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2010 Delas Frères St. Joseph Sainte-Epine Syrah
3/21/2020 - pilot360 wrote:
86 points
Mid bodied wine, carried itself well. Raspberry fruit driven, cloves and smokiness. A little angular. I feel with time, a few years, it’ll meld.
86= I really liked the wine.
  • pilot360 commented:

    3/22/20, 7:33 AM - Love the St Joe. My numeric score is an honor to wines that don’t add flash/ alcohol/ deception. If I score anything 89-92, I’ve don it a dis service.
    Just drank the Ridge Geyserville 2009 Last night. - Man.
    Out of this world.

    We’re ramping up for this virus, and those infected by it. Kids can get really sick from it, but mortality is rare. Adults.... stay safe and reach out virtually to others . For those of us in our age group. A little extra precaution for now is wise.
    Working in the ED brings elicits anxiety.
    I’m 48, not a spring chicken. Wish we had the garb to protect us. It’s there. But being rationed by staff until the tsunami hits. Like your seeing in Italy.
    Tim- Stay healthy , we have many more wine dinners to attend!

2017 Ca‘ Rozzeria Langhe Nebbiolo Langhe DOC
10/8/2019 - pilot360 wrote:
Corked. Not subtle.
  • pilot360 commented:

    10/9/19, 10:30 PM - I suck from many teets.

2001 Penfolds Shiraz RWT Barossa Valley
3/23/2018 - pilot360 wrote:
A classy, well structured pure red fruit/ herbs/ earthy/loam palate. Very good, however, the finish was bitter, like cherry pit bitter, and detracted from the wine.
  • pilot360 commented:

    4/13/18, 6:13 PM - The wine was from magnum, purchased at auction. Definitely did not taste tired or faded.
    I had a 750 several month prior , shared with Wine Stratigies that seemed in a bettter place.

    Your postings had me thinking - it may have been me- I had an occar migraine enroute to the dinner ( no pain, just visual disturbances) that may have affected my taste. A 2003 Run Rig also had that same bitterness, that wasn’t picked up by others.
    The Cali cabs that night were not displaying this. And Syrah always wins over cab for me!

    I’ve had the 05 RWT a few times, and appreciated is evolution.
    So I think the wine is still there, and in good performance.
    However, in the late 2000’s , I remember this wine as a notch or two above my last 2 bottles.

    I’ll rate the experience as a flawed taster, rather then flawed bottle.

1999 Château Faugères St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
2/26/2018 - pilot360 wrote:
Overall a very good St Emelion experience at 23$!
  • pilot360 commented:

    2/26/18, 11:28 PM - Only the best for us sir!
    Just a few days left abroad?

1999 Paul Jaboulet Aîné Cornas Domaine de Saint Pierre Syrah
1/26/2017 - pilot360 wrote:
A very unexciting wine, one demensional. it lacked vibrancy. Flatlined.
  • pilot360 commented:

    1/26/17, 4:25 AM - Well, I had to confirm it was dead, several times!

1999 Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato Nebbiolo
3/31/2016 - pilot360 wrote:
A wine in its infancy.
Mushrooms, medium roast, coffee, seared steak create the base, with an uplifting floral its and dark cherries.
This was a knockout, and will only get better over the decades.
  • pilot360 commented:

    9/4/16, 3:25 PM - This was the most nuanced and interesting red wine of the night for me. Balnquito was kind enough to supply the bottle.

2012 Heidi Schröck Furmint Neusiedlersee-Hügelland
3/31/2016 - pilot360 wrote:
It's amazing drinking the grape varietal knowing the some of the greatest dessert wines are made from this.

A very bold and flavorful wine with a great and long mid palate and finish. a lot of depth with some blockiness. Nose of green grass the has been piled up and left to smolder in the summer sun, herbal parsley, just ripe pear.
  • pilot360 commented:

    5/13/16, 3:54 AM - H schrock is a great producer of both dry and sweet wines, I can't speak highly enough of both styles of wines she produces. I had this without food as an aperitif to red wines, it really stood out, and yes would pair great with shellfish.

White - Sweet/Dessert
2007 Alois Kracher Welschriesling TBA #7 Zwischen den Seen Neusiedlersee
9/10/2011 - pilot360 wrote:
100 points
Kracher, Nummber 7, Welschriesling TBA, 2007 - The clarity of this wine was what stood out, others described this a "pure", I think I associated that with the almond palate. Apricots also were there. This was a most impressive wine, it still stands out clearly in my mind. It was close to perfect, nothing was lacking. The finish was amazing. I am going to say this is the best desert wine I have ever had. I rarely throw scores on wines anymore, but extraordinary would leave someone to believe that it could have been a 95 pt wine, which would be an injustice. 99-100. tasted March 2010.
  • pilot360 commented:

    8/27/15, 9:14 PM - I hope your bottle delivers what I consider one of the defining moments of my wine drinking career. I've bought a few bottles of the same, have not pulled the cork, a little anxious it won't live up to my memory. I'm sure, unfounded fears!
    That said- It is tradition to open a Kracher at the Denver posse wine dinners. Coupled with creme brûlée, few pairings come close.

