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7/23/2006 - ademello wrote:
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So I've been staying away from the 03 Carlisles since I first/last tried them as Xmas time when they were not showing too well. I think that this experience proves that my strategy of holding on to them for a while is a good one.

This baby was a bit hot upon opening but still bursting with blueberry and blackberry fruits. After a tiny hot pour I decided to wait another 30 mins for the next pour (decanted in the meantime).

Still a bit hot (so rare IMHO for a Carlisle) but my, what fruit! Wow! Am a bit abashed to say this but it REALLY tastes like the 03 Turley Old Vines (the only good bottle I've had of the 03 Turleys) when that bottle is rockin' yet with that signature Carlisle multiberry nose, along with some tinges of chocolate and a slightly bitter end note of liquorice. The finish is also quite hot, but not in an off-putting sense. Unfortunately I'm drinking this bottle at room temp rather than the cooler cellar temp I'd usually be enjoying it.

There are some 'hot cherry cider' notes in there as well. A great QPR zin, and incredible consider the generally terrible level of 03 zins I've had so far.

Enjoyed tonight with my own Arabic-style cumin/mace/pomegranate/garlic slow-braised lamb shoulder, served with cardamon-sultana rice.
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