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2005 Château Senilhac Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend
12/23/2011 - mmh wrote:
88 points
This will not improve anymore. Drink up if you have any.
  • avp commented:

    6/2/18, 2:03 PM - I just did.

White - Fortified
N.V. Gonzalez-Byass Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Tio Pepe Fino 'En Rama' 2016 Palomino Fino
9/1/2016 - avp wrote:
Strong earthy to mineral character on the nose. Plaster, mushrooms, nuts, cummin, herbs, floral accents, fresh apple and lemon.
Very dry, medium bodied and zesty on the palate. Lively and spicy style with very nice balance. Long peppery and playful finish.
Delivering big time. Complex stuff.
  • avp commented:

    9/1/16, 9:29 AM - Hi! I think this is good right off the bat. At least this bottle definitely seemed like that. No need to serve this as chilled as more simple finos. But to pour it fridge cold and let it warm a bit seems good way to go.

    For food pairing suggestions I'd say Francois Chartier's pairing of fino with dried figs (maybe rolled in with jamon) would be just perfect. Trust me, a fino handles the sweetness with no problem! But if you need a real dish, maybe a simple but rich seafood (with some anise or fennel) or mushroom risotto would be in place. With parmesan and ground blackpepper on top. This wine has umami.

  • avp commented:

    9/1/16, 10:02 AM - Great! Just make the risotto a rich one.

  • avp commented:

    9/1/16, 10:35 AM - :)

2005 Château Teyssier St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
5/16/2016 - avp wrote:
Violets and lilacs on the nose with pretty sophisticated blue to red berry fruit aromas and some cedar.
Medium bodied, powdery palate with balanced acidity and cool blue fruit. Blue flowers and dusty wood. A hint of Läkerol. Milky and powdery towards the finish.
Very modern. Chic and sophisticated like 80s fashion. I hate to admit it, but I like this quite a bit.
  • avp commented:

    5/17/16, 5:34 AM - I think it was drinking quite nicely, although it might well get better within the next five years. But given the polished modernist style with medium fruit intensity, I'm not sure what to wait for. So, it was nice popping this open now. If I had one bottle more, I'd probably wait for two years just to see where the wine goes from here.

2012 Radikon Slatnik Venezia Giulia IGT Chardonnay Blend, Chardonnay
8/11/2015 - mmh wrote:
92 points
Fabulously complex and interesting. I could smell this wine all night long. Ripe tropical fruits that are elegant and, lacking a better describing word, warm, but not at all in an alcoholic kind of way. The tannic aftertaste lingers in the moth for quite a while. Excellent!
  • avp commented:

    8/11/15, 3:54 PM - Sounds good.

2012 Weingut Kranz Sylvaner vom Ton Pfalz
5/20/2015 - kuumies wrote:
A spicy nose of citrus, honeydew, Earl Grey and jasmin. Fairly full bodied with solid acidity, finishing spicy and a bit warm (13.5 %), leaving a really dry aftertaste. Strong presence, really surprisingly powerful and intense. A Sylvaner with character and attitude, definitely something that should be enjoyed only with food.

Day2: A day later the positive development is evident. The fruit seems brighter and the mouthfeel is more relaxed, airy even, though this is still quite compact and firm. At the winery I was told this to offer good aging potential and I don't see any reason to doubt it.
  • avp commented:

    5/22/15, 2:14 PM - You visited the winery? Nice. We're importing them to Finland.

2013 Kühling-Gillot Oppenheimer Riesling trocken Rheinhessen
1/5/2015 - avp wrote:
Popped open, sniffed, tasted and decided to let it breathe for a day, and another, and third and after letting it breath for four days it wasn't breathing anymore. Dead and dull. Concentration, sulfur, seriousness and maybe promise. Oh yeah, also citrus. Not for me.
  • avp commented:

    1/5/15, 1:33 PM - Ok, thanks. Might well be bottle variation. Some bottles just are totally shut down and never come out of that coma-like state. Which is something I've really realised only after starting an importing business. I trust you enough to give it another chance. I'd really like to see a good German riesling in the monopoly selection. So, thanks again!

  • avp commented:

    1/5/15, 3:54 PM - Oh, I have hundreds of notes lying around and waiting. But yes, I think it's sad to see so many people in the business just drinking their own wines and only posting them on social media (not anymore in Finland though?). I want to know what's available and I want to keep drinking all kinds of stuff. I've been lazy on CT for almost a year now, but the only "change" in my policy really is that I don't write on our own stuff.

1968 Antonio Bernardino Paulo da Silva Colares Chitas Reserva Velho Ramisco
9/26/2014 - avp wrote:
Old wine nose with aged Piedmont feel.
Stone fruits, figs, some pomegranate, carrots and a load of iron/blood action. Some wood bark, herbs and liquorice.
Medium bodied, mouth-fillingly composed palate with bright acidity and plentiful melted tannins. Dried stone fruits, earthy notes and blood. Mid-length.
Not a grand oldie, but rather rewarding nonetheless. Great value for under 40€ in Lissabon. Structure-driven, fruit fading.
  • avp commented:

    9/27/14, 1:13 PM - Moro! Tää on Garrafeira Nacionalista ( Siellä on hyvä (vaihtuva) valikoima näitä vanhempiakin. Kiitos tarjouksesta, tartun siihen mieluusti, kunhan Lontooseen suuntaan!

