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2016 Meiomi Pinot Noir California
2/27/2018 - Red842r Does not like this wine:
60 points
This pinot is a little too dry, almost like a cab. The flavor is too much alcohol. Is not very smooth.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    6/24/18, 7:19 AM - You clearly had a bad bottle if you found it dry. This wine is gobs of jammy fruit, sugar and oak chips. It is the opposite of dry. Don't get me wrong, it's a terrible wine for my palate, but you might like it if you like syrupy fruit and sugar. I would try it again cuz that isn't what you got the first time around.

2008 Donelan Syrah Griffin's Lair Sonoma Coast
12/22/2016 - Quiet Lion wrote:
89 points
On opening, strong nose of vitamin C which subsided after a half-hour., yielding gamy meat. Smooth but not enough going on over the salty rocks for my taste.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    5/20/17, 7:14 AM - "vitamin C"? I don't understand

  • Chrisinroch commented:

    5/20/17, 8:38 AM - Okay, I think i get you. I think I know that flavor. I think of it as more chalky/minerally/metallic. No worries. Just curious.

2012 Belle Glos Pinot Noir Las Alturas Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands
Pour moi (à mon goût à moi, bien sûr, ce n'est pas un absolu...) , ce vin est la farce de la fin de semaine.
Le vin est violacé, à la limite noir. Il présente un nez de mélasse. La bouche tire un peu sur la cassonade . Je n'aurais JAMAIS deviné que
ce vin était du Pinot Noir. j'aurais probablement essayé : Merlot trop muri , je ne sais trop.

En tout cas, ce pinot à 14.9% (!) , en a mangé toute une.
Ce n'est pas que c'est imbuvable... Ce n'est plus du pinot.

** (et je suis généreux à 43$ ...)
En tout cas la bouteille est superbe dans son manteau de cire. Du beau marketing....
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    1/9/17, 8:44 AM - Exactly. Not varietally correct. It is ridiculous.

White - Sparkling
2006 Dom Pérignon Champagne Champagne Blend
11/19/2016 - Crownguard wrote:
I am found of good champagne, and i have tasted a lot of good champagne.

This on the other hand is just way off.

Terrible smell. Probably a bad bottle

Smells of vomit.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    1/8/17, 7:55 AM - I like just a hint of "vomit". This sounds way over the top for my palate.

2007 Domaine de Marcoux Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
9/11/2016 - Aussietay wrote:
90 points
Quite disappointing on first opening almost flat with a slight acidic taste improved slightly on the second night. Will see how the remaining bottles compare. Doubt they will improve will more time.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    1/7/17, 6:12 PM - You clearly got a bad bottle. And why would you give it 90 points?

2005 Domaine d'Ardhuy Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru Aux Clous Pinot Noir
8/2/2016 - bevetroppo Likes this wine:
89 points
Not as sprightly as I might have hoped for an '05 Premier Cru, this shows dark kirsch-like fruit in the nose mixed with leafy, earthy and minty notes. Enough so that I consulted "When Wine" only to see that it is a leaf day. It's hard to tell how much, if any, of the property is or was farmed biodynamically-I saw conflicting reports online, and the property's own website mentions lutte raisonnee with minimal intervention, so who knows, but this is leafy.

It's deep and satisfying on the palate, with dark red fruits dominating, wood and mint flavors, and a soft, rich texture extending into mostly resolved tannins.

I'm going to try to revisit this tomorrow when the biodynamic clock may have ticked forward and out of leaf mode, but I often make that pledge and then forget, so I'll have to live with what it's telling me tonight.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    12/11/16, 7:33 PM - Not..sure..if serious.

  • Chrisinroch commented:

    12/12/16, 1:08 PM - Ok, clever note, then.

