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2016 Château Hourtin-Ducasse Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
Appearance - deep ruby. More transparent on rim. Core is pretty murky.

Nose - been open a while and it’s quite fragrant. Definitely getting the alcohol eye burn. Listed as 14.5 abv. Getting burn on nose. Black fruit. Plum. Black cherry. Ripe. Black cherry dominates.

Palate - medium plus body. Tannins are medium. They are there. Feel them when you swallow. Makes you salivate for another sip. Feels young and on the ascent. It’s not all combined yet ( aka balanced). Baking spices. Cedar. And actually like fresh cut cedar. Black fruits here too. Definitely dominating black cherry. Juicy. Finish is medium. The alcohol on palate isn’t standing out as noticeable.

I say it is young and will be curious with aging. But you can drink now. Though for the price…..too soon.
1/25/2022 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
Bottle variation I suppose. This one popped from the moment I opened it. Though I would say, sweeter than what I typically associate with Chablis.

Appearance- clear, medium gold. Glassy looking.

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus intensity, very fragrant. Floral and some citrus. Noticeable eye burn. Says 12% on label but nose says higher. Some cedar tingle on nose. Lemon and lime. A little pithy grapefruit

Palate- fresh, alive, youthful. Wow! Medium plus intensity. Acidity pops. Medium plus. Your mouth waters. Salinity. Minerality. Body is medium. Powerful on palate. Finish is medium plus. It lingers.

The fruit is very ripe. Feels balanced. Stay just a tad sweeter than I expect from Chablis. Not that this is bad and it actually makes it more versatile. Crisp. A nice offset to something spicey.

1/21/2022 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
85 points
Not an all purpose wine. It’s heavy and rich. Very chocolately.

Appearance - clear, opaque ruby.

Nose - clean, youthful, been open a few hours and with air getting definite eye alcohol burn. Nose is medium plus. Notes are…not quite blended yet. Still young. We get…black fruits. Berries. You get green notes. You get spices. Dill. Oregano. Basil.

Palate - medium plus body. It’s a thick wine. It feels more balanced in palate and is very drinkable. Tannins are medium. Acidity is medium. Finish is medium. Flavors are less than you would expect from the nose. Black fruit. Berries. Fruit is definitely ripe and there. Tastes fresh. What stands out is the viscosity. You get dark chocolate. Tobacco leaf. There is a rich creaminess - dessert like. Chocolate mousse.

It’s an interesting wine. Not sure the right food pairing. Maybe a rich braised short ribs meal. Something fatty with spice? Fine drinking on own but the alcohol is high. 14.5
1/20/2022 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
88 points
Appearance - clear, medium gold, bright and shiny

Nose - open for about an hour with some air. medium plus, fragrant, slight alcohol eye burn. Notes: lemon. Evolved lemon. Not citrusy but lemon flavor. Some green notes. Menthol. Mint.

Palate - bright and vibrant. Youthful. Medium plus intensity. Medium body. Balanced. Bit of frizzante on palate. Acidity is medium. Really starts to appear after you swallow. Maybe medium plus. Salinity. I do ge that whole kaffir lime thing. Tingling finish is medium/medium plus.

I’m enjoying this and think it is good value even if I paid a little extra in NYC. Will be interesting how it ages. Been cooking roast chicken and the smells are working.
1/15/2022 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
89 points
I suspect it’s a bit early and more aging will bring out more complexity however it is enjoyable!

Appearance - clear, deep, ruby

Nose - youthful, clean, medium plus intensity- been open a few hours. Red and black berry fruits, chocolate. Alcohol burn on nose. Some menthol. Richness. Alcohol has been emerging with air. Smells like a rich chocolate mouse dessert.

Palate - balanced. Medium plus intensity - with the air - medium acidity that gets a bit grippy with tannins after you swallow. The wine is alive in the palate. Flavors consistent with nose. Finish is medium plus to long. Fruit is ripe, round, and sweet. Berries. Some black pepper on finish.

