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Tasting Notes for Chilicat

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White - Off-dry
9/22/2010 - Chilicat wrote:
92 points
This is a great bottle of Riesling. Exceedingly crisp with great balance of acidity, minerality and just ever so slightly off dry. I highly recommend this wine as a sold QPR.
White - Sweet/Dessert
11/7/2009 - Chilicat wrote:
94 points
The colour is a deep, dark honey amber. The nose hits you with citrus notes, mango, and orange rind. A nice lively acid level. I had with it foie gras, and it completely cut through the unctuous nature of the foie. First flavours are citrus and honey, but the long finish shows molasses, brown sugar, and very light smoke. An incredible QPR for icewine.
11/6/2009 - Chilicat wrote:
89 points
This was a very pleasant dry Riesling. A deep amber/golden colour, more reminiscent of an aged German Riesling. The nose was subtle with notes of apple skin. It had acid that was on the high side of medium, but far from overwhelming. There was a good citrus and apple flavour to it and was notable for a very "clean" taste. Completely impressed me with what I was expecting based on other Arizona offerings.
Red - Sweet/Dessert
6/28/2009 - Chilicat wrote:
78 points
Unbalanced, insipid, weak. This region of Canada makes some great icewine. This isn't one of them.
4/26/2008 - Chilicat wrote:
91 points
Paul, thanks so much for giving me an allocation! Decanted for about 30 minutes. Great berry and cola flavors, very fruity and drinkable. Supple tannins, an acid bite to balance all the chocolate and mocha. A hint of mushroom on the nose, with some earth and leather. This is just a great, drinkable cab. We had it with steaks marinated in a balsamic and tomato paste sauce. Held up to the meal very well and became slightly sweat with the steaks. I will be max'ing all my allocations Paul gives me.
11/16/2007 - Chilicat wrote:
91 points
Decanted for four hours. The colour is incredible. Dark, dark garnet. Nose full of black cherry, fruit, cola. Light, subtle tannins, enough acid for structure. Good fruit, very ripe plums, black cherry, long finish. Had with pot roast and the fixing, excellent pairing. Emailing the winery right now to see if I can get more.
10/13/2007 - Chilicat wrote:
89 points
A very balanced wine, nothing jumps out and dominates. Smoky nose, light tannins, complimentary acids. Mild cherries and spice. Just a nice little drinker.
10/12/2007 - Chilicat wrote:
90 points
Great opulent pineapple and peach. Crisp minerality that cuts through. Had with spicy Thai peanut chicken and was a perfect match.
8/26/2007 - Chilicat wrote:
91 points
Very unobtrusive acid, nice tannins. Loads of dark berries. Opened up to a spicey/peppery nose and finish. Great bottle.
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