2013 Liquid Farm Chardonnay Bien Bien Santa Maria Valley
9/29/2015 - coremill wrote:
81 points
Chardonnay Dinner at PDH (PDH): What happened here? This is an oaky, buttery mess. Rich yellow fruit, lots of butter and caramel with bitterness from oak tannin. Has a lot of acid, which gives it an odd juxtaposition between the creamy texture and the tartness. I don't always hate creamy textured chardonnays, but for me to pull that off you need a lot of mineral structure to cut it, and this is very much lacks the required fruit concentration and mineral structure. I actively disliked this and I don't understand whom this wine is supposed to be for. It's not sweet enough to be cougar juice but far too flabby to be AFWE.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    9/7/16, 7:27 PM - Yup. This struck me as Rombauer light. A bit more oak and a bit less butter and more acid. Maybe with some cellar time it turns into something?

1962 Prince Florent de Merode Pommard Clos de la Platière Pinot Noir
2/18/2016 - Chrisinroch wrote:
What happens at Bern's stays at Bern's
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    3/22/16, 9:43 AM - From memory, I drank this alongside a northern rhone from the 70s and this wine suffered in the comparison. It just never woke up and gave me anything. I'm not a fan of over-the-top wines, but this wine was like background music rather than a delicate symphony. Again, it's from memory and it's been almost an entire year. I'd suggest drinking up.

2013 Vincent Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard Ribbon Ridge
6/5/2015 - TC16 wrote:
Seems like some TCA issues, distinct wet cardboard nose and flavor. Otherwise, you can tell there's great fruit and structure underneath. Earthy, mushroomy things going on. Medium to dark red fruits. No rating because of the TCA.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    8/8/15, 9:15 AM - Contact the winery. They are great folks.

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1996 Krug Champagne Vintage Brut Champagne Blend
5/28/2015 - Chrisinroch wrote:
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    6/5/15, 5:10 AM - Yes, both from Blackwell's. Stored in 52 to 65 degree passive cellar on their side since 2007. The first bottle I popped a few years back was great. Both of these...slight pop and no cork expansion

2009 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Balcombe Vineyard Dundee Hills
Decanted thru an aerator and strainer, and drank over next 4 hours. (Moderate sediment.) Brownish-red. Medium density, i.e., a little denser than many Pinots. Complex berries and spices, with moderately long finish.

I want to like her wines; I have bought quite a few based on the consistently great professional and consumer reviews. I get why wine geeks love them; lots of stuff to talk about. My problem: I just don't like the taste. And, I don't know why. It is not that I am a California Pinot guy; I am not; I do not like most of them. I much prefer Oregon Pinots. I love their tart minerality. Her wines? Don't like them.

Thought a 2009 might do the trick. Easy, early-drinking vintage. No good. This wine was like the rest. Must by something in my DNA, but I find the minerality in the finish [after-taste?] just plain unpleasant.

Given that I am an outlier, I will not rate this one.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    1/22/15, 9:01 AM - Is it reductive notes that you are getting? I would have thought that the aerator would do the trick on that, but I tend to get reduction with a lot of their wines.

2011 Maison Ilan Volnay 1er Cru Les Robardelles Pinot Noir
12/9/2014 - peternelson wrote:
89 points
Dried tea leaves, delicate red fruits with a hint of blueberry and very slight animale/barn. Charming wine (as the Burgundy producers like to say about their 2011's). Brian and Jen's
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    12/18/14, 3:02 PM - Just opened a bottle and I'm getting a good bit of that brettiness you mention. Manageable, but not normal

2012 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir Dundee Hills
No formal notes, but really loved the light, elegant wine. Fruit leaned more cranberry than cherry. Even with such a young wine, I got pure frult and no oak. Really wonderful stylistically.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    12/2/14, 11:54 AM - We drank it over a couple of hours and actually saved a bit for the next night where it was consistent, albeit with a muted nose.

