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2018 Gérard Bertrand Hampton Water Languedoc Rosé Blend
6/2/2019 - Liam3494 Likes this wine:
90 points
Getting the obvious out of the way first, this is a celebrity wine, in that Jon Bon Jovi, who plays Dublin next weekend (as I write this), along with his son Jesse and the well known French winemaker, and former rugby star, Gerard Bertrand, have collaborated to make this Rose blend of Grenache, Mourvedre and Cinsault, 60/15/15. However, that is where the marketing stops, and its up to the wine itself to speak up and justify its existence on the shelf.

Quite simply - It does.

The bottle itself is interesting, with its Carved Glass Punt and its Glass and Silicone "Cork", but once poured, the wine itself is of more than passing interest. It's very pale, compared to other Languedoc Rose's I have enjoyed. Varying in the light from pale pink to pale salmon, or something in-between, the initial aromas were of ripe strawberries and caramel toffees, with vanilla lurking behind it, no doubt from the oak barrels for maturation.

The first sip was surprisingly fresh, an almost creamy texture belied the paleness of the appearance, and the medium acidity did nothing to take away the fruit, strawberries, peach and melon, with a hint of citrus from that balanced acidity, and a really long finish, leaving time to ponder before taking another sip.

Overall, very much a summer wine, and one to look forward to on a warm day, maybe by the pool, although maybe not so much diving into the water after drinking, with 13% alcohol, it has a kick. An excellent, light, crisp, addition to the Rose scene, and maybe the rocker from New Jersey knows a good thing when he sees it -

Certainly a wine I will return to in the summer around the corner.
  • whits commented:

    6/4/19, 1:11 PM - Fantastic note. I'm thinking the type of food and environment could alter the interpretation of this succulent beauty of a summer sipper. It was a great weekend to enjoy!

2009 Château Bouscassé (Alain Brumont) Madiran Tannat Blend, Tannat
8/4/2016 - whits Likes this wine:
92 points
very opaque, a black wine with dried cherries and flowers on the nose, dry, masculine, dirty, shows earth, berries, cocoa, leaves, bark and stones, well structured, this will age very nicely, very nice price point, excellent with tomato and meat sauce over pasta, great value, will begin to slowly mature after 2018
  • whits commented:

    8/5/16, 12:03 PM - It was opened for over 3 hours

2004 Domaine Tempier Bandol Mourvèdre Blend, Mourvèdre
3/12/2014 - chablis28 wrote:
94 points
PnP into a Burg glass worked perfectly. Awesome nose. My wife loved it! We had consummed this btl by the time dinner was done and it was a perfect match with mixed grill. So tasty and so facinating! Everytime I drink a Tempier Bandol, which isn't all that often, I ask myself, "why don't I own more of these???" This is almost always one of the more characterful and terroir driven wines we drink. This '04 is no exception and one of the best I've had to date. Tremendous length and depth of flavor on a vibrant youthful frame. Has that wet stone minerality I remember a great btl of '92 Henri Bonneau Celestions showing a while back. This wine is somewhat bigger then most Burgs I drink and yet feels weightlessly fresh and ethereal. At nearly10yrs old this is now drinking very very well but shows great youthful vigor and color. Very happy to own a couple more andwill likely buy a couple more still. Wish this could still be had at $28 I paid but I'm betting its still sub $50 and a complete steal at anything under $50. This doesn't have the mass market appeal of CDP, which I love too but, frankly its a much more interesting wine than most CDP and can be had for as low as $35-$40 on release.
  • whits commented:

    2/13/15, 12:46 AM - I had the same experience; and with a bottle I bid for online one month ago- for $40. I love that Bandol doesn't have the popularity of other, pricier appellations. And Tempier is top notch Bandol!

2012 Rombauer Vineyards Chardonnay Carneros
3/22/2014 - edwilley3 Does not like this wine:
65 points
There is literally nothing good about this wine. I left the partially consumed bottle in the Eurocave overnight. What was about an 80 point wine became a 60-something point wine that smelled like decaying fruits/veggies in the fridge and tasted like cardboard with a light jalapeno pepper on the finish. When it was popped initially I barely got fruit which quickly disappeared with almost no time in the glass. Tropical fruit? Butter? It was just wood and alcohol with only a hint of fruit and pepper...yes, pepper...on the finish. Seriously, unless this batch was an aberration, the 2012 Rombauer chard simply is not a wine worth buying at any price. If they could not make a great chard in 2012 - a terrific vintage - I don't have any hope for them. I would rather spend $35 on a Fort Ross chard, which really impressed me this week. If you really think that the Rombauer is great stuff, I highly recommend trying the 2012 Fort Ross to get an idea of what can be done with 2012 fruit, or perhaps reverting to Sutter Home. I also think that I must have dramatically different wine tastes.
  • whits commented:

    5/8/14, 2:29 AM - This does sound like a flawed bottle. I have had bad chardonnay in the past that sounds like this. The experience that I had with this was way different from what you are describing- the 2012 Rombauer Chard kills for the price

2009 Reynvaan Family Vineyards Syrah The Unnamed Walla Walla Valley
4/8/2014 - whits Likes this wine:
93 points
intoxicating perfume; shows smoke, flowers and fresh picked berries, feminine and beautiful, shows strength of fruit without being too fruity or candied, caresses the palate with red cherries, sweet cranberries, bright plums and clean stone, the finish is long like the cork, very special, delicious and exotic, this is high tier syrah
  • whits commented:

    4/10/14, 1:51 AM - I hope your next bottle shows better. I was very impressed with the texture and pretty fruit profile. It really started to open up after thirty minutes. Cheers!

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