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2019 Château La Vernede Languedoc Retour du Marché Red Rhone Blend
Dense color and nice youthful nose of black and blue berries plus violet initially. Nose follows palate as it breathes. Label says it’s 95% mourvedre and 5% grenache but it tastes like a Syrah with a shorter finish and some white pepper thrown in, particularly on the finish (that must be the Mourvèdre). After breathing, it loses a bit of its Syrah fruitiness and becomes darker and a bit more gamey and, well, just more Mourvèdre. Also, finish improves. Quite delicious but I wouldn’t hold this long. Can totally see the old vine quality here in the high extract level. My gut says it’s safe for the next two winters (it’s definitely a cold weather wine) but also no reason not to drink sooner.
  • SeattleKen commented:

    11/4/21, 11:23 AM - You’re right. “Flawed” was a typo.

2016 Agricola San Felice Chianti Classico Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese
Medium color. Lovely nose of cherries, violets, and earthy notes, like really nice pipe tobacco? Tannins up front and subdued but nice fruits. Even without breathing, this is a lovely wine— not my usual impression of young Chianti. With breathing, the wine becomes richer and seems to have some creamy notes. After 90 minutes in the glass, the creamy notes drop and it just becomes a beautiful glass of plums and enough acid/tannins to call out for a bowl of pasta or cheese. Fruits are dark plums, earth, and a touch of cocoa. Clear and balanced acidity and tannins. Good finish. Unlike a lot of inexpensive Chianti, this is really “yummy”. Pro tip: if you have some awesome olive oil, use tip— the fat balances against the tannins and acidity amazingly. Despite how great it is now, what I’m reading says a good Classico should peak around 8-10 years (2024-2026)? Maybe I’ll store a few bottles and see how they do...
  • SeattleKen commented:

    1/17/21, 4:36 PM - It’s not that. There was a brief window in which I sensed a chocolate note, which is not what I think Chianti is known for. It’s beautiful start to finish. I guess it depends on how you’re serving it. I just had it with some pasta (tomato sauce and lots of basil) at about 90 minutes after opening and it was a killer.

  • SeattleKen commented:

    1/17/21, 4:49 PM - As I have more food with this, great olive oil is the key. Fat is always the foil to tannins but having plenty of olive oil on the side with a red sauce positively makes this wine “super-yummy”

2014 Covalli Barolo Nebbiolo
10/30/2020 - SeattleKen wrote:
I opened this bottle on the same night as the 1998 Barbaresco and they are so reminiscent of each other with their distinctive cedar, black cherry and cola notes. Maybe “cola” is my palate’s “nebbiolo flag”? Color is pale-medium garnet. To my palate, taste echoes the nose and the finish is moderate. This seems like a nice bottle of wine but not a long-aging example. I’d say fine now and for the next five year— no guarantees beyond that.
  • SeattleKen commented:

    1/10/21, 5:53 PM - Happy to, SRH, provided you don't trash my tasting notes there.

  • SeattleKen commented:

    1/10/21, 5:56 PM - There you go. Have at it. I didn't take price into consideration-- just my impressions of the wine.

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