It’s an interesting wine. Good value for price. I want to try again in a year to see how it has developed.
1/11/2022 - Ellen5181 wrote:
85 points
Appearance - clear, medium gold

Nose - clean, youthful, medium minus. And that is a stretch. You need to pull it out. Lemon, sweet fragrant but mild

Palate - more on palate. Very drinkable. Crisp acidity. Balanced. When you swoosh in mouth you get a pop medium to light bodied. More on back palate. Finish is stronger than taste! Medium plus. Feel a little sizzle after you swallow.

My guess is this needs a little aging. Right now seems drinkable but early and not worth price.
1/8/2022 - Ellen5181 Does not like this wine:
78 points
Appearance - clear, medium plus gold, it’s been in oak.

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus intensity, more wood than fruit, pulling some floral but with air getting more oak. Some alcohol eye burn. Baking spices and cedar.

Palate - it’s been open a while and has warmed up for a few hours.definitely more oak than fruit. It started out less pronounced but….alas, this is what you think of when you hear Cali chard. There is a crisp minerality, acidity is medium and cuts the oak, but I’m not really getting much fruit here. I’ve also probably not paired it properly it’s too heavy for a lighter meal. Body is medium plus. Finish is medium plus. You get a burst in the back palate. Picking up Italian herbs

I suspect paired with a roast chicken this would be nicer. Also hard cheeses. Salmon in a garlic butter sauce. It has the acidity to cut through richness.

It’s not a big Cali chard, more subtle, just heavy on oak vs fruit. Not my style. I paid NYC premium here and not sure it’s worth the price ($32). It’s missing something for me.
2016 Clos Des Menuts St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
11/13/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
88 points
Still young. Air makes a huge difference.

Appearance- clear, thick. Deep berries

Nose- youthful clean, young berries, very ripe, baking spices. Black and red berries. Alcohol burn.

Palate - very vibrant. Ripe berries. Tannins are integrated. Acidity is medium and integrated. Mouth water after swallow. Finish is medium maybe medium plus.

Wine is on the upswing. A bit soon to be seeing its potential.
10/31/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
85 points
Paired with Chinese and not sure we have a great match here.

Appearance - clear, light gold. Glassine qualities

Nose - clean, youthful, medium minus fragrant. You need to pull it out. When you do…you get ripe honeydew. But the nose dies quickly and you need another swirl. Listed as only 12.5 abv but you do get eye burn. Reminds me more of a melon flavored sucking candy than the actual fruit. Now getting banana. Sweet.

Palate - pretty intense. Acidity is medium plus to high. You mouth waters quite a bit. Tastes fresh and youthful. Medium body. Finish is medium plus. Balanced and alcohol feels integrated. Mid palate is where it pops. Notes are citrus. Grapefruit. Pineapple. There is just this bitterness on the finish that is doesn’t sit well. Maybe slightly green note? Maybe would pair better with cold cuts, cutting the fat and the herbs?

At $9 bottle hard to complain but
10/29/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
As part of my value white wine drinking tour….

Appearance - clear, medium straw.

Nose - youthful. Medium intensity. Citrus, sweet ripe apple, mandarin orange.

Palate - fresh, vibrant, youthful. Acidity is medium plus. Says hello. Medium body. Alcohol is medium. Finish is medium. Cool and crisp. Notes are citrus and apple. More apple. Little frizzante on palate. Helps it with food pairing.

For the price - good value. Versatile wine. Acidity cuts it.
10/27/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
95 points
For the price- huge fan. The label lists it as pairing with asparagus and that in and of itself is a tough one.

Appearance - clear, “darker” straw.

Nose - medium plus, very vibrant. It’s been open awhile now getting some alcohol burn but not initially. Notes are orange, citrus, herbal, dill, basil, leek,

Palate - wow acidity, it’s a pop on the palate. Balanced, taste a sweetness, not sugar, but ripeness that balances out the palate. Some saltiness. It’s fresh and very drinkable. Finish is medium. Medium body. Alcohol is listed as 12.5. Three quarters in you are feeling it so feels a bit heavier. Label is cool.

