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2015 Trimbach Riesling Alsace
11/3/2018 - tkdlzhbb wrote:
85 points
연어랑 먹었다 상큼하니 맛있다.
  • mos commented:

    11/11/18, 7:57 AM - I don't speak Korean, and wanted to know what you thought.

    I ran this through Google translate. For others who might be interested, "I ate salmon and it was delicious" =)

2009 Argyle Pinot Noir Reserve Willamette Valley
1/1/2013 - MichaelNorwood wrote:
75 points
Oh for the love of god, why do I keep buying Oregon Pinots?! Isn't the Willamette Valley supposed to be the new Burgundy?! Light, almost cranberry in color... which gives away a lot. Light bodied and actually a decent tasting wine but NO power. No concentration. Anemic, and watered down. Do they get too much rain there? What's the deal!? I feel like I just paid $45 for kool-aid.
  • mos commented:

    4/6/13, 5:56 PM - I'll grant you this particular wine is a little weak but there are some powerful Oregon Pinot's out there. Domaine Serene springs to mind.

    Switch to CA Pinots if you want something meatier, but personally I enjoy the more delicate nuances Oregon affords.

2010 Sevona Estate Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
3/1/2012 - Suss wrote:
80 points
This was not a good pinot noir. Flat note of sour cherry and not much more.
  • mos commented:

    3/4/12, 10:32 AM - Cook with it. Would be excellent for poached pears and a Pinot reduction sauce. Lots of good recipes out on the web.

2007 Stag Hollow Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton
8/6/2011 - Kiltedtaz wrote:
65 points
Still needs time.
  • mos commented:

    11/21/11, 8:55 PM - Wow really? Tank a wine with a 65 and don't even specify why.

2008 Argyle Pinot Noir Cowhouse Dundee Hills
9/27/2011 - pdemaio wrote:
93 points
Big for such an elegant wine. Very Oregon. Bit of earth and cherries. Very nice. 2008 does seem to drink well young.
  • mos commented:

    10/31/11, 5:44 PM - Interesting. I tour Oregon every year and this year I was in high anticipation of the 2008s. Recall 2007 had a very bad end to the season with heavy rain so it was expected to be poor. Most wineries weren't even pouring the 2007 last year it was so rough. This year was the first real taste and against many 2008s.

    Generally I thought the 2007s were showing better. The 08s just seemed weak in comparison. Granted the 08s have less time on them. Maybe they'll reverse spots after some cellar time?

    I'm not posting this to be snooty, just curious if others have any experience here. Definitely anxious to try this wine out after your review! Thanks PDEMAIO!

2006 Argyle Pinot Noir Nuthouse Willamette Valley
10/2/2010 - David Paris (dbp) wrote:
85 points
Willamette Valley Century Club (100 wines in a day)!: Despite the big marks, year in and year out I have never been a fan of this wine, and the 2006 vintage didn't help. This is just way too big of a Pinot Noir for me... this had massive dark fruits on the nose that were pleasing, but just so huge. Big fruit on the palate that was just too over the top for me.. I don't want my Pinot Noir to slap me with blackberries, and this does. The finish also seemed way out of balance. Just too much fruit and not enough structural elements to contain it. I bet this is heading down hill from where it was on release, as has been happening with quite a few 2006 Oregon Pinot Noirs that got too big for their britches.
  • mos commented:

    10/11/10, 6:24 AM - Wow! Most professional tasters can't do more than 50 or 60 wines in a day and feel good about their results. I know personally I can't do more than 20 or 30. Do you feel your review is fair here?

2006 Veramonte Primus The Blend Colchagua Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
6/7/2010 - dboatguy wrote:
82 points
Fruity nose - tart finish lots of tannin. good with the salmon dinner - but not worth getting more.
  • mos commented:

    6/21/10, 8:38 PM - I'm honestly quite surprised this would pair well with salmon. It's way too big and spicy.

    If this was your only bottle of Primus I suggest you give it one more try and pair it with beef or something a little more stout.

2006 Mollydooker Shiraz Carnival of Love McLaren Vale
4/16/2010 - Marc S wrote:
90 points
This wine really impresses me for some reason. Loaded with fruit. All kinds of berries. You may find this hard to believe, but you must shake the bottle of wife before you are ready to pour. Try this and you will see quite a difference. Has some spice to be noted as well.
  • mos commented:

    4/19/10, 8:09 PM - I'm sure I'd be sleeping on the sofa for shaking my bottle of wife. ;)

    Seriously though, the shake trick isn't one I'd readily embrace; I assume there is minimal sediment at this stage so not hazard here?

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