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2/11/2019 - indybob Likes this wine:
88 points
Had this 50-year birthyear wine last evening with another half-century friend over lasagne and cheeses. It's still alive, but has seen better days. Still a tasty drink, and fun to reminisce over.

Cork wet all the way though, no seepage around foil. Cork crumbled and broke in half, even with careful removal. Garnet colored, very nice nose of caramel and a bit of fruit.

Flavors of raisin, vanilla, and caramel with nice plum-like acidity, tannins completely resolved. Threw very little sediment. I suspect it was really humming about 10-15 years ago. Have one more bottle I'll open sometime later this year.
Red - Fortified
12/27/2016 - indybob Likes this wine:
92 points
A little hot on the nose, good fruit, obviously well built, long finish, but...
this was just so magnificent at release. Judging by this bottle, this is not at a great stage right now, the fruit isn't nearly what it was, and the secondaries aren't peeking out yet. I doubt I'll look at another bottle for another 10-15 years, if I live that long. It'll get better, and built for the LONG haul.

Initially decanted for about eight hours, then finished most with friends. Had the last glass four days later.
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10/12/2008 - indybob wrote:
91 points
A great nose that faded gradually over 24 hours. Somewhat reminiscent of Cali Cab on the nose, with rich sweet plums, lots of cherry, cinnamon, currant. Nice acidity, with cherry on the palate, a bit of citrus, plums, touch of rust, and oregano on the second night. Tannic as you'd expect, but in check. If you have a few bottles, worth opening one for a looksee, even at this young age.
White - Sweet/Dessert
2005 Château Doisy-Védrines Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
6/20/2008 - indybob wrote:
95 points
Intense honey on the nose, and some clove. Very luxe mouthfeel, that hits me right of front with delicious spiciness and power. There's some candied orange peel and enough of an acidic bite to be interesting. Also, I get something vegetal like asparagus on the mid-palate. Long gorgeous finish with almond, marshmallow, and a spicy kick that keeps on giving. I love this stuff, and will definately get more to lay down (will be hard to wait). 95pts., maybe more later?
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