For the price (under $10 in a NYC market) I think this is a very good value wine. Can go up against many more name brands and do well.
10/22/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
Appearance - clear. Glassine, straw

Nose - it’s been open a while but the nose is medium plus. Youthful. More oak than fruit or floral. Some lemon. Ripe sweet lemon, but also alcohol burn. Listed as 13.5, feels higher.

Palate - wonderful. Very fresh and great acidity. Nice balance. Medium body. Balanced and alcohol feels integrated on palate. Little frizzante on palate. Notes are lemon, grassy, minerality, herbs. I do think grape is Sauvignon Blanc but w/o the gooseberry funk.

It’s an alive wine, rounded, great flavor, tastes fresh and clean. Good finish.

Would be great with oysters or seafood. Don’t limit yourself to Sancerre.
10/16/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
86 points
I am a fan of Kermit Lynch selections and this does not disappoint.

Appearance - clear, medium straw. Shoes some oak n the color

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus (after a few hours), more wood and spice than fruit but in a nice way. Lots of baking spice. Alcohol is high but you don’t get it on the nose.

Palate - lovely and easy to drink. Medium plus bodied wine. Feels more Cali than Sancerre. If you told me this was a chard I wouldn’t argue. Balanced. Medium acidity. Finish is medium plus.

I will be curious how this wine ages. The components feel balanced

Yes - to my critics on this site. I am aware that Sancerre is SB and not chard. This has none of the unctuous SB notes. It reminds me more of an acidic Italian varietal that has seen oak. It does not feel French. So perhaps my rating needs to go down? It is nice drinking but not Sancerre like. Not refined in the French style. Well made but non conforming.
8/20/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
86 points
Appearance - clear, darker gold or straw. Looks like it has some age or seen oak. Gorgeous elevated label.

Nose - clean, youthful but it has seen wood. This is a grown up Pinot Grigio. The nose makes you think it is on upward trajectory. Medium plus intensity. Deep brooding preserved lemon. Sour and ripe. Some salinity. Some herbal.

Palate - wow acidity, pop. Tastes balanced and delicious. This is a grown up person’s pinot Grigio. Yet, this can be a decent wine. Don’t have tons of experience at this price point ($27) but even with Manhattan inflation, it’s a nice value for a good quality, well made, dry, balanced, white wine, that can hold its own with food. The acidity is here. Balanced.

I like this wine and feel it has an interesting future. Nice medium to fuller bodied white. Can cut through fat. A new view on Pinot Grigio and a very pretty label.
8/4/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
75 points
Appearance - clear, gold on darker side.

Nose - clean, Alcohol burn on eyes. Cali chard. Smells maturer vs fresh and youthful. Hard to pick a note. Not really fresh and vibrant. Canned lemon?

Palate. - Cali chard. Oak, medium plus intensity. Finish is long.

It’s a mass produced big box Cali chard. I suspect it’s predictable. I over paid. For $10 I would say yes.
6/25/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
75 points
Appearance - clear, medium straw

Nose - dry. Minerality. You need to pull it out. Light nose. Sea shells. Green note. Sea.

Palate - medium intensity. It’s dry. Acidity is medium. Flavors are lemon, tart, herbal, salty, oyster or clam shell (what you imagine it would taste like). Finish is medium. Feels a bit watery.

It’s a wine, the label looks more elevated, it’s the house wine in the carafe.
I wanted an unoaked and my choices were limited. It’s a bit sweet for me.

Appearance - clear, medium gold

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus intensity, very fragrant, ripe apple, actually reminds me of being in an apple picking orchard.

Palate - fresh, youthful, medium plus intensity, acidity is medium, a little frizzy on palate , it tastes, enhanced. It feels like they added in a shot of non Oaked Chardonnay “extract” if it exists. Alcohol is listed as 12.5 but feels heavier. It’s a big Cali Chard I guess w/o the oak but this is no Chablis. Finish is medium. There isn’t any finesse to this wine.

Not my style. But drinkable.
6/21/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
What’s not to like?

