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2016 Force Majeure Syrah Force Majeure Vineyard Red Mountain
2/1/2019 - cab blends wrote:
Unfortunately this bottle was corked - although I looked past that and have notes below.

PnP and blind as usual.

Has tannins and oak and rounded and integrated. Fruity rounded attack.

95 if rated and who knows if the nose brings something to the table maybe even a point more.

HL4/5 FD 4/5 Fruity and Dry

After the unveil, another great Washington state offering (given I don't normally like WS) that makes me question my traditional dislike of the state's wines.
  • cab blends commented:

    11/23/19, 4:18 PM - Re your second point; I normally find WS to be "steely" and significant minerality and even some vegetal finish which is not my ideal for a wine finish. I know just a personal preference as my son ( loves that. Reminiscent of high mountain style wines

2016 Robert Biale Petite Sirah Royal Punishers Napa Valley
9/12/2018 - cab blends Likes this wine:
94 points
PnP. N6 This was a great surprise. Rounded, drinkable and some nice power all in a package.

Beautiful dark black red in color with some cinnamon, and bark on the nose. f7 b7 t6

Dark blue and black fruits with some solid dryness coming through in the mid palate with a sandy moderately thick finish. Moderately long finish.

This is extremely good value for money and I would have no problem buying a case for the cellar. F7
  • cab blends commented:

    6/14/19, 3:07 PM - I use two different rating systems for my own purposes. one is out of 10 and the other 5. The first F (actually Fr) is for fruitiness and the second F for Finish.

2014 Secret Door Cabernet Sauvignon Lot: Secret 1X Napa Valley
12/17/2018 - cab blends wrote:
91 points
This might have potential but at the moment this is not a powerhouse as I might have expected.

It could be 91 - 94. However the body is a little thinner than expected. Maybe it is Howell mountain. It seems to have the higher mountain characteristic. light floral on the nose with hints of oak on the Palate.
  • cab blends commented:

    1/13/19, 4:34 PM - Thanks - I love tasting my wines blind as (It probably shows me how much more I need to learn and experience) I love to keep learning and testing myself. Interestingly, My note is incomplete as I don't know why I thought it was going to be a powerhouse (given I taste blind) Maybe it was the nose so I will hopefully re-taste at some stage and remind myself.

2014 Realm Cellars The Bard Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
8/11/2018 - cab blends wrote:
93 points
Cassis on the nose and strong tannins T8.5.

Probably still far too young - I think this has 95+ potential. I should not open my next one to 2020 at the very earliest!

N7 B8 Fr8 T8 F7
  • cab blends commented:

    8/31/18, 3:43 PM - I imagine that the 2010 could be drinking beautifully?

2015 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Empyrean Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard Rutherford
7/16/2018 - cab blends wrote:
93 points
N7 B7 T7 F7 F6Pnp - I really should have the next bottle fully decanted for at least 2 hours.

Cherry perfume nose with light dry sandy late palate and finish. Wood barky finish. Rich fruity mid palate - Napa floor style.
  • cab blends commented:

    7/18/18, 6:36 PM - You can look at the Millennialdrinkers notes which are more detailed (for the same wine drunk on the same night) - I actually prefer the non-reserve bottling over the Empyrean. Depending how you like your wines this could be put away for 10 to 20 years. I like mine powerful, so I would say 5 to 8 to be prime.

2012 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley
4/21/2018 - cab blends wrote:
85 points
This was a wine of two totally different worlds. I have gone off Quilceda unfortunately over the past few years. The stoniness of the palate is too austere for me normally and not enjoyable.

I decanted half for 4 hours and this was beautiful and the WOTN together with Matriarch. It changed dramatically. The stoniness was gone and the wine was smooth and integrated. Some light gunpowder on the nose.
  • cab blends commented:

    5/12/18, 3:08 PM - I will go back and check my hand written notes as this looks like the rating before decanting.

2012 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley
Dark thick red with a nose of rock and steel. Hints of blackberry.

Thick, rich stony gravelly body with strong tannins and a moderately long finish.

  • cab blends commented:

    8/26/17, 5:28 AM - @ikleinman Very good question. I use the like selector to choose whether I would buy at its price point and enjoy so it is a very personal decision. My rating and note is focused on the quality of the wine and how it is made and tries to ignore my personal preferences (otherwise only Napa Cabs and blends/Shiraz, SA Cabs/blends/shiraz and desert wines would ever make it over 90 points)

2012 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Black Label
12/4/2016 - cab blends wrote:
92 points
Classic Coonawarra cab. Acidity is there but not over the top. Some fruitiness and a nice subdued berry on the nose.

Medium body with nice tannins (7/10) which are dry. Finish is average length.

After many, many hours of decanting this was very approachable and in its prime. Give it 6+ hours decanting.

This reinforces my personal view that I love these cabs from Australia but only 5 years or younger. Once they go past that they are not my favorite.
  • cab blends commented:

    8/26/17, 5:23 AM - @thebatcavewines It will be interesting to see how it develops. I don't have any of these left but I do have a lot of older John Riddoch that I need to try in the next 12 months.

2011 Covington Cellars Syrah Columbia Valley
5/29/2017 - cab blends wrote:
(86) D3
  • cab blends commented:

    5/29/17, 5:44 PM - This is a note for me as I did not want to influence the cellertracker score and i don't know that I was being fair.

