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2013 Olivier Leflaive Corton-Charlemagne Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru Chardonnay (view label images)
5/19/2024 - tuscanswede wrote:
94 points
I typically keep my notes private, but just a shout out that all six bottles consumed over the last seven years have been outstanding. Vibrant with beautiful acidity. Last bottle every bit as good as the first.
8/7/2023 - tuscanswede wrote:
92 points
From etched 3L bottle purchased via auction a few years ago.. Opened two hours prior and let Slow O. Then poured half to a Magnum Decanter for about an hour. Beautiful Cab nose of tobacco/cigar box. Tannins are faded. Probably past prime, but nose was worth the price of admission and this 30 year old bottle was a favorite, as dinner guests kept going back to it. A-/92.
2012 Bedrock Wine Co. Cuvée Karatas Sonoma County Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
7/10/2022 - tuscanswede wrote:
Normally keep my notes private, but entering this as a data point for others. Completely oxidized. Kept a second day just in case, but first Bedrock I have ever dumped. This is from the 2020 Library release. NR
3/2/2015 - tuscanswede wrote:
Wish I had read the two notes below before popping this. Very unyielding on pop and pour. Kept under cork in the wine fridge and sampled over four nights. The extra air barely made a dent. This one seems shut down hard at the moment. Purchased on release via a friend and properly stored. Definitely hold.
1/31/2012 - tuscanswede wrote:
Retail purchase in 2009. Badly Corked when opened at a dinner/tasting this week.
2005 Rudius Syrah Russian River Valley (view label images)
2/27/2010 - tuscanswede wrote:
My fifth bottle, consumed at 2-3 month intervals. Kept previous CT notes private for all my wines, but have enjoyed the evolution of this wine and bottles 1-4 showed a progression toward something special. Bottle 5 has taken a detour somewhere along the way and bore little resemblence to previous bottles. Where the first bottles were dark/opaque and dominated by dark fruit and barbecued meats, this bottle was a medium ruby color, with no hint of meat whatsoever. I'd characterize this one as red fruits and medium body. A bit less tannic structure noted as well and a smooth, easy drinker. Initially thought I may have pulled the wrong bottle by mistake, perhaps grabbing one of the '06 single vineyards instead, as the label design is the same. Joined Jeff's list for the '06 vintage releases, so all my '05's have come from retail or secondary market, so true provenance unknown. I really enjoyed the wine for what it was, but based on the consistency of the first four bottles I'm guessing this one is not representing a new phase in the evolution, but simply took a different path in its life after bottling. Time will tell and I look forward to continuing to sample every few months. If I were to grade this without the history of my previous bottles, I would give it a B+
3/3/2010 - tuscanswede wrote:
Bottle purchased on secondary market, true provenance unknown. Have had reasonably good luck with '97 Brunellos, but this one had problems. No sign of seepage, but lower section of cork shriveled and wine soaked to nearly top of cork. Color was light brick with slight lean toward orange hue. On opening, immediate nose of overpowering barnyard. Did a shoulder pour and palate contained faint fruit and some acid, but barnyard dominated. Left open about two hours and had another small taste with no change. Recorked and tried small pours on second and third nights. Barnyard abated slightly, but never blew off. A little is ok, but this was like driving past Harris Ranch on I-5 on a hot summer day. Logged as flawed and poured 2/3 of the bottle down the drain.
3/4/2010 - tuscanswede wrote:
My second bottle of the '04 Saxum JBV and both had the Spritz issue referenced in many notes. That aside, I truly enjoyed the wine which developed nicely over the three days the bottle was open. Good cork and beautiful dark ruby color. Pleasant nose of dark fruits and a bit of violet. Slightly tight on opening, the wine evolved nicely and was best on nights two and three. Palate highlighted by dark fruits and a touch of sweetness that I enjoyed. I did not note any heat. Spritz abated, but never went away, with slight but noticeable pop on pulling the cork on nights 2 and 3. This bottle purchased from secondary market auction, so true provenance unknown. One left and would purchase again for the right price. A-
10/18/2008 - tuscanswede wrote:
91 points
Thought this was a bit young, but a great bottle of wine. Brought two back from recent trip to Italy and wish I had more. Good nose, smooth entry and medium-long finish. 91 for me.
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