Appearance - cloudy, medium to lighter gold. Sunshine.

Nose - poured into a big Riedel bourgundy glass to get full aroma. Clean,ripe sweet fruit. Sweet apple, floral, pineapple, kiwi, tropical fruit. Smells pure. Some cinnamon. Initially the butter popcorn but that blew off quickly.

Palate - delicious. Very drinkable. Pure fruit. Oak is balanced. Alcohol is there. Not showing up but your feel it. Well integrated. Palate is consistent with nose but you get more oak. Medium body. Finish is medium plus. Acidity is medium. Dry.

It’s still on the uptake so if you can wait will probably offer more complexity.

I enjoyed with Asian spice marinated swordfish and paired well.

It’s a nice wine. At this price point you come in with high expectations. I feel like it’s still in the intrigue stage. Would be curious how it develops with maturity and what emerges. I probably drank too soon.
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5/31/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
86 points
Appearance - bright gold

Nose - clean apple but floral over fruit. Medium minus.

Palate - crisp, youthful, minerality, the only thing on the finish there is a bitterness, white pepper that is odd. Acidity is medium plus and pairs very well with steamed Clams. Balanced. Finish is medium plus. Alcohol medium. Listed at 12 but I suspect a tad higher.

It’s an interesting wine that I suspect will improve and priced decently.
5/23/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
79 points
Appearance - clear, glycine, medium straw or light gold.

Nose - clean, youthful, medium minus, floral lemon blossom. With air getting more apple.

Palate - clean, fresh, youthful, medium minus intensity, acidity is medium plus, if anything it feels out of balance there but it is delicious given the acidity. It feels like a lighter bodied wine, but has a kick in acidity where it is refreshing. Finish is medium light. Alcohol feels light and is balanced.

Pairing with an Asian spiced marinated swordfish steak (broiled). Wine feels overpowered. It’s more delicate.

Fine to drink but for the price, $30, not sure good value.
5/22/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
For the price I’m not seeing it. However, it’s very drinkable.

Appearance - clear, medium straw

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus intensity, getting wet wool, kernel notes, honeydew melon,

Palate - crisp, good minerality, acidity is medium, alcohol is medium and well integrated, balanced, notes is where I’m struggling to find descriptives. It’s subdued apple. Chalky. Would be a nice backdrop for oysters or fish in a buttery lemon sauce but on its own not much of interest. Hard to see how this ages.
5/7/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
Appearance - clear, bright, medium gold. It’s vibrant looking. Like apple juice.

Nose - clean, youthful, oaky, medium plus intensity, I am getting the butter, popcorn, eye burn, vanilla,

Palate - balanced, it’s a big Cali chard. It’s not my style of wine, but maybe paired with a larger meal it would hold its own. Definitely drinkable, jut a little too oaky for me.
5/5/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
88 points
Appearance- clean, glassine, medium gold

Nose - clean, youthful, sweet apple, blossoms, some eye burn, sweet lemon, some kernel notes, mandarin orange. In syrup.

Palate - fresh, youthful, crisp, acidity is medium plus, balanced, medium body, minerality, a little frizzante on palate, flavors are ripe mandarin orange, lychee, feel like this would pair nicely with Asian inspired foods. Certainly sushi or spicier Chinese/Thai. Crisp acidity to cut through any fat and the sweet could compliment the spice. Alcohol feels integrated.

I think this is a nice value for the price. Enjoy.
5/3/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
Good value

Appearance - clear, medium straw.

Nose - clean, youthful, more alcohol burn on nose than I recall from previous vintages. Crisp, apple, sweet, ripe, the fumes are there.

Palate - fresh, youthful, crisp, clean, balanced, body is medium, in your mouth it opens up, frizzante, notes are apple and alive, it is girlgling on palate. Not in a bad way but you feel the “hard cider” quality. Acidity is there. Medium. Dry. Finish is medium. Feels balanced on palate.

For the price (and I paid a little extra since I live in NYC) it’s still a good value. An unoaked chard at this price is a find. Alcohol is just a bit high.
4/28/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
Appearance - clear, opaque, ruby. It’s pretty dark.

