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2008 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
12/27/2017 - Wine Ratings Likes this wine:
92 points
Still forceful and displaying age-defying freshness – an excellent Aussie Cab punching well above its class with years to go! Always impressed with the tremendous QPR of the Black Label offering, I’ve grabbed several recent vintage bottles to put down upon various recommendations that it was a wine with longevity far beyond its price point. All well and good, but I had never actually experienced an ‘older’ vintage for myself; when I saw a 2008 on the shelf I was eager to give it a try. The results were simultaneously pleasant and surprising; it showcased the characteristics and flavour profile I’d expect from Coonawarra, but also drank quite young , exhibiting a still-robust structure and proving stubborn as heck with development over a long decant. Notes were plentiful; currants, blackberry, and spiced plum were immediately present, with gravel, sweet tobacco, and typical earthiness countering. Black cherry and hints of green pepper came forward, while herbs/spices came in waves (mint, cinnamon, peppercorn, to name a few). With plenty of air, the wine did provide suggestions of age by way of near port-like prunes and stewed fruit. Vanilla, toast, and cedar from oak was prominent throughout, giving the sense that more time was needed for better integration. The finish carried those oak notes, along with coffee, cocoa, and an enjoyable sense of blackberry ice cream. It certainly seemed that all of the elements were there, but it was also evident that it has a ways to go before it will come together into something truly fantastic. Can’t wait! All that potential for a current vintage price of just over $30? I accept.
  • cerobo commented:

    2/11/18, 6:45 PM - Nice review. Pretty much sums up all the Black Label value. The newer releases seem to be made more approachable in their youth than was the case 10 years or so. This wine is year-in year-out one of the most reliable cellaring bargains to be had.

2015 M. Chapoutier Côtes du Roussillon Villages Domaine de Bila-Haut L'Esquerda Syrah Blend, Syrah
12/28/2017 - Brown11 Likes this wine:
93 points
A sensation from Roussillon. This shows what the Langedoc can do. Strong black fruit with stony coolness. Buttery tannins with full-bodied, strong and meaty structure. Really great and ready to drink! Exciting as the wine evolves over the next few years. Very pleasing and accessible. but does that have to be bad?
  • cerobo commented:

    12/29/17, 10:36 PM - Agreed. A real bargain wine with hedonistic enjoyment factor

2015 Terroir Al Limit Soc. Lda. Priorat Terroir Historic Blanc White Blend
6/25/2017 - honest bob wrote:
78 points
From 75cl, excellent unbranded cork. P+P (which was a very good idea, because it disintegrated into an oxidized mess after 60 minutes). Unhealthy urine-sample yellow-orange colour; scent of urine (auto-suggestion?), sulphur and aromatic herbs, perhaps a very old, oxidized retsina; full-bodied entry quickly curdles in the mouth with a pleasant astringency; the best part is some pure-ish lemon on the mid-palate, which persists to the mouth-puckering, unpleasantly raw finish. Oh dear, this is another trendy "natural wine", mistakenly fermented and matured in concrete tanks. Although the list of Terroirs on the front label confesses that this mongrel blend is composed of grapes from 8 villages(!), I'm enough of a Priorat fan to assume that the original grape juice was OK before "Terroir Al Limit" ruined it in the winery. To make it pleasant, however, it would, desperately have needed some form of stabilisation, like, for example, time in good old-fashioned oak barrels. Avoid, but if you have already bought this, drink up ASAP before it goes off completely. 75-81P(?) depending on what you like and how soon you manage to glug it down.
  • cerobo commented:

    6/25/17, 8:39 PM - Amen, Honest Bob. These natural wines are a con perpetrated against wine lovers and pander to hipster wine drinkers who don't know any better. Not sure when dirty winemaking ever produced something worth drinking. Might have to open my bottle quickly.

2013 Craggy Range Chardonnay Single Vineyard Kidnappers Vineyard Hawke's Bay
2/17/2017 - Pichoo wrote:
86 points
Un Chardonnay plutôt incognito. Difficile de lui trouver des défauts mais également difficile de lui trouver des qualités!
  • cerobo commented:

    2/21/17, 6:23 PM - Your note sums this wine up perfectly. A pretty non-descript and boring Chardonnay

2014 Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot Noir Estate Mornington Peninsula
10/23/2016 - pjaines wrote:
Flatters to deceive a bit, this one - it doesn't vary much from a generic new world pinot with upfront, smooth fruit and some smokey elements. There is a touch of nuance and maybe with some bottle age this will funk-up a bit but it feels just a bit too generic for the price tag, a hefty £35.
  • cerobo commented:

    10/23/16, 7:43 PM - Tasted this at cellar door about a month ago. Your views mirror my own. Had the feeling that it needed at least a few years to settle down and hopefully fill out a bit. At 35 quid though that's pretty steep and I would think that puts you in some decent Burgundy territory. If you get it in the UK, you might prefer the Hoddles Creek 1er from the Yarra Valley or the Yabby Lake from the Mornington peninsula.

2013 Mayford Tempranillo Porepunkah Alpine Valleys
4/8/2016 - Anonymous wrote:
91 points
Pretty good but think I was expecting a bit more. Has a lovely spicy edge to it, some meaty complexity and quite generous. I don't have any experience as to how this ages but it feels like it has the structure to develop for a while yet,likely better in a couple of years I think
  • cerobo commented:

    4/9/16, 5:59 PM - Just had the 2010 last night. Keep the faith. I recently drank the 2013 and found it closed and tight. Also think it needs time.

2004 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
4/6/2016 - cerobo Likes this wine:
92 points
Such a lovely Coonawarra cabernet. Colour still a deep red. Mint and herbs on nose. Palate is medium bodied, soft tannins with fruit persistent and long. Balance is the key here. Shows what a bit of patience can do with Black Label.
  • cerobo commented:

    4/6/16, 7:34 PM - Afraid I can't help. I am in Australia so it is available everywhere. Reason it has got expensive is that Treasury has transitioned the brand. It has wines placed below it and at least 2 above it. I reckon it lost its way for a few years. 2012 is really good but they are being made in a more approachable style now. In the old days the wine needed at least 10 years.

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