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2011 Cirq Pinot Noir TreeHouse Russian River Valley
12/31/2014 - davidn wrote:
100 points
Decanted for 1½ hours.
Okay... 100 points doesn't mean perfect because I believe that there is no such thing as "Perfect". I do think it means it is as good as it gets! I did have one bad thing to say about it but you'll have to read this whole thing to find out what it is.

If you're a fan of Michael Browne's Pinots (I am and have tasted every KB made through 2011) you've got to get this bottle. IMHO this is the finest Pinot Michael has ever made! It is definitely one of the best California Pinots I've ever had in more than 25 years of "serious" wine tasting! Huge aromas of sweet, ripe red fruits. But in the mouth the fruit was not at all overwhelmingly sweet and ripe. The rainbow of fruits that where there were really subtle; so much in fact that I found myself picking up one or two of the different fruits in every mouthful. The fruits, subtle as they were, would explode around my tastebuds; real excitement in every sip! I thought the balance was perfect too with just the right amount of acid to make this absolutely great with a good steak or piece of lamb. Medium to big mouthfeel/texture and a finish approaching 90 seconds. If I were to say something bad about this wine it would be that that it was so savory it took twice as long as we expected to get through the main entrée. The next course was ready way before we were ready for it. I suggest you plan your meal with that in mind. I truly thought this wine was as close to perfect as you can get and look forward to the next bottle with great anticipation and excitement.
  • davidn commented:

    2/21/15, 10:15 PM - I talked to Michael Browne tonight about this wine. He thinks the wine will approach its peak around 2018 and drink nicely until at least 2022. I don't completely agree though. There is too much pleasure in the wine right now to not drink some now. I said I decanted it for 1½ hours but as I think back I remember that once I poured it into the glass the first sip was good but after 15-20 minutes of swirling ind sipping the win really started to open up.
    I decanted the wine into my favorite decanter, a Riedel "O" (with the big thumb hole on the bottom; really easy to pour from but not a huge amount of air across the surface of the wine). I hate those bid round flat bottom decanters because they are really difficult to pour from. But they expose a love more surface for the wine to breathe over. I'll use that decanter for two hours and then splash it into an "O" decanter. My bet is that wine will sing. I'll probably save at least a couple bottles until 2018 or later but I think if one is decanted as I describe here it will be an exceptional bottle of wine.

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