Nose - youthful, too soon for this wine. Medium plus intensity, fruit is red and black. Berries, plums, alcohol eye burn is real, picking up some green note, almost chemical. Briny.

Palate - young and needs time. It’s too young to be drinking this wine. Holding opinion.
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4/27/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
88 points
Appearance - clear, medium plus ruby

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus intensity, with air getting lots more alcohol burn - listed as 12.5 which seems low. Feel it on eyes. Ripe black cherry, ripe blueberries. Vanilla sweetness, green pepper.

Palate - medium plus body, bloody, acidity is medium, tannins are medium and only surface after you swallow. Notes are bright red and black berries. More red on palate than broody nose. Black pepper. Finish is long. A bit tingly to beckon you for next sip. Balanced. Getting some Italian herbs.

Air has helped here. Feels like this has more to give and will emerge with air.
4/25/2021 - Ellen5181 Does not like this wine:
75 points
For the price drinkable but nothing special. I paid $26. Air and vinturi helps. The label makes you feel like it’s more elevated.

Appearance - clear, medium plus bordering opaque, ruby.

Nose - medium intensity, youthful, black fruits, ripe, blackberry, alcohol eye burn, perfume, that old lady perfume smell, vanilla,

Palate - feels disjointed, nose qualities on palate, initially I was getting more sweet red fruits. Got the Grenache but very one dimensional. With a few hours open, black fruits, ripe, jammy, alcohol is high, acidity is medium, intensity is medium plus. Black pepper, lots of it. Body is medium plus. Tastes much more new world Syrah than anything remotely French. Getting red fruits now. Bitter finish. It’s not nuanced.

Kudos to the label designer. The back talks about finesse. I see none in this bottle.
4/20/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
79 points
Appearance - clear, medium straw.

Nose - clean, youthful, medium minus intensity, air has not been its friend. Ripe apple, and alcohol. Sadly, there is alcohol burn. The nose is not inviting.initially there was popcorn, kernel, malo smell but that has left.

Palate - better on palate. Dry, crisp, it’s a bit disjointed. There is fruit. Ripe apple. A bit watery. Finish is medium. A little cinnamon. Body is medium minus.

It’s not a great wine. I wouldn’t buy again and think you could do better. I’ll leave it to that.
4/19/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
Very good value!!!

Appearance- clear, medium pls ruby.

Nose - youthful, fresh, black fruit. Cinnamon, oak, but as secondary. Medium plus intensity. Nicely balanced.

Palate - balanced. Black ripe brooding fruits. Medium plus body, medium plus intensity, finish medium plus, alcohol feels medium. Dry, acidity is medium.

It’s a nice wine and well priced.
4/17/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
Broke my recent pattern of bad picks. I like this one and it is affordable!

Appearance - clear medium ruby. More black cherry to red cherry

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus intensity. With air definitely getting more alcohol on nose. Nose and eye burn where I would say high. Black fruit. Blackberry, cassis, broody fruits. You do get this green olive thing going on. An interesting funk if you can stand a little eye tearing. Sulfur.

Palate - delicious. Was good on the pop and with air has been morphing. Black fruits, rich black fruits with more of a soil and volcanic taste vs fruity. Medium plus body. Intensity is medium plus (with air), dry, black pepper, acidity is medium even medium plus. Alcohol is integrated on palate. Balanced finish is medium and juicy. You get terrior. Herbs. Dried herbs. Ashy.

I tend to enjoy wines that come from volcanic soils (aka sicily) and this is up there without the huge alcohol that often comes with sicily.

Liking this wine a lot and will buy more. Plus, it comes in a fun bottle with a little spout four pouring. Why not.

Yay broke the cycle. A good one!
2016 Château Auguste Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
4/11/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
85 points
Appearance - clear, medium plus ruby

Nose - clean, youthful, red and black berry, bramble, there is alcohol eye burn and fumes. Medium intensity.

