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2012 McWilliam's Mount Pleasant Wines Sémillon Elizabeth Hunter Valley
5/12/2018 - nulla wrote:
This one didn't live up to expectations. Tasted wrong from first sip. Did not have the usual lemon/lime, buttered toast flavours. Seemed to be overpowered by a wood vaneer/polish flavor. Three of us declared it unfit for consumption and down the sink it went. Bottle variation?? I have one bottle of the 2012 vintage left and will visit it soon. Very disappointing.
  • mapower76 commented:

    5/27/18, 1:57 AM - I had exactly the same experience last night, it went down the sink, with a chemical/soapy flavour. I have one bottle left and will forget about it for another 10+ years, and see how it goes then.

2002 Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon Grey Label Langhorne Creek
8/31/2016 - NaznGav wrote:
Corked failed miserably. Decanted and will see.
  • mapower76 commented:

    6/12/17, 1:34 AM - so... how was it?

2012 Single Step Cabernet Sauvignon New South Wales
4/27/2015 - 99tollap wrote:
75 points
Ah yes, a $13 bottle of cabernet adorned with oh so many bronze, silver and gold 'best in show' stickers which screams only one thing.

Shit wine.

Guess what?! It is shit wine!!
  • mapower76 commented:

    1/25/17, 10:57 PM - Nail hit on head.

White - Fortified
N.V. Lillet Blanc France Sauvignon Blanc
Bought this online expecting a sauvignon blanc like white bordeaux. This was nothing like expected. It is an aperitif wine, syrupy and on the sweeter side. I find it undrinkable. I'm not a fan of aperitifs, hence the low rating. My wife likes it on ice with a mixer such as sparking juice or strawberry lemonade. No comment on how it compares to other aperitifs.
  • mapower76 commented:

    12/22/15, 4:28 AM - Should you be giving a wine such a low score simply because you don't like the type? That strikes me as biased. If you don't like aperatifs, then don't give it a score.

  • mapower76 commented:

    12/22/15, 2:39 PM - Thanks ScottMN!

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