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2012 Herman Story Syrah John Sebastiano Santa Barbara County
1/29/2015 - markandsusanw Likes this wine:
94 points
Vinturi into decanter and let sit for approx. 2 hours ... Wow! Just when I think I can't be more impressed with a Story wine. This is beautiful stuff. Deep, almost opaque crimson in the glass, with blueberries and cream, mixed with a hint of floral, on the nose, but something sharper and more juicy on the palate. Bright, fresh strawberries, deepen into almost-ripe blackberries that still have a hint of green. The fruit melts into a caramel cream, that is balanced with sweet, but firmly present, tannins and a puckering acid pop backed by baking spice. Rich and lush and smooth and gorgeous after air, plus it got better all night in the glass. Incredible now, with oodles of upside. One of the best wines I've ever had for under $50; actually, one of the best wines, period. This punches way, WAAY above its price point. Watching Russell From make better and better wines, year after year, has been a joy. Can't say enough good things about this maker, or this bottling. Gorgeous juice!
  • TriggerFingers commented:

    2/14/15, 10:43 AM - The 2012's are fantastic, but just wait...the 2013's are going to be a Grand Slam! Like you, I love drinking the progression.

2012 Herman Story Syrah Nuts and Bolts Santa Barbara County
11/28/2014 - ChinonRouge Does not like this wine:
72 points
I don't like this wine at all. It tastes like cherry cola with alcohol in it. I would call it a wine "beverage product" before calling it a wine.
  • TriggerFingers commented:

    12/13/14, 11:30 AM - Wine "beverage product" puts it on the same level as Night Train...that's hilarious! Wait, didn't WA rate this a 95? Maybe CHINONROUGE should tell Parker he got it wrong ;v) Bwahahahaha!
    For me, Russell did a great job with this one!

2011 Presswork Shiraz Barossa Valley
Lots of zingy, juicy acid, gravel, and ripe blackberry and currant expression. Clean, not too showy. The lack of outstanding flaws makes it one of the better values in its (very low) price range. It's simply Shiraz flavored, in a good way.
  • TriggerFingers commented:

    9/23/14, 6:13 PM - Absolutely! It works as a nice simple Barossa shiraz!

2011 Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post Pinot Noir Cork Dancer Santa Barbara County
8/20/2014 - TriggerFingers Likes this wine:
88 points
Wow! Tasting notes on this wine from the 70's to the 90' know I had to get some glasses and crack this mystery.

Nose: There is something about Pinot's from the Central Coast (Santa Maria to Lompoc, Buellton to Santa Barbara) that I just like. This one brings that floral/earthy varietal nuance that I don't smell from Pinots elsewhere.

Palate: The wine is on the lighter side of medium, pushing light but at no time did I think it was watery. Tannins were very well integrated. Flavors of red berries (cranberry?), ever so slightly sour transition into an acceptable finish. Nowhere near the drama or concentration you would see from other producers, but it filled out just a little over the course of the evening which was nice.

Its not the best Pinot from the region or even from the winery (Highliner is usually our favorite). I can see people's qualms with this wine, but to me its not a dog. I like it, but at $20-$25 not exactly the best QPR. I would say this is somewhere near 88+- points. It just doesn't have the flair as other pinots in the price range.

Last Words: If you are a serious QPR wino, you may want to pass on this unless you can get it at a sizable discount.
  • TriggerFingers commented:

    8/22/14, 8:32 AM - Sure....

    so what I meant was the 2011 Cork Dancer is pretty good (I think I paid $24 if I recall correctly)....if you are looking for good Pinot values there are some really good ones from California and elsewhere. I usually like my wines to be a little more expressive and for around $30 you can usually bump up to some more memorable pinots, or for $20 I think you may get something a little better. I think even the HP Highliner is a better wine...

    Melville is usually in the same price range as HP and what I have tasted is usually a notch above in the $20-$30 range. Melville's 2012 "Verna's" pinot is $23 and "Santa Rita Hills Estate" is $30--both great values for a Central Coast Pinot.

    My favorite Pinots from SB right now are from Brewer-Clifton--yes they are a little more money $45-$55, but are simply stellar--the 2010 "Machado" has to still be my favorite pinot-to-date.

    For a straight up $22 comparison, 2012 Morgan Twelve Clones from a little further north is a more expressive pinot than this vintage of Cork Dancer... and a far better wine for the money.

    Hope this helps a little...

2012 Domaine Lafage Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes Cuvée Nicolas Grenache
7/9/2014 - Grochol Likes this wine:
89 points
This wine was a fun, when opened it I took a small sip and it wasn't good (of course it doesn't really matter), tasted like yogurt mixed with balsamic, very intense but not pleasant, then I aerated it for 2 hrs and wine showed 2nd face firm tannins, tobacco aromas, good structure, nice coffee finish. Finally after about 4 hrs it opened up:
Nose: black fruits, macereted berries, hint of orange rind, balsamic, herbs
Taste: medium-full bodied, velvety tannins, rich, blueberry, raspberry, black cherry, balsamic, plush and quite long finish with hint of dark chocolate
  • TriggerFingers commented:

    7/11/14, 2:19 PM - Glad to see you also picked up on the "yogurt" component in this was a nice note in this great QPR wine....rock on!

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