2013 Georges Dubœuf Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau Gamay
11/21/2013 - avp wrote:
Raspberry and ripe strawberry to cherry nose. A bit of herbaceousness as well.
Light bodied and pretty acidic palatal feel showing some greener character. There's fruit to make it somewhat balanced, but the style is rather lean and mean. More than joyous.
  • avp commented:

    11/21/13, 9:18 AM - I like the leaner style here and there's no gôut de banana. So, why not.

2003 Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
11/16/2013 - avp wrote:
Stewed cherry, cassis, rust, tomato, graphite and smoked meat on the nose.
Full bodied and smooth palatal presence with mid-level acidity and rather ripe fruit. Tobacco, chocolate, rust and graphite. Long dusty finish.
Mediocre showing. Could definitely use more structure and intensity.
  • avp commented:

    11/19/13, 4:19 AM - I agree with you on Tignanello. The ones I've had from 70's and 80's are so much more complete and honest.

2005 Poderi Colla Bricco del Drago Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Blend, Nebbiolo
9/10/2012 - avp wrote:
Red and dark fruit nose with notes of glue, varnish, florality, herbs and liquorice.
Medium bodied and juicy on the palate with good tannic grip. Aromatically follows the nose. Lengthy.
Very nice stuff! Quality Piedmont for fair price.
  • avp commented:

    11/6/13, 2:13 AM - A late reply, since I didn't use the new version back then. Aromas of glue and varnish probably mean that there's some ethyl acetate in the wine, which has never bothered me - at least when in small amounts. A nice little lift and a bit more complexity.

N.V. Hokkan Sake Masaki Yamadanishiki Junmai Genshu Tochigi Rice
9/5/2013 - Henman wrote:
79 points
Subtle floral notes on the nose. Alcoholic "off-dry" , reticent floral notes with some heat on the finish. Tried it with sushi. I don't think sake is really my cup of tea. Simply too alcoholic.
  • avp commented:

    9/5/13, 2:20 PM - Hi. I suggest you still try the Hakutsuru Superior Junmai Ginjo available in Alko. IMO it's simply the best sake available here. And that being said without a drop of expertise, as a wine drinker just wanting to expand one's palate.

2010 Herdade do Esporão Esporão Reserva Alentejo Red Blend
11/23/2012 - avp wrote:
Super-concentrated and rich nose of blackberry to cassis and plum as well as tea, olives, bacon fat, white chocolate and vanilla.
Fullbodied and fruity palate with acidic brightness to the dark fruit, tight tannic grip and meaty weight. Notes of vanilla, cocoa, olives and smoke. Tighter finish. Loads of sweet new oak.
Very ripe and concentrated, but showing some rather good structure as well. A fine effort I must admit, but I'd settle for less volume. Does this age?
  • avp commented:

    8/11/13, 12:45 PM - Ok, thanks! Maybe I buy some to see if the extra fat sheds away with cellaring.

2009 Niepoort Douro Batuta Red Blend
6/13/2013 - Harley1199 wrote:
Portuguese Douro (Enoteca Barolo - Madrid): Deep violet colour. Till young to the bone.
A fragrant nose hidden by the oak.
Marmalade, overripe, too much buttery French oak.
Watery texture, black olives on the palate. High acidity. Alcoholic

Color violeta profundo. Todavía demasiado joven.
Una nariz fragante matizada por la madera.
Mermelada, sobremaduro, demasiada mantequilla del roble francés.
Textura acuosa, aceitunas negras en boca. Alta acidez. Alcohólica.
  • avp commented:

    6/13/13, 2:25 PM - Having problems with Niepoort reds? Sounds so familiar.

1998 R. López de Heredia Rioja Blanco Reserva Viña Tondonia White Blend
5/17/2013 - avp wrote:
Lovely waxy nose with an acetone touch. Ripe yellow fruit accompanied by notes of leather, butter, aniseed, crystallized lemon, tobacco and chestnut.
Dry medium bodied palate with good concentration of oxidative golden apple to yellow plum fruit and carrying grainy acidity cutting the weight. Florals, caramel and vanillary touch towards the good length finish.
Very nice. Ripe and approachable with fine structure to back it up.
  • avp commented:

    6/4/13, 12:57 PM - Hi! Yes, I think the -96 is really singing now and will no doubt continue to do so for quite some time, but the fruit of the -98 might just after all be better built to last. It's already very approachable, but probably has something waiting up in its sleeve, when the -96 has already laid its wonderful hand out for all to see. But still for years I think the -98 will still be outshined by the -96. Wonderful wines both. Cheers!

