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2004 Bodegas Muga Rioja Selección Especial Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
6/2/2013 - oeno wrote:
almost at peak, nice purple hints, very well balanced @ Paloma with "French Mexican" food, which includes various peppers in the sauces.
  • oeno commented:

    6/2/13, 9:17 AM - This comment is a response to the question about food that I called "French Mexican," which the restaurant actually calls Mexican "Haute cuisine." Honestly, I thought I might get a reaction from the Cellar Tracker community by using the term "French Mexican."
    Read below what the restaurant says. i thought the wine was drinking well perhaps because of the spices in the food needed the extra alcohol, but to each his/her own.
    Quoted from Paloma's website:
    In 1864, Maximilian, of the noble Hapsburg family of Austria, was sent by Napoleon III of France to be installed as Emperor of México. He established his court in México City, accompanied by his wife, the Empress Carlota. The imperial couple's coterie of French chefs accompanied them to México.

    The resulting cuisine - a marriage of traditional French cooking techniques with the colorful and flavorful indigenous ingredients - became the Mexican "alta cocina" or "haute cuisine."

2009 Domaine Serge Laporte Sancerre Chavignol Sauvignon Blanc
6/19/2011 - wrote:
86 points
Citrus nose, grapefruit dominant; also a touch of creaminess, not sweet enough to be butter. Delicious sauvignon fruit; lively; grapefruit and lime; nice lactic finish. Good nice and young -- lovely food wine.
  • oeno commented:

    1/19/13, 12:56 PM - This review was a year and a half ago. Have you drunk any lately? Is it going downhill?

2001 La Rioja Alta Rioja Viña Ardanza Reserva Especial Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
1/3/2013 - sachsen wrote:
91 points
This was pretty nasty upon opening, but we were pleasantly surprised at how it changed after just about 30-45 minutes in the glass. I think the wine was tired after about 3 hours of air, which doesn't bode well for those planning on aging this a long, long time.
  • oeno commented:

    1/4/13, 5:21 PM - I read your review immediately after I wrote an almost identical review myself. I wrote my review one day after your review. This helps to restore my faith in objective blind tasting.

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