2014 Post Parade Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
5/25/2017 - cab blends wrote:
96 points
Pop n pour. Nicely integrated and round. Tons of vanilla. Bright purple red.

N3 HL4 FD4 B5 T7 F4

Light nose vanilla and the acidity does start to show in the finish. The finish is on the shorter side of moderate which is a slight detraction as the acidity then comes through more strongly.

Chocolate in the finish.

I am going to keep a glass to taste tomorrow
  • cab blends commented:

    5/28/17, 3:44 PM - Agreed - I think a decant for an hour or two might integrate it a touch and I will do that next time.

    Enjoy it

2013 Lewis Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley
1/6/2017 - cab blends wrote:
90 points
Jammy and I thought this was a Shiraz. Carmel on the nose. Very high alcohol which detracts or decant this for 36 hours.

Enjoyable as a jammy Shiraz/Zin but not as a cab.
  • cab blends commented:

    1/14/17, 3:09 PM - If you look at the tasting notes for that night, you can see what I was also comparing against as it was a powerful selection.

2005 Pahlmeyer Cabernet Sauvignon Piece de Resistance Atlas Peak
2/4/2016 - capacious wrote:
Entering this in before bringing to a friend- so ignore this placeholder note Be back later
  • cab blends commented:

    8/19/16, 8:54 AM - So? How was it?

  • cab blends commented:

    8/21/16, 4:50 PM - Thanks. I am a great Bond fan so this is sure to be quite a treat.

2013 Mvemve Raats MR de Compostella Stellenbosch Red Bordeaux Blend
7/29/2016 - cab blends wrote:
97 points
Australian Cabernet Shiraz and Book XVII (Blind tasting): Wine of the night.

Green pepper and chewy with bacon and a strong backbone (must be cab franc) Strong acidity and can have more decanting. Strong tannins (8/10)

Decanted for 3 hours.
  • cab blends commented:

    8/11/16, 5:19 PM - I have no doubt it could last for many years. I think I have a case and will purchase more of this. If you like the power of Cab Franc, which I do in a blend, then this is drinkable now with decanting. I did not have it straight out of the bottle so not sure, but imagine it may have been overpowering. Given I like the power of tannins, I tend to prefer the shorter end of the cellaring and imagine 7 to 10 would be ideal but it could do 15 to 20.

2014 Round Pond Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Rutherford
5/14/2016 - cab blends Likes this wine:
93 points
As with the 2013, sweet red fruit overtones but something in this is a touch more approachable and balanced already even though it is still in barrel.
  • cab blends commented:

    5/31/16, 12:53 PM - Yes this was at Bassins. I do have a lot more notes - I just need to find the time to enter them.

    Thanks for the comment on the 2013 as I know it seems to be contrary to what the professionals think.

2009 Amuse Bouche Vin Perdu Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
2/8/2015 - cab blends Likes this wine:
93 points
Starts with cassis fruity nose that interestingly dies very quickly. This is a pity. Also strong petroleum/oil on the nose.

This was popped and poured so will be interesting to see when decanted.

Full bodied with nice tannins. 7/10.

Even though not decanted it was smooth and enjoyable.
  • cab blends commented:

    2/8/15, 8:23 PM - Even though I rated it lower than the Sassicaia I preferred this by far. Need to change the rating

2003 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon John Riddoch
9/21/2014 - cab blends Likes this wine:
91 points
Relaxing on a Sunday evening with JN (On the deck): Dry with dusty gravel chalk especially compared to the other Napas being tasted tonight.
  • cab blends commented:

    9/22/14, 5:16 PM - I drank it in passing in my cellar with Coravin. I will taste it properly in a week or so. I tend to like tannic wines and thus for me this is probably at a prime level before if softens. I will taste properly in a few weeks and make notes.

  • cab blends commented:

    10/11/14, 3:11 PM - I tasted again today and posted a note - I haven't had many Australian Cabernets so I found this interesting and am not sure where I would go with it. I remember this being fuller bodied in the past so maybe it is aging?

2008 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon The Montelena Estate Napa Valley
My least favorite of the night. Clear minerality and lighter than the Caymus with little fruit on the nose or palate. Lighter tannins 6/10 and more French like than a Napa fruit bomb.
  • cab blends commented:

    2/26/14, 9:37 PM - For those who enjoy lighter French style Cabernet, it was a favorite and probably more highly rated. The 90 is a personal rating given my palate which prefers heavier full bodied. It is nonetheless elegant and refined.

2002 Château Haut-Bailly Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend
AHA Bordeaux Wine Tasting of the 2010 vintage (Ritz Carlton Washington DC): A medicinal hint on the nose together with a light cellar. Enjoyable ad not off-putting. Not as red as the 2010 as the rubiness is waning. Tannins are 8/10. A good average Left Bank Cab.
  • cab blends commented:

    5/9/13, 4:13 AM - Danp - great question. I have begun to use the 'like it' designation to record my future desire to buy the wine for me to enjoy personally. While I recognize a well made wine, I don't want to put it in my cellar. Hope that helps.

White - Sweet/Dessert
2005 Château Climens Barsac Sémillon
5/4/2013 - cab blends wrote:
92 points
AHA Bordeaux Wine Tasting of the 2010 vintage (Ritz Carlton Washington DC): Sweeter than the 2010 with a similar nose to the 2010.
  • cab blends commented:

    5/6/13, 12:19 PM - I normally taste blind but these were not tasted blind - they were tasted with the wine maker or the Chateau Manager/Owners/Family.

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