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2016 Newton Cabernet Sauvignon Skyside Sonoma County
7/21/2018 - bobadopolis Likes this wine:
89 points
Tremendous value
  • fm1488 commented:

    8/12/18, 4:15 PM - Hey, your comment gives me absolutely nothing to go on in terms of what kind of Cab this is. Even "tremendous value" might be helpful if you noted what you paid for it. Anyway, thx for posting.

2007 Agharta Wines Black Label North Coast Syrah
8/9/2017 - fm1488 Likes this wine:
95 points
Love this. I am a Syrah guy and when you add that touch of Voigner on the nose it is nice. Saw this on last bottle and got a steal on it so I tried it. Just great. Complex, rich and dry. Dried dark fruits, spice, olive and aged cheese on the bouquet. Wine has great body. Legs hang on the glass like they were glued there. The palate is my taste all the way. Dry with subtle dark fruits. Great tannin and structure. Complex and evolves. Lights up on the back palate big time. This is a big alcohol wine. Hot at 15.5 but drinks so smooth. It's the 2007 but it has legs. I am going to try to sit on my next two bottles and see how it develops further. My only regret is I didn't buy a case.

9/10/10/9/8 - 45/95
  • fm1488 commented:

    8/26/17, 1:07 PM - I was able to get it on LB for $37. The had it again on the Marathon so I was able to pick up three more.

2011 Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon Backus Vineyard Oakville
Wine started out with lots of Oak. As time went on it seemed to become very thin, flabby and become very sweet. Was very tight. Perhaps needs more time in the bottle. Myself and my wife did not care for this at all. We didn't finish the bottle.
  • fm1488 commented:

    8/25/17, 10:20 AM - Can you help me understand your score of 89? 89 is very good on the scale and one point away from excellent. That doesn't exactly seem to align to your written review.

2013 Penfolds Bin 389 South Australia Cabernet-Shiraz Blend, Red Blend
7/20/2016 - Kayecheg wrote:
90 points
Very disappointing for an expensive wine. Very oaky, tannic and dry, little fruit and at best 2 dimensional.
Addendum: I aerated it when I first opened and drank it over an hour or so. I kept the bottle under a vacuum stopper and tried again the next day. Very different wine. Fruity, but still very tannic.
  • fm1488 commented:

    10/22/16, 1:06 PM - I am curious as you score this wine a 90 which is at the beginning of an excellent rating but you first comment is very disappointing and go on to pretty much trash it. Sounds like it improved to day two but is it truly a 90 in your opinion? I mean excellent?

2011 Società Agricola Nativ Eremo San Quirico Irpinia Campi Taurasini Aglianico
1/8/2016 - fm1488 wrote:
Big fruit bomb of a wine remniscent of a Valpolecella but not the more raisin or pruned style Amarone. This wine is a deep merky purple and the ripe dark fruit shot out of the bottle as I poured. Its 6:30 and I am going to stop here as this wine needs to sit and open up. Clearly. Give it at least an hour and come back.
  • fm1488 commented:

    1/17/16, 4:51 PM - So I forgot to come back and score this wine. I did enjoy it and will do so again. I retain 3 more bottles so will have to wait for the right time to open the next

2010 Casalforno Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
8/26/2015 - BoozNooz Likes this wine:
90 points
This wine needs food. We tried it before dinner last night and it was mediocre at best (thin). I had pretty much given up on it. But tonight I had it with an In'n'Out hamburger and it was much, much better. I'll reserve judgement until I open a second bottle and drink it with a decent meal!
  • fm1488 commented:

    12/12/15, 11:48 AM - Interesting. You score rates as "excellent" but you commentary suggests it would struggle to score a "good" which is 85 at best. Last Bottle just put this up for $20 but not sure it is worth the risk here.

2013 Christian Salmon Sancerre Rosé Cuvée Vieilles Vignes Pinot Noir
1/27/2015 - fm1488 Likes this wine:
80 points
So this was a suRaprise as I thought I was grabbing a white Sancerre which my wife and I both enjoy. Wine is branded a rose but it leans more red. Translucent ruby typical of a light claret. It's got the Pinot character. Hint of floral and dried plum on the nose. But there is also a hint of cheddar and fresh sawdust. All very subtle. Flavor are a combination of just ripe strawberry and dash of cherry. Seems low - moderate acidity. Medium body. Well balanced with a simple finish that suits the wine. This is a specific occasion wine and for an afternoon bottle in spring like whether sitting in my sunroom with Andre Bocelli in the background, it was a very nice fit. Would fit nicely with an English cheddar.

  • fm1488 commented:

    3/29/15, 3:19 PM - Response to SSGibson: Hey, thanks for the comment. Thing here is you need to know how I score. Score of 80 is good. I score on color, nose, style, balance and finish individual on a 1-10 pt scale. I then add 50. Cellar tracker, WS and Parker all use 100 pts but the fact is the pretty much start at or don't score below 50 which is then really a 50 pt scale to the other end. I find all the sub divisions of good, vs very good or excellent, outstanding, classic, etc to all be a little subjective and concerned that consistency can be lacking or all aspects of the wine aren't treated fairly. I also think I tend to be a bit harsher. I think high 80s and 90s are given out too easily in a lot of cases.

    So by scoring five elements it becomes simpler actually. On any attribute, 1-3 is poor, 4-5 is satisfactory, 6-7 is good and 8-10 is excellent. So in total, up to 20 (or 7) is poor, up to 29 (79) is satisfactory, 30-39 (80-89) is good and then 90 and over becomes excellent. For me, a wine has to truly earn the score on all elements. I may love a style of a wine and give it a 10 there but if finish is weak or say color is off or cloudy, that will take it out of the top category. The scoring system doesn't let me subjectively rate it high if it doesn't hold up on all areas.

    The rose here was good. Just good though. Looking at my individual scores, it was very good on the nose, middle on style, color and balance. From memory, it maybe could have been a point or two higher on balance and color. Finish was kind of simple and flat. Only got a five there. So overall it hit "Good" for me. Call it 82 or 84 on another day but that's where it sat for me.

    Thanks again and hope that helped clarify.

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