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2009 Ridge Monte Bello Santa Cruz Mountains Red Bordeaux Blend
6/25/2019 - msuwright wrote:
This earthy and lean Cabernet is hard for me to figure at this point - hence the lack of a score. I respect Ridge's place in wine history, along with its transparent and under-stated approach. I also know it has a loyal and avid fan base, who often evoke its reputation for ageability and Old World balance. So, I get it: smart people love these wines.

Still, I can't say I loved this wine, even at the 10-year mark. My main question is whether the flavor profile is a feature or a bug, so here come the descriptors: Brick red in color; light- to medium- in body; nose of plum, dill, and herbs. Understated but integrated tastes of black cherry, cranberry, anise, leather, vanillin, and (more) dill, with a wispy and dusty finish. Blend of 72% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Merlot, and 6% Petit Verdot. 13.5% alcohol. Followed over six hours with little change.

Based on this bottle, I found a thinness, woodsiness (lots of American Oak), and lack of intensity that I don't typically associate with greatness. I believe in - and enjoy - great old wines, but I'm just not sure this is one of them, at least not yet. Maybe this is just a matter of this particular bottle, vintage, or stage in the maturation process (or, yes, perhaps this particular palate). I'm planning to try a few other aged Monte Bellos, but this wasn't a promising start, at least for me.
  • RyanWu commented:

    7/13/19, 7:26 AM - Totally agreed! Whenever there is a whistleblower, people will give him a textbook answer, way too young. Then, if the wine is still bad after twenty years, people will say that you didn't keep it well or corckage. For me, good is good. There is no mistake for not having goosebumps after sipping a hallmark wine. Ridge Monte bello 09' is just not that good (Tried it last week!).

2012 Riverain Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville
12/25/2015 - Mrp2008 wrote:
My first Riverain Cab, brought to Christmas dinner with the "in-laws". Sadly, corked. Thought it was just me at first, then everyone mentioned it tasted "weird". Bummer
  • RyanWu commented:

    12/30/15, 10:27 AM - How can you dislike Napa's wines? Having these responsible, humble, and passionate vintners around us makes me feel so blessed. This is why more and more great wines coming every year. Cheers!

  • RyanWu commented:

    12/30/15, 7:08 PM - OH! I am sorry Matt. I am just trying to give the credit to Steve. He is truly responsible and humble to his product, and I do appreciate the enthusiastic vintners like him in Napa Valley. This is the reason why we both love the wines from Napa.

2012 Louis Latour Corton Domaine Latour Corton Grand Cru Pinot Noir
11/21/2015 - RyanWu wrote:
90 points
Pnp. Tasting is followed by seriously monitoring the changes for three hours. To sum up the experience, everything is so mild, and there is no X-factor found in this wine. Although this is from the second largest grand cru in Beaune, the quality is not really impressive at all. Comparing Pnp and three hours decanted, the wine only goes worse but not better. The acidity is too high, so it's not in a good balance. Back to the wine, nose is pretty muted unless you taking a deep breathe. It's not too fruity but earthy. On the palate, everything is subtle and almost non-detectable. To be honest, you can do better with 50 dollars in hand. if you go to Russian river, the producers dedecating in balance wines can deliver better choices at this price range. In any way, finding out the beauty of burgundy is a continuing fight for me. I hope one day I can see the amazing side of Burgundy described by the previous generation wine lovers, or it's just an enigma.
  • RyanWu commented:

    11/22/15, 2:12 PM - This is a good point for my future journey. This is the reason why I like here so much. I always can get great advice from all kinds of experts. I really appreciate a lot.

  • RyanWu commented:

    11/27/15, 6:14 PM - I know! However, I will sill try more and keep hanging on.

2009 Fontodi Flaccianello della Pieve Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT Sangiovese
2/21/2015 - RyanWu wrote:
92 points
This wine is really in a sleep stage. It's way too closed in nose and taste. After 3 hours decanting, it is still closed showing only trace Asian spice and dark fruits. However, on the palate, the flavor is so complex with tannic backbone. I meet the same problem again. When I tasted 2003 Chateau Leoville Barton in 2014, the big wine character raised so many questions on my tongue. I barely can find any description to express the wine. Now, I had realized that the problem is just because of not yet at the drinking window. (The wine is still closed at second day.) I will definitely leave this wine for 10 more years. It should pay much more back to your patience.
  • RyanWu commented:

    2/21/15, 7:49 AM - Please at least wait 5 more years. I believe long decanting can help a little bit, but it is really at it's dormant stage just like the recent comment in wine spectator. It's much tougher than Oreno or Gaudo al Tasso.

2006 Bacio Divino Cabernet Sauvignon Janzen Beckstoffer To-Kalon Vineyard Oakville
3/10/2013 - efc wrote:
94 points
A complete wine in every respect. Deep purple in color with a heady nose of Blackberry, plum and chocolate. The tannins were fine and completely integrated. A wine of great length and full bodied. Overall, nothing was lacking. I wish I had more!
  • RyanWu commented:

    1/24/14, 8:31 AM - So true! I only have the chance to get two bottles. After tasting one of them, I really regreted that I didn't buy at least 6 pack...................It's a great wine, which shows the classic characters of Napa Cab.

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