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2016 Sven Klundt Birkweiler Kastanienbusch Pinot Noir Pfalz
11/22/2019 - markjanes wrote:
low depth of color, ruby rim. after an hour or so in the decanter the wine opens up quite a bit and has very pure red cherry, florality, minerals, background barrique spices, the fruit flavors expand and begin to get very NSG for me with time (rustic forrest floor/meaty note to the fruit)... with time a note of ethyl acetate becomes evident. on the palate the wine has high acidity, has a strong bitter or lifted note up front, has low to moderate midpalate depth, firm but integrated oak tannins, low to moderate alcohol. wine is firm on the balance side, has good length, ok intensity, good complexity. Dug up my old notes from tastings at Australia Wine Research Institute for this one... clearly there is a big difference in a wine that has high VA from ascetic acid (all Barolo ie.) vs. ethyl acetate and this felt very EA to me. My wife tasted it and picked up the EA right away but it didn't bother her as much as it did me. The bitter note goes away with food but that volatile aroma remains. Be interested to hear what others think of this wine or if other bottles show similarly... think I'll call it "flawed" for now... apart from this issue the wine is clearly very well made.
  • markjanes commented:

    11/25/19, 11:26 PM - Seth, that's a good question. It all depends on how they bottle and where this flaw happened. If they did one bottling run for the vintage and blended the lots together in a tank before bottling my guess is it would be in every bottle. If they did more than one day of bottling and didn't mix everything together and just bottled from specific lots or straight from barrel this could very much be limited to certain bottles. If the flaw happens because of not adding enough sulfur at bottling in general than i'd guess every bottle is the same regardless of those details. i know at bigger wineries they monitor VA in the lots and if they find a high level in a wine they will blend it away with other lots before bottling.

White - Sparkling
N.V. Charles Heidsieck Champagne Brut Réserve Champagne Blend
12/17/2012 - markjanes Likes this wine:
92 points
I drink a lot of this and have never written a CT note on it... about as good as NV cuvee gets... stylistically for me it drifts towards the more oxidative and rich (Bolly) style through the use of reserve wines (not oak)... can't think of better QPR in Champagne though that is set to change soon as the brand is being redone by the owners and the bottle will be different and the price is going to be raised a fair amount... stock up now.
  • markjanes commented:

    12/19/12, 10:42 AM - EPI bought this property from Remy this last year and the CEO, Cecile Bonnefond is going to reposition the brand... they are going to use slightly older reserve wines (10 vs. 8 if I remember correctly), the bottle shape and label are different, and she is going to raise the price, to the 40 or 50 euro mark I hear. Big push in the US with four full time promo people supposedly... my guess is she is going for the Krug NV status kind of thing (the new bottle is even shaped more like the Krug bottle). Bonnefond is a stud and I'm sure she'll be successful at repositioning this brand as the quality is there and the gatekeepers have always considered this wine grossly underpriced.

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