Palate - fruit and oak. It’s predictable. Cherry, plum, blackberry, oak, finish is medium, body medium, acidity’s medium, tannins are medium, finish is...medium.

It tastes like a commercially produced wine. Label is pretty. Price is ok in terms of value. As a house wine. At $16.99 I might be happier.
4/8/2021 - Ellen5181 wrote:
79 points
Appearance - clear, mm plus, ruby.

Nose - the half a skunkiness about it. I won’t say corked, but something a bit past prime. If I was served it I would send back. When I pulled the cork I smelled it but thought it would blow off. It has not. Alcohol eye burn. Blackberry fruit. Cooked.

Palate - better on palate but not great. Ripe fruit. Acidity is medium, get black and red fruits, plums, berries, cassis, juicy, tannins are medium and emerge after you swallow. Finish is medium plus. Alcohol feels medium. Body is medium plus.

Maybe with a vinturi it will air out the funk? The label makes you thin you are getting a wine that is more special. Marketing.
4/7/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
Appearance - clear, medium straw

Nose - clean, youthful, fragrant, floral and sweet fruit. Medium. Blossom . Some eye burn from alcohol. Sweet mandarin orange.

Palate - clean, youthful, medium plus, it opens up mid palate into a wow. Acidity is medium plus. Fresh. Vibrant. Little sizzle. Fruit is sweet and pure. Kiwi, mandarin orange, stone fruits but sweet not sour, crisp, a little oak (the sizzle), finish is medium. Body is medium.

It’s a very sweet wine , balanced, but sweet. Not what a SB drinker might expect. Could see this pairing nicely with Asian spicy foods. Where you might drink Riesling.

At $19 still a good value. Especially these days.
4/1/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
85 points
Definitely needs some air. Is still young (maybe too young) to drink.

Appearance- clear, medium purple, maybe dark ruby.

Nose - medium plus intensity, very aromatic, black fruits, dark black cherry, plums, raspberry, alcohol eye burn, some vanilla, youthful, pulling a little butterscotch.

Palate - youthful, a bit disjointed at this stage, you feel each piece vs something integrated. Suspect it will come together w time. Fruit, red and black cherry, some green notes, alcohol feels medium plus. Listed as 13% feels higher. Juicy, acidity is medium, some pepper on finish. A little sour. Tannins are medium and appear more at the end. Finish is medium.

It’s good. Nothing exceptional here. The fruit tastes nice, for the price seems fine, at this stage nothing remarkable. Suspect it’s too young.
2018 Château des Mille Anges Cuvée Royále Bordeaux Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
3/29/2021 - Ellen5181 Does not like this wine:
73 points
Appearance + clear, medium gold

Nose - clean, medium minus intensity, fruit is a tad muted, you need to pull it out. Now that I’m trying to pull it out for a note I would say light. It’s been sitting on ice so maybe if it warms up. More wet wool vs fruit.

Palate - pow on palate. Nose doesn’t represent. Crisp, minerality, acidity, medium body, a little cedar sizzle. Finish is medium. Fruit is milder A little bitterness on finish.

It’s easy drinking but at this price point $21 not a great buy. At $15 it would be that decent enough wine in the fridge. Not much there for this price point.
3/28/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
85 points
Appearance - clear, medium ruby. Looks like a Pinot noir.

Nose - it’s been open a few hours. Much more eye burn at this point. Alcohol feels higher. Black cherry, oak. Medium intensity but alcohol feels medium plus.

Palate -quite delicious. Youthful, on the upslope. Black cherry, oak, feels young. It is very drinkable. Popped and poured I liked it. With air it is getting a bit unbalanced in that it needs more time. Too bad the bottle is empty.

I paid the typical NYC premium these days so not sure I see value here at $28 or a standout as a Gamay. I would have a hard time differentiating this from pinot noir. I’m not getting that lighter raspberry and strawberry taste that to me is more indicative of gamay. This is black cherry to me.

