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I was a bit worried to open one of these, especially after reading the less than positive reviews.

The nose after opening was clear of any stink or taint and instead had a shut-down 2006 quiet cherry note. The reserved nose is followed by a very tannic but bright cherry and acid mouthful.

This vintage is shut down for the moment.

I don't sense any of the flaws mentioned (and ones I have experienced with other 2006 bottlings) in the bottle I opened.

Given the fierce tannins, I would recommend waiting 3-5 years before opening this out of 750ml again.

There might be hope for this vintage....
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Opened last night. Strong burnt rubber and prune mix on nose, but relatively clean in mouth. Fruit is bright and clear - cherry and raspberry.
Decided to hold for 2nd night at 55 degrees.
Second night: Strange nose has blown off and now resides in back of the glass. Oak has provided structure but isn't overwhelming (I am very sensitive to oak), fruit is still bright and fresh and finish lasts 20-30 secs.

I am very pleased with where this bottle went with 24 hours. I have 4 bottles and plan to open the next in 1-2 years.
Has what I have experienced as a "2005 nose" with round, plum, dark-fruit traits - has some potentially off-putting "grape soda" notes to its nose. It is still tannic but very approachable, more dark fruit on front pallet with some brightness and medium acidity. Dare I say it has almost a California Cab like element to it but still very Burgundy in delivery and nature. Mouth coating tannins help hold a 30+ sec finish. Great buy for the Premiercru.net $40/bottle buy back in 2009 (?). It might lack the "elegance" some look from Burgundy but at its price level it is a great bottle.
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Opens with a very disconcerting "2004-ish" green/chemical nose, which fortunately quickly blows off. Slightest greenish/stemmy nose remains but the front pallet is just full of extremely bright, very high-acid cherry and tangy dark fruit that just makes me forget any sort of return of subtle green that shows up in the finish.

I don't know where the awkwardness of the opening nose is potentially take this wine going forward, but right now it is a delicious and hyper-fresh "value" (given some group thought that is out there re: 2011) that I look forward to having again.
10/4/2012 - Memito wrote:
This has become my "house wine" because I absolutely love it. (Own over 5 cases of it.) Granted it isn't for everyone given its acidic tanginess and light and dry finish but it delivers a refreshing, light and semi-floral mouthful that I have not encountered in other village wines. The nose is light and floral but shows some complexity. The wine is acidic and tangy in your mouth but round enough to deliver red berries - like a raspberry/cranberry mix - that coats your mouth. The finish is dry but lasting. Look, some bread+meat drinkers might call this "weak", but this bottle hits the spot with a seared duck breast or salmon. Highly recommended for those that love the 2008 vintage.
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9/19/2011 - Memito wrote:
94 points
I have been a member of the Elizabeth Spencer mailing list for a while and get a couple of bottles every couple of months. I got this 2006 ExS Block 9 Syrah a while ago and decided to open it with an organic strip steak. Now I am a big fan of Cali cabs, French and Cali Syrahs, bordeaux and burgundy... and I am a huge fan of this wine - especially at its price point. The wine has a great old-world nose to it that strangely reminds me of a very strong Burgundy. The wine has great firm but tasty tannins, sugary but very contained and controlled red fruit, raspberry/wild berry flavors (???) that coat my tongue and mouth. I don't like to give points to wine but to counter balance the previous scores, I give this a 94.... I would buy this wine again in an instant over many Cali cabs I have had.
5/6/2011 - Memito wrote:
This is the 2nd bottle I opened of a set of 6 that I had ordered two months ago. Clearly there might be some bottle variation given how different my experience was with this bottle of Clos de Mouche compared to my last tasting note.

The fill on the bottle was normal. This time around the nose was familiar but the body was rather frail and thin. Some of the fruit had dropped out, the tannins were a bit thin and the remaining acid was more present in this bottle compared to the last. There were no signs of flaws - just a wine that seems to have aged a bit more than I had expected based on previous experience with the 1996 and 1990s. Even an 1983 I had the week before had a bit more life than this 1996.

All said, at $56/bottle, it was still a good experience.
2/27/2011 - Memito wrote:
I just had a 1998 Rousseau Chambertain for my birthday a week ago and loved it; but the 1996 Drouhin Clos de Mouches I had tonight beat it hands down. I won't go into wine geek details but it had an expressive, deep and earthy nose that noted its age, yet it was still on the young side. The wine itself is young tasting and full of lighter berries and fruit but still maintains the Beaune earthiness and Burg texture one expects. It is drinking beautifully and is simply an outstanding wines for the money. This is a case where I thank for Burghounds "low" 87 pt score for keeping prospective buyers at bay. While Drouhin might be one of the bigger producers and not as sought after they still produce a very high quality burgundy that with age can stand up against some of the more popular names from the region.

Please note that I had a set of 6 1990 Clod de Mouches and for the $, they were by FAR the best performing burgs I have drunk. I bought another set of 6 of the 1996 and hope for a similar performance.
10/18/2009 - Memito wrote:
85 points
Might have opened this a bit early, but I was disappointed with seemed to be a dominant oakiness that overpowered many of the other flavors. I will go back to this tomorrow, but I have a feeling these bottles might need a couple of years to soften its woodiness.
10/15/2009 - Memito wrote:
97 points
Had a bottle to open the night at Del Frisco's in NYC with friends Rob and Seth. Nose initially was full of cotton candy, strawberries and licorice; 25 minutes later rather smokey. Wine had a velvet mouth coating quality with pleasant, slightly chewy tannis. Plush dark fruit tastes where the wine's roundness and quality structure making up for a lack of complexity. This was a very pleasurable experience that almost put the next bottle, a very good 1995 Beaucaillou, to shame.
2000 Pierre Damoy Chambertin Chambertin Grand Cru Pinot Noir (view label images)
10/1/2009 - Memito wrote:
91 points
Smokey, complex nose that settles down to an earthy smell with plums, liquourice and hard candy. Refined tannins, dark cooked fruit (but good), decent 30+ second finish. I bought a total of 3 of these and I don't konw if I would buy more but I look forward to seeing how this wine progresses with time. I would say this has another 5 or so years on it.
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