla and caramel
Still quite tannic though
  • Mr Coone commented:

    5/9/19, 3:14 PM - Inderdaad nog heel erg jong. Kon niet wachten ��

2009 Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux Moulis en Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend
6/28/2016 - Mathijs81 Likes this wine:
89 points
Am rating this one higher as I can now appreciate it more ....
Perfectly within its drinking window, this offers amazing P/Q.
Only wish I had more of it, but this was my last bottle.
  • Mr Coone commented:

    4/17/17, 12:59 AM - Gene paniek, heb er nog 4 liggen ;-)

2007 Château La Croizille St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
4/1/2017 - Mathijs81 Likes this wine:
88 points
Purchased a case (6) of the 2007 not so long ago - just curious what it would give.

Upon uncorking and decanting, I was welcomed by a lovely deep aroma ( which did fade ).
After the aroma had gone, the wine still gave plenty as to flavour and finish.
In mouth, a somewhat medium woody feel, some marmalade ( boiled fruits ).
But still there was a hint ( small, but there ) of unripe ( green ) fruit.
The finish was good, fair, but as expected ( no surprises ).

This 2007 is nothing you put on your table for special dinners ( take their 2009 vintage for that ).
It will be for my "during the week" consumption with a basic meal - hell, nothing wrong with that.

  • Mr Coone commented:

    4/2/17, 1:45 PM - Doordeweeks wijntje dus :-)

1998 Château Palmer Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
3/25/2017 - Mr Coone wrote:
89 points
- view: cherry red and small evolution in colour
- nose: little intensity. Hints of coffee and leather. There was also a certain "stink" in it, but this went away after some time.
- palate: soft start in the mouth. Hints of wood, leather and mushrooms.
Quite soft and juicy in the mouth.

This wine needs some time to open up, but is too old to my personal taste.
  • Mr Coone commented:

    3/26/17, 2:50 AM - I totally agree

2007 Tertre Rôteboeuf St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
9/2/2016 - Mr Coone Likes this wine:
95 points
First Tertre Rôteboeuf I ever tasted.
Tasted next to a Pavie 2001, Pichon Baron 1996 and a La Conseillante 2001.

- view: cherry red, little evolution in the colour
- nose: lactic, toast, smoke and a little bit of soja. Little floral hint after whirling.
- palate: silky start. High acids and tannins, but nicely balanced.
Lactic in the mouth with hints of red fruit, vanila and chocolate. Long finish.
A particular taste I haven't tasted a lot before.
  • Mr Coone commented:

    9/5/16, 1:47 AM - Thanks :-)
    A wonderful wine indeed.
    We are currently in Bordeaux and are going to visit Tertre Rôteboeuf on Wednesday.
    Looking forward to the tasting part! :-D

  • Mr Coone commented:

    9/6/16, 6:17 AM - Yes, the restaurant was something that I put on my list as well.
    Promising to read that you can buy their wine by the glass!
    And I think we visited le Clos du Roy last year.
    Indeed many nice places to visit in St Emilion :-)

2005 Bodegas Muga Rioja Gran Reserva Prado Enea Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
4/11/2015 - Mr Coone Likes this wine:
90 points
Firstly, I'm not familiar with Spanish wines, but this one really surprised me. Served it at approximately 14° C (immediately out of the cellar)

Colour: Deep red, ruby colour.
Nose: Bordeaux. If this was a blind tasting, I would have guessed this was a Bordeaux. This wine would have fooled me.
Palate: fresh acids, with a quite some vanilla
Finish: dry at first, but long and sweet in the end.

I really like this one!
  • Mr Coone commented:

    4/19/15, 2:35 AM - Thanks :-)

1994 Château Smith Haut Lafitte Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend
10/3/2014 - Mathijs81 wrote:
85 points
Difficult one to judge - not sure if the 1994 vintage was supposed to survive 20 years.
Not bad, but a very funky nose which faded after about 1.5-2 Hrs ( decanted this bottle ).
Flavour wise, its just .... I don''t know, this wine tastes very tired - time to empty your cellar.
Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed this bottle, but it falls apart against the 1995 vintage.
  • Mr Coone commented:

    1/12/15, 4:22 AM - Thanks. Je hebt me net weerhouden om op zo eentje te bieden :-)

2011 KWV Roodeberg Western Cape Red Blend
9/7/2013 - Mr Coone wrote:
Wine had a musty nose. Made me think of my old attic. It had a fresh palate, but also with the same musty finish. Not very fond of it. Perhaps I had a bad bottle?
  • Mr Coone commented:

    4/17/14, 6:09 AM - I bought another bottle for a retry and the first bottle must have been a flawed one indeed. This bottle was way better than the first one, but still a little but too acid to my personal taste.

  • Mr Coone commented:

    4/18/14, 3:46 AM - I paid 7,05 euro for it, so this wine is quite OK for it's price I think.
    En ik spreek inderdaad Nederlands (of ik doe hier aan de Vlaamse kust toch een goede poging toe) :-)

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