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1979 Shafer Vineyard Cellars Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
1/31/2010 - gripNsip wrote:
50 points
I was one of the wineo's that took a try at this, it was absolutely undrinkable in my opinion. Entirely disgusting smelling. The palate wasn't initially as bad as the nose but this had the most odd and horrible finish I had ever experienced. Just when you were happy it was over it came back with another wave of flavor more disgusting than the initial palate. I can't believe Div was able to put down two glasses of this, respect!
  • esb commented:

    11/26/12, 8:40 AM - I know this is an old note diminishing this comment but here goes. This was a great wine at release with very complex fruit and a very silky feel. It was ripe, the vintage provided that, and probably not structured for aging past 10-15 years but it showed Oregon's great potential. This was not the first to show potential, of course, since by this time it was obvious to those who were watching where the Pinots were headed. There have been many tipping points in Oregon's evolution, but I think '78 and '79, with their excellent fruit and finally enough people seriously making wine, although the number was still very small, caused people to take notice, at least Portland locals. Both of Ponzi's '79s were great; Erath, Amity, Oak Knoll, Elk Cove and others all made excellent wines. I would be interested in knowing how this bottle was stored and if you have any memory of it when it was purchased.

1973 Simi Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Alexander Valley
10/30/2010 - beezer6 wrote:
88 points
Taste at Elysian.
Classic aged California qualities - dark cherry, fruit driven cigar box, and lots of leather. Some nice spice. Mid palate was fading but the finish still had nice life and acidity.
I believe this is still showing pretty well for a for a 35+ year old wine. The fruit is fading, but there's plenty of enjoyment left.
  • esb commented:

    11/5/10, 8:41 AM - This was a favorite of mine. I purchased several cases at release. It was drinking beautifully late '70s early '80s but I'm not surprised to see it held up over time. Always a very nice wine.

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