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8/29/2014 - j1mmy Likes this wine:
89 points
All the tell tale Caymus is there if not a bit supercharged. No where near ready, give them a rest.
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10/6/2012 - j1mmy wrote:
93 points
In great shape right now. Pop and pour.
7/9/2011 - j1mmy wrote:
94 points
Strong effort. Rich and dark pop and pour. Developed over 4 hours. No heat to speak of.
4/29/2009 - j1mmy wrote:
90 points
Nice for the price. I would strongly suggest a little time in the glass and getting down to room temp. Was really closed/tight out of the cellar.
2003 Lapostolle Borobo Colchagua Valley Red Blend (view label images)
4/18/2009 - j1mmy wrote:
88 points
Interesting, I would recommend a little air time, an hour or 1.5 should do. Pop and pour, an oak monster. Smoothing to taste with time, still oaky on the nose. Nice finish, a nice wine just not in the same class as Clos Apalta.
2/19/2009 - j1mmy wrote:
86 points
Basic cab, not offensive but nothing to define it as special
11/8/2008 - j1mmy wrote:
This was pretty awful == cherry cough syrup
2006 Keever Vineyards Inspirado Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
8/2/2008 - j1mmy wrote:
Very tasty, Pop and Pour. Keever CS dominates but blended Merlot smooths. Based on this, I think the 06 CS will be very good.
6/13/2008 - j1mmy wrote:
90 points
Coming into its own. Still could use a little time. Rich but still tannic, This time next year will be a real star I think. Not fruity, deep, chocolate. Short finish. Much better than 9 months ago, thin and light then.
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