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Beautiful golden straw color. Smells of toasted almonds, petrol, and honey. Feels like liquid caramel and honey on the palate (minus the sweetness) with a bright apple acidity. Imagine caramel apples: soft deep caramel notes that are structured by the fresh bite of green apple acidity. Continues to echo its almondy nuttiness after sipping. Wonderfully balanced.
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11/20/2015 - nickduble wrote:
Very pale red color, almost pink. On the nose, notes of underripe fruit especially white strawberries and red or white currants. Smooth texture and lightbodied. A small amount of tannin hits a few seconds after sipping and fades into silky strawberry nectar with spices. On the palate, the fruit is a slight bit earthier than expected with a hint of baking spice, especially in the finish. Structured minerality that is apparent througout.
11/16/2015 - nickduble wrote:
93 points
Decanted and started drinking almost immediately, however I'm writing this two hours in. At first, the tannins were a bit harsh in the finish, but after an hour or two, they really mellowed out and brought a very lucious, silky texture to the wine. Very inky, dark purple colored center that befits the name Black Pearl. Moves into a red cherry color on the rim. A seductive nose of blackberry, black cherries, and roses with a hint of anise, almost like peychaud's bitters. A touch of farmhouse and raw wool as well. Very balanced on the palate with savory fruit notes and floral black pepper (long pepper?) that linger all the way through the soft tannic finish. Medium acid and long/medium finish.

Overall, great wine. Love the producer and the cuvee. This is the third Black Pearl I have tried after the 2009 and the 2004. Lacks a bit of the finesse that the sauvignon blanc adds to the 2009, but it doesn't necessarily need it. A great showing of Clos Saron's unique style and blending.
11/15/2015 - nickduble wrote:
88 points
Deep golden straw hue in the core that fades at the rim. Strong citrus notes on the nose, especially orange marmalade, with a touch of honey and dried fruit (maybe apricot). All of the above were confirmed on the palate with a bit more fresh citrus zest and a small touch of nuttiness as well. Soft and round with low acid, very dry. Good balance. It has a medium short length that is dominated by the alcohol
10/25/2015 - nickduble wrote:
Great beaujolais and decently structured. Definitely driven by the fruit notes, but very floral and spicy as well. Very expressive stone minerality as well.
White - Fortified
10/25/2015 - nickduble wrote:
Smells remarkably like a bag of salted sweet potato chips, and a hint of apple cider caramel as well. Salted nuts on the palate with a nice acidity to give it length. Quite nice.
Can't wait to see how this develops in a few years. Right now showing notes of wet wool, wild blackberries and other forestry fruit notes
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