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2015 Château Lilian Ladouys St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend
8/11/2019 - Torchy wrote:
86 points
Right after opening, somewhat closed with hints of lead and licorice. After three hours in a decanter, it opens up. Nose with blue fruit, some leather, and pencil shavings. On the palate, anonymous with some blackcurrant, fruit, and hints of leather. I experienced the wine as thin with a relatively flat structure and a lack of power. I have little faith that this will get much better with time.
  • Torchy commented:

    8/12/19, 8:55 PM - Gaet, I would beg to differ. The way I see it, the wine has nothing to be developed in those ten years: flat structure, thin fruit, and a slim body. I can not see what will make this wine better in ten years.

2005 Faustino Rioja I Gran Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
8/30/2018 - ae1983 Does not like this wine:
55 points
The worst wine I have ever tried!
  • Torchy commented:

    8/31/18, 11:47 PM - Have you had a lot of wine then?

  • Torchy commented:

    9/2/18, 4:00 AM - I see. To me this sounds like the bottle was flawed. Normally a Faustino I should not be rated 55 points. 2005 is also regarded as a good vintage.

2014 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Nebbiolo
8/8/2018 - Torchy wrote:
92 points
Read somewhere that this should be available for consumption already now, so I had to try an early bottle. Other vintages have been austere when drunk young. This vintage is absolutely approachable now. Complex nose with tobacco, cherry, marzipan and hints of raw potato and prunes. The palate has a lot of the same with the addition of some «heavy» fruits. Tight structure and good length. Ate it to salami pizza.
  • Torchy commented:

    8/9/18, 12:09 AM - Thanks, I meant available as in approachable and ready to drink :-) The 2015 is in the stores already!

2014 Domaine Auguste Clape Cornas Syrah
12/16/2017 - Torchy Likes this wine:
91 points
Winter BYO with a lutefisk pause in the middle; 12/16/2017-12/18/2017 (Trondheim): Dark black red. Nose with blue berries, black pepper and other dark powerful fruits . Balanced palate with crowberries, blueberries and bird blood. Typical and young. A lot of sediments in the bottle.
  • Torchy commented:

    6/29/18, 8:31 AM - How to describe how something tastes? In this instance the taste of bird blood is an analogy of the smell/sensory impressions I for instance have when preparing a grouse.

2009 La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva 904 Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
5/6/2018 - Torchy wrote:
90 points
New vintage out now. Maroon. Super-complex nose with vanilla, dark fruit, dill, eucalyptus, dairy products and hints of sawdust and perfume. Refreshing palate. Minty, after a while some dense fruit and red apples. Long. A somewhat flat structure, with the elements nicely integrated. Drinks well now, but will most likely improve over the next 5 to 10 years. Lovely on its own, better with bbq meat.
  • Torchy commented:

    5/31/18, 9:10 AM - @ Justin. No. I found the elements better integrated in this one. The 2007, seemed a little more unfinished and raw than this one.

White - Sparkling
1976 J. de Telmont Champagne Heritage Pinot Meunier
10/28/2017 - Torchy wrote:
87 points
Vin I Nord Fine Wine Fall BYO; 10/28/2017-10/29/2017 (Tord Marius): Golden yellow to amber with a mature and welcoming look. Nose with ripe fruit tones and ox. Poor palate with dead fruit, no effervecense and a bad finish. The wine is over the top or oxidised.
  • Torchy commented:

    11/5/17, 9:34 AM - I am sorry, but I do not know the date. As my notes indicate it might have been a while ago...

2016 Weingut Keller Riesling von der Fels Rheinhessen
5/17/2017 - Torchy Likes this wine:
88 points
Lots of acid. Fresh fruit. Citrus and tropics. Decent length. Some minerality.
  • Torchy commented:

    5/18/17, 12:05 PM - That is probably a good idea :-)

2007 Weingut Robert Weil Kiedricher Gräfenberg Riesling Trocken Erstes Gewächs Rheingau
10/12/2015 - Torchy wrote:
85 points
Fruktig nese som etterhvert kommer med sitrus og kattpiss. Ordinær munn uten det helt store særpreget.
  • Torchy commented:

    10/12/15, 11:54 PM - Nei, flasken var nok ikke dårlig. Syntes rett og slett ikke den var noe særlig. Ganske flat og livløs. Skal dog sies at den ble drukket i en Flight med 19 andre, til dels meget gode viner, og dette kan være med på å ha gitt den en noe ufortjent dårlig score.

2012 Poliziano Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Viti Nuove Sangiovese
2/27/2015 - Torchy Likes this wine:
85 points
Veldig fin nese med krydder, lakris, kjøtt og hint av lakris. Smaken er OK, med kirsebær og noe eik. Tanninene er noe fremtrendene og gjør at den snerper litt. Kanskje noen år på baken vil gjøre denne godt. Dekandert i ca 1,5 timer før drikking.
  • Torchy commented:

    2/27/15, 3:02 PM - nese med krydde, lakris, kjøtt og hint av eik skulle det være :-)

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