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2016 Patient Cottat Sauvignon Blanc Le Grand Caillou Val de Loire
10/2/2018 - CourtlyDoc Likes this wine:
88 points
Light citrus nose. Light citrus on a very well balanced palate . A delicious wine , a wonderful sister to its Chenin Blanc. Good with any light food, vegetarian, or sips and nosh.
  • Frijole commented:

    10/2/18, 7:42 PM - This is drinkable but (most importantly) it is also our white cooking wine.

2010 Paloma Merlot Spring Mountain District
5/20/2018 - Pgreenbe702 wrote:
95 points
Tremendous wine. I have actually fallen out of love with Paloma in the last couple of years. I'm not sure why, as I do feel it's a great price for the value you get, but I just haven't been drinking as much of it. I open this bottle, and I may have fell back in love. Great flavors, great nose and drinking very well. My hat is off to Sheldon!
  • Frijole commented:

    5/20/18, 7:34 PM - Barbara made this

2012 Mount Edward Pinot Noir Central Otago
6/12/2015 - Frijole wrote:
deep dark burgundy red, little clarity, silvery hue
Nose: dark fruit, cigars, white pepper, vanilla, cola, clove, oak
Pal: dark fruit, cigars, clove, white pepper, cola, vanilla, tarragon, touch oak, some complexity
Feel: medium/full
Finish: long
  • Frijole commented:

    6/12/15, 8:12 PM - Pommard-like

2006 Windward Vineyard Pinot Noir Monopole Paso Robles
9/7/2014 - bwittman Does not like this wine:
75 points
Sadly over the hill. Loved these wines in their youth and felt they had potential to go the distance. All acid. What little fruit drops after about 10 minutes of air time. Very sad... DO NOT DECANT unless you're a necromancer.
  • Frijole commented:

    9/17/14, 5:59 PM - Think you got a bad bottle, we had a bottle a couple of weeks ago and it is drinking fine and probably has another 10/15 years until it peaks

  • Frijole commented:

    9/17/14, 7:39 PM - I have never had a bad bottle of the 06 and we have had many. You do realize that Mark is the only person in CA with a French clone and so it is a completely different experience than the one you get from a score chaser wine? The 06 is beautiful and gracious, not a Parkerized mouthful of monolithic grape juice, all bling and no subtlety (e.g. Kosta Browne). Maybe you should try again? Or explore Burgundy and come back to it?

  • Frijole commented:

    10/23/14, 9:34 PM - Just opened another bottle of the stuff. Was fabulous and-perhaps-not quite ready to drink. My wife (UC Davis Enologist) and I think it will comfortably go to 2030, if not longer. Think you probably had a bad bottle.

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