Enjoyable but not sure worth the price.
3/25/2021 - Ellen5181 Does not like this wine:
73 points
Better second day wine (1 glass left), but still not worth it. Had that aged bloody medium plus body. Notes were more integrated and balanced. Muted fruit and oak. Pass

At $26 not good value

Appearance- clear, medium plus ruby

Nose - developing, into that skunky phase. Where you tell the bar or restaurant that the bottle has been open too long and they just opened it. It quickly went south. Medium intensity. Some fruit more oak. Red and black k berry but w a distinct olive and the alcohol eye burn. Lists as 12.5 but feel higher.

Palate - this has opened with air. Initially I thought the nose had more. Palate has become more vibrant. Medium plus intensity, mix of fruit and wood. Like nose but not yet with funk. I’m having a hard time finding descriptors. The disappointing by the glass wine you order is this. Perhaps it’s had its day and while I visited Haut Medoc this is not a shining example.
3/20/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
92 points
I needed cooking wine and this was a very pleasant surprise....especially for the price. Plus the label is quite pretty.

Appearance - clear, medium/light straw

Nose - clean, youthful, medium intensity, mandarin orange, blossom, fresh, ripe, sweet over tart

Palate - medium plus intensity, fresh, pronounced from nose, but same notes. Very ripe, mandarin orange. Maybe Valencia orange. Sweet over sour or tart but not cloying sweet, which o often associate with Pinot Grigio. For the price, especially, this wine is easy drinking, well balanced, great fruit and great acidity, medium minus on the alcohol, enough to give it body but it’s very easy drinking.

A definite step up from the by the glass Pinot Grigio at the bar. And at this price make it your house wine.
3/18/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
83 points
Appearance - clear light medium gold

Nose - clean, youthful, some alcohol eye burn, notes are sweet, fragrant, floral and fruit, more blossoms maybe kiwi.

Palate - balanced, medium acidity, alcohol is integrated, body is medium, crisp, youthful, but good drinking now, notes are mandarin orange, sweet lemon, sweet orange, some salinity, maybe hazelnut, finish is medium.

It’s fine, it’s not a standout wine but for what it is at $20, in the time of Covid and NYC where every wine has a premium, it’s drinkable. Do you seek this out, probably not. Is it fine...yes. I question aging potential as indicated by the range.
3/15/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
90 points
Appearance - clear,medium straw

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus intensity, Very fragrant, sweet fruit, floral, on nose getting ripe sweet and no citrus. Banana sweet almond paste, ripe sweet pear

Palate - medium plus intensity, acidity is medium plus, your mouth waters, balanced, alcohol is there but integrated, wine feels balanced. Body is medium. Get some cedar on finish but integrated. It dances on palate. Notes are sweet pear, sweet ripe apple. Crisp. Minerality. Floral. Honeysuckle. Finish is medium. It’s amazing what can be done with sauv Blanc from this region. It’s a wake up the palate wine but you don’t have the famous cat pee you often associate with this grape. I could see this pairing nicely with a spicey asian meal where you might choose a Riesling. Not oily.
3/14/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
75 points
Appearance - clear, medium yellow (I know gold is the color but more yellow)

Nose - big eye burn, oak. Wood over fruit. Stereotypical Cali chard.

Palate - medium plus intensity. Feels young, on the upcurve. Wood and apple fruit but secondary. It’s ripe fruit but it’s too soon to drink this. I feel as though in a year or so this may come together but at the moment too early
3/14/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
88 points
Appearance - clear, medium/mum plus gold

Nose - clean, youthful but with a little maturity. Intensity is medium plus, has an apple juice smell to it. Some eye burn. Macintosh apple. Apple sauce. Cinnamon. Cooked apple.

Palate - medium plus intensity. Tastes very rest. Alive on palate. Acidity feels medium plus. Oaky sizzle on palate get the cedar. Finish is medium plus. Notes are apple and spices. Balanced.

I didn’t realize when I bought this that I had it a few year ago and wasn’t a huge fan. I typically like this producer. It has grown into it itself over the years. Still very drinkable. A vibrant Cali chard. Not overly oaked or rather it has matured and come together. For the price (and I paid a Covid Nyc premium) it feels decent value.
3/13/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
88 points
Appearance - clear, medium gold. Has a brown straw color too.