2011 Maison Ilan Charmes-Chambertin Aux Charmes Hautes Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru Pinot Noir
11/30/2014 - jswine15 Likes this wine:
96 points
Tastes fabulous, like a fully mature grand cru, yet only a few years old. Soft fruit, but with structure. Wonderful.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    12/2/14, 9:16 AM - I overbought if you are interested in buying or trading for more of the 2011 MI Charmes

2010 50 Acre Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon California
4/9/2014 - rocknroller wrote:
88 points
Dark red color. Drank 2 glasses with dinner at Ruth's Chris for a meeting. 50 Acre Ranch is a private label made exclusively for Ruth's Chris Steakhouses. I was not aware of that at the time, and I have to say it was pretty good for a private label wine. Well made with a pleasant nose of cassis, mulberry, mild oak and tobacco. The palate is balanced with sufficient round tannins and medium body; cassis, tobacco, and some oak with an average finish. You could do a lot worse drinking by the glass in a restaurant.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    5/28/14, 4:17 PM - Heading to Ruth's chris and glancing at the list it's a disaster of overpriced usual suspects. Thanks for the req

  • Chrisinroch commented:

    6/3/14, 9:13 AM - Thanks Brad. We had a good, but tiring, trip. FWIW, the wine had nice typicity and had restraint that I appreciated. And it was cheap as by-the-glass wines go. Maybe I'm becoming more of a steak snob, or maybe this particular Ruth's Chris was not up to snuff, but I thought the meat was just a little disappointing given the price point. Service and sides were great as usual.

White - Sparkling
N.V. Bollinger Champagne Special Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend
1/17/2013 - Chrisinroch wrote:
Not really a tasting note, just helpful info from Brad Baker (champagne warrior)

Re: Bollinger Special Cuvee NV - help decoding the cork for disgorgement date

Post Number:#2 Postby Brad Baker » Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:21 am
Not on the cork, but on the bottle. Below is from the 2nd issue of my newsletter (April 2009)

How to decode the approximate disgorgement date from a bottle of Bollinger (any cuvee)

1. On each bottle there is a lot number that is normally found printed on the neck foil of the bottle
2. This code will have the following pattern: L###### where # represents a number
3. These numbers correlate to the following LYDDDBB (L412604) where:
• Y is the last digit in the year; 4 for 2004
• DDD is the day of the year; 126 for the 126th day of the year (early May)
• BB is the batch number for the day; 04 for the 4th batch of the day
• This bottle L412604 was disgorged between January and May of 2004"
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    10/9/13, 8:33 AM - Remember though, this is just disgorgement dates. You can guesstimate vintages from them, but it's not exact.

2010 Bedrock Wine Co. Papa's All-Blacks Sonoma Valley Red Blend
9/29/2012 - Mike Dildine wrote:
94 points
14.8% alcohol. Morgan calls this wine "Papa's All-Blacks." I think of this wine as "Collaboration." A collaboration of three of California's greatest historic vineyards - Bedrock, Monte Rosso and Sellwagen. A collaboration of field-blend, mixed-black grape varieties (I'm guessing Zin based accompanied by the usual suspects - Mourved, Petite, Carignane ...). A father and son collaboration between Joel and Morgan. Morgan doesn't seem to be content to make delicious wines, he trades in delicious wines with a "story"!

Deep purple in color. Expressive red and black fruit aromas. On the palate, black cherry, with blueberry overtures, livened by black pepper and chocolate. Long aftertaste. Extremely well mannered and balanced with great concentration and complexity.

Terrific, but I probably drank this prematurely, should be reaching its peak around 2014-16.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    5/2/13, 6:25 PM - nice note.

2006 Ridge Syrah/Grenache Lytton Estate Dry Creek Valley Red Rhone Blend
11/15/2012 - Anonymous wrote:
B'day bottle with Jilly's braccole.
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    12/18/12, 10:10 AM - private note

2006 Château Léoville Barton St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
2/5/2011 - Bgoad72 wrote:
87 points
Didn't really like at all. Puckered my whole mouth up, tasted really young. Not my style
  • Chrisinroch commented:

    2/8/11, 10:32 AM - This wine is not made to be drunk so young. Try the 1990 to get a better idea of what these wine are capable of.

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