    I reccomend purchasing as much Kracher as you can afford. Kracher represents more bottles that any other single producer in my cellar(about 50 1/2 bottles)
    These wines are almost always classic, balancing purity, sweetness and acidity. They speak to me.
    The numbers on the bottle don't represent the same cuvée year to year, but the sugar/sweetness levels realitive to other bottling that year.

    Let your bottle rest many months, invite some good friends over, and finish a fantastic evening with Kracher.

    tokaji ranks up there , with that fresh acidity that brings everything to life.
    Schrock is another fantastic producer fromAustria, both sweet and still.
    Drinking Sauternes now, wishing it was a Kracher.
    Cheers !

White - Sparkling
1999 Pol Roger Champagne Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill Champagne Blend
1/22/2015 - pilot360 wrote:
The champagne was intense and mellow at the same time, it managed its energy properly. Fine citrus, fine bubbles. Floral, settled.
The structure was nicely filled out, all the spaces were filled.
This ended being a spectacular bottle amongst the other 12 tete de cuvée champagnes.
One of the best drinking nights I've had.
Champagne dinner, 12 wines, 6courses.

And a kracher.
  • pilot360 commented:

    1/27/15, 7:04 PM - There were some serious champagne drinkers by my side, the sir Winston Churchill stole the show. Everyone commented on how well it was drinking, not a single person said anything about being not ready. And these were people that bought this stuff by the case back in the day. Someone had the 96 a week earlier, and felt this was more ready to drink(not necessarily better though) It will hold well for many years, there was not a hint of oxidation. If I had another, I would wait 5, but so glad to have opened this champagne the other night. Cheers!

2012 Frederic Esmonin Bourgogne Les Genevrières Pinot Noir
9/1/2014 - pilot360 wrote:
The best value Red Burgundy I have yet to enjoy. Perfect to open for dinner whenever. New house wine!
  • pilot360 commented:

    9/1/14, 9:57 PM - Purchased this form wine library inNJ for 13$ Per bottle, shipping included free for Labor Day. Tried to get 24, 16 were availabe. This is repurchase. Classy, aromatic, light bodied Pinot noir.

White - Sweet/Dessert
2005 Alois Kracher Chardonnay/Welschriesling Grande Cuvée TBA #7 Nouvelle Vague Neusiedlersee
Shared this with a group of non-wino's. It was recognized by the others as being very special, and it was.
Served with creme Brulee.
Kracher has consistently provided my palate with the greatest joy from any style wine. No joke.
  • pilot360 commented:

    6/3/14, 3:39 PM - Barry- bought these from a few sources- garagiste, WineBid and a few other auction houses. They rarely pop up, but when they do, we ( my tasting partners) try to load up. We usually open a kracher or tokaji or some other gem at every tasting. I've seen the beerenslause at divino vino in Denver, but never a numbered cuvée here for sale. Wine searcher is my friend and points me in the right direction, also ocassoonay searching g auction lots in the internet. Less than 1% of my cellar purchase are local, everything else gets shipped.

2010 Frederic Esmonin Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Estournelles-St.-Jacques Pinot Noir
7/5/2013 - La Cave d'Argent Likes this wine:
92 points
Charming and well-structured, this medium-to-deep ruby wine offers aromas of Bing cherries, allspice, cocoa and white flowers. Medium-bodied and succulent on the palate, its flavors (which mirror the nose) are bolstered by lively acidity, fine-grained tannins and seamless alcohol (listed as 13%). A cocoa element graces the lengthy aftertaste. There is excellent structure here, which should allow this wine to evolve and remain delicious for another 5-7 years. Drink now-2020.
  • pilot360 commented:

    5/18/14, 10:56 PM - Thinking about picking up a few of these. I see that you liked the wine. Would you purchase this, or feel this is worth the 50$ price tag.
    Just trying to seek out some affordable good burgundy.

White - Sparkling
N.V. Krug Champagne Brut Grande Cuvée Champagne Blend
12/4/2013 - pilot360 wrote:
Krug Champagne Dinner (Denver): There were 4 distinct bottles of the Grand Cuvee floating around. Disgorged on different dates. I am pretty sure that this first glass I had was the bottle had the vines on the label (meaning much older possibly a 2001 base, per the Krug Ambassador). Tis was the winner in comparison to the later Grand Cuvee I had.

You could really appreciate the depth, structure and integration. Paired with Duck Mousse Pirogue. Best pairing of the night. I was so glad to have this pour with this awesomely savory dish. I'll leave all of the descriptors alone as this was so complete a whole I don't want to break it down. If this is what happens to aged Grand Cuvee, count me a believer.
Easily classic
  • pilot360 commented:

    12/4/13, 10:01 PM - Had the pleasure of going to an event at Table 6. Not sure of its on thaw regular menu, but I'll request it.

  • pilot360 commented:

    12/5/13, 4:08 PM - This was an Applejack sponsored event, was hosted at Table 6 , in central Denver. Originally limited to 20 people, due to demand they reserved the entire resturaunt for 45 seats. Cost was 120$, all inclusive.

    The staff were vey generous with their pours, and even several refills. Everything was booked through applejack. Top notch event.

    Hope to see some Coloradans at the Bordeaux 2011 en premier after the new Year. 1st time in Denver.
    Cheers everyone.
    I believe I've spotted a vine labeled Krug bottle on auction, time to work some overtime!

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