Nose - clean, youthful, medium minus intensity. Not getting tons on nose give how long it has been open. Can eke out, lemon peel, more like a fragrant vs a real note.

Palate - vibrant, clean, clear, crisp, minerality, acidity is medium maybe medium plus, a little nutty (as in almonds not crazy) fruit is apple, maybe lemon, it’s not intense fruit. More mineral driven with a hint of citrus. Finish is medium. Alcohol medium. Clearly dry. Body is medium. You get the sense this saw some oak. Some cedar which is balanced and appears on finish.

For the NYC during Covid premium we pay, it’s ok, non descript, will I run out and stock up, no, is it fine to drink and paired well with dinner, absolutely.

Wine seems well made. As I sip it I think about Cali chards and how over the top they are. This is subtle with finesse. I feel like this is a wine that morphs with what you are serving and brings out its best. Be it herbs, shellfish, etc.

It’s a nice wine.
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3/10/2021 - Ellen5181 Does not like this wine:
79 points
Tasted a bit tired to me. Better with air and used a vinturi but still. Had that pub wine taste to it.
3/5/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
89 points
As a second day wine, much better! More depth of flavor.

Nose is more rounded. Getting fruit and spice. Apple. Some evolutionary aspects. Not development but it’s maturing.

Palate - no surprises other than air has help it emerge. The components are there, fruit, wood, acidity, it’s balanced, it’s crisp and good acidity.
3/5/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
85 points
Appearance. Clear, medium straw

Nose - clean, youthful, medium intensity, as it is warming up getting more fragrant. Crisp, delicate sweet apple, floral, honey

Palate - acidity is wow. Medium plus. Your mouth waters. Crisp, youthful, minerality, alcohol is medium, well integrated, balanced, dry dry dry. Taste clean. Finish is medium. Apple notes. I’m comparing it now to a 2017 pouilly fuisse (it was open) and the Chablis is much more 1 dimensional. This is clean. Feels unoaked. Chalky. Astringent.

Easy drinking. Tastes pure. I have been having a prob re price to value being in NYC and during a pandemic we are getting gouged but.....while I may have overpaid a tad, it’s a nice easy drinking wine. My rating reflects my premium price. It’s not special enough but it’s fine.
3/4/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
88 points
Appearance - clear, light straw. Glassine

Nose - clean, youthful, medium intensity, might be a little too cold still, floral, grassy, orange blossoms

Palate - wow, medium plus intensity, acidity is medium plus, balanced, alcohol is medium, finish is medium, notes of ripe mandarin orange, not too sweet, not too tart, crisp, minerality, ever so slight bitterness on finish.

Pairs very well with a French Brie. The acidity cuts the cheese and brings out the buttery feel. One of those 1+1=3
2/27/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
89 points
Appearance - clear, medium ruby

Nose - medium plus intensity. Black cherry, notes of cherry coke, alcohol eye burn,

Palate- medium plus intensity, balanced, medium plus body, same notes on palate, black cherry coke, alcohol burn in back of throat. Acidity is medium. Tannins medium and they come out after you swallow. Insides of gums tingle. Finish is medium. It’s a juicy red wine. Tastes fresh. Ripe fruit. Can drink as aperitif or paired nicely with roast chicken. Easy drinking wine. Good value for the price. There is some complexity.
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2/24/2021 - Ellen5181 Likes this wine:
89 points
Appearance - clear, medium straw.

Nose - clean, youthful, medium plus intensity grassy, herbal, some citrus and apple, but more herbal. Alcohol eye burn.

Palate - nothing too different on palate from nose. Dry, acidity is medium. Saltiness. Nice pair for shellfish, oysters, lobster, body is medium. Getting some fennel. It’s fresh and youthful. Can hold up to garlicky sauces. Cut the fat.

It’s a nice regional wine. It would be a house wine in the carafe at the local trattoria. Makes me long for travel.
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