2005 Mas Martinet Priorat Clos Martinet Red Blend
4/5/2013 - avp wrote:
Almost brooding on the dark fruit nose with notes of blood, meat and dusty wood.
Fullbodied and well structured with brightness coming through and some grip as well. Dark liquorice and integrated wood notes. Warm and lasting finish.
Rather good stuff and should age nicely. I like the darker tones in this wine.
  • avp commented:

    5/13/13, 2:04 PM - Yes, we had a bunch of Priorats and only the Ferrer Bobets were really not for me. The 1993 Clos Dofí was a real beauty! Cheers!

2006 Ferrer Bobet Priorat Carignan Blend, Carignan
4/5/2013 - avp wrote:
Totally alcohol-driven grape juice. Huge concentration of dark fruit. Some thyme, charcoal and furry animality.
Fullbodied and warm palate with welcomed dryness counterattacking the alcoholic sweetness. Salt liquorice and furry animality. Unpleasently long.
Off-putting stuff.
  • avp commented:

    5/13/13, 1:44 PM - Age can only help, but I can't see it evolving into anything well balanced and enjoyable. But that's for my palate.

2009 Claudio Mariotto Timorasso Pitasso Colli Tortonesi
5/11/2013 - avp wrote:
Yellow plum, crystallized lemon and dried pineapple nose with some aniseed, almondy richness and a touch of butterscotch.
Dry and medium bodied palate with balanced acidity and oily richness to the ripe fruit of mid-level concentration. There's definitely intensity in this wine, but it's intensity of tactile presence; this wine is as much felt as it is tasted. Like good Verdicchio or Rhône whites.
I really like this style. Excellent with rustic white meat dishes.
  • avp commented:

    5/11/13, 11:54 AM - Thanks! I bought this online from a webstore in Germany, since in Finland there's this Monopoly that is selling only two Piedmont whites at the moment. And nine reds. For a Piedmont lover that's just tragic. :(

2008 Domaine Louis Magnin Roussette de Savoie Altesse
9/11/2012 - avp wrote:
Apple to melon and peach on the ripe fruit nose with vegetal touches, petrolly nuances and big MLF character.
Dry with obvious fruity sweetness. Sunny and concentrated palate with honeyed richness, hay and MLF notes. Good length.
Surprisingly rich and sunny. Nice!
  • avp commented:

    2/7/13, 1:33 PM - Hi! "MLF" is here short for MaloLactic Fermentation.

2011 Zvonkov Podrum Zagorje-Medjimurje White Blend
12/26/2012 - NiklasW wrote:
A wine made by my wife's uncle Zvonko from his small vineyard with Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc for personal consumption. A very pretty little wine, fresh grassy notes and pear on the palate. Vinified in a steel tank of 800 litres and from a good hot year. Had with a traditional Croatian Boxing Day lunch, all ingredients from the farm, perfect!
  • avp commented:

    12/26/12, 2:42 PM - Oh, so that's how the Croatian wine has grown on you :)

2009 Peter Lehmann Shiraz Barossa
9/28/2012 - avp wrote:
Jammy dark fruit nose with some brighter raspberry highlights, big rubber character, dark chocolate, tobacco and blackpepper.
Fullbodied and concentrated on the palate with decent balance. Mid-level acidity, slight tannic grip and jammy fruit. Some meat, blackpepper and rubber here as well.
Pretty ok, except for the rubbery character.
  • avp commented:

    12/2/12, 2:49 PM - Hi, I just switched to this mode. Well yes, it's the smell of natural rubber. The kind of real rubber that cracks when it gets old. Used in bicycle tubes and other stuff. There's a load of fruit in this wine for sure, but this rubber vibe I got is just something I dislike in Shiraz and really hate to see in Syrah. Other rubbery wines to paint the picture are Barbera (where I don't mind it that much) and the more oxidative sherries (they smell like tennis balls cut open :)). SA wines have this burnt rubber smell quite often - especially Pinotage but Shiraz quite often as well. Some warm climate Pinots also have rubber notes and there it's a complete turnoff. Often correlates with toasted oak, but not necessarily. I hope this answered your question.

2005 Castello di Querceto / Querceto Chianti Classico Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese
10/17/2012 - kuumies wrote:
Once again, avp has already described the wine so darn well (though ultra-ripe might be a stretch) that there's really no need for me to try to break it down. Therefore I settle for saying that this is a fairly nice, ripe yet still traditional enough CC that doesn't really warrant the 25 € price tag (in Alko). A bit disappointing with food, doesn't really stand up to a proper steak like most good CC's do. However without food or with just a piece of hard cheese this is pretty nice stuff for a Sangiovese-fan.
  • avp commented:

    10/17/12, 12:34 PM - The one sold in Alko should in fact be Riserva, hence the hefty price. Made a comment about it on your blog.

2010 Quinta de Gomariz Vinhão Vinho Verde Colheita Selecionada
2/23/2011 - mmh wrote:
87 points
A fascinating wine. Inky, acidic, refreshing, almost spritzy. Red vinho verde is a very strange style of wine, but I quite like it. Superb value for 5€ (in Lisbon).
  • avp commented:

    2/24/11, 4:40 PM - It's a weird one - isn't it. And I just love it.

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