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2019 Far Niente Cabernet Sauvignon Post & Beam Napa Valley
1/5/2022 - Mdb1982 Likes this wine:
90 points
This was a good everyday drinking wine. It is still very young and not overly complex. Seemed on the lighter side of cabernets, not as bold as some.

From their website:
Tasting notes:
A perfume of wild raspberry preserves with hints of clove and confectionary spice envelops the nose. Round and textured on the palate, the entry is layered with soft red fruit flavors, supported by leather, cassis and elegant botanical accents on the mid-palate and lovely notes of toasted espresso beans on the finish.

Vineyard Description:
The 2019 growing season began with late spring rains during flowering and fruit set. Cover crops between the vines flourished, putting rich nutrients into our soils. Our fruit set itself was lighter than usual, resulting in exceptional concentration and retention of flavor and aromas in our clusters. Mild fall temperatures allowed fruit to mature fully, without being overly tannic nor overly ripe. 2019 was an excellent vintage overall that will continue to impress wine lovers and collectors for years to come.
  • HowellTime commented:

    1/31/22, 5:48 PM - Not going to disagree, but average QRP for is is $50 and you believe it’s a daily drinker. Wish I had that baller status !!!

2016 C.V.N.E. (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) Rioja Asúa Crianza Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
12/19/2020 - DEK84 Likes this wine:
81 points
A favorite!
  • HowellTime commented:

    3/2/21, 5:12 PM - How do you score your wines, 81 and you state as a favorite ??? Very conflicting !!!

2015 Realm Cellars The Absurd Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
6/22/2020 - DGR Likes this wine:
98 points
Decanted a magnum for a special celebration. Tasted when the bottle was opened and it was a bit tight. Poured 3 hours later and it was fabulous. Smooth and everything you might expect from this wine. It only got better and better as the evening progressed.
  • HowellTime commented:

    11/5/20, 6:38 AM - Good Morning DGR, A close friend of mine missed out on his allocation for a Mag of 2017 Realm absurd. Hoping to find someone willing to part with for a birth year wine for his son. Thank you in advance !!!

2012 Fairchild Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Sigaro St. Helena
3/1/2020 - msuwine wrote:
94 points
This rich and extracted Cabernet is a bit top-heavy at the moment, though it may improve in another year or so. Much more of a bruiser than the 2012 Fairchild LPV I tasted earlier this week, this wine has an abundance of fruit, with some tannin, and even less acidity. I'm not saying its unbalanced (at least for a modern Napa Cabernet), but - if anyone says this is light in the mouth - do not trust their judgment.

Dark purple in color and full (I mean heavy cream full) in body, the wine offers evocative aromas of boysenberry, bay leaf, baking spices, fresh leather, and pencil lead. Tastes of blueberry pie, crushed gravel, sage, and scraped metal, with a juicy and sweet finish. 14.5% alcohol.

I confess to not having figured out the Fairchild label yet. If the LPV I had earlier this week had too much finesse, this wine had too little. 93-94 for now, though it could be more impressive if it calms down in a year or two.
  • HowellTime commented:

    6/26/20, 4:58 AM - Good Morning,

    So after reading your reviews on the three 2012 Fairchild wines it’s refreshing to see honest views of a cult style wine. Sigaro is by far my favorite of the series, the vineyard is nuzzled just above Lake Hennessy bordering Howell mountain, which is my favorite AVA. These are great wines and a great consulting wine maker (philippe melka), but at the end of day it is just four glasses of wine !!!

  • HowellTime commented:

    6/28/20, 5:27 AM - Where to begin? Howell mountain wine is what made me fall in love with wine. For me, it started with White Cottage, now they make wine under a new label called Round Two. As for wines like Dunn, it is a great wine that requires a long rest. The owner and family are great people, Randy and his son Mike are very down to earth. Randy Dunn is a trip, he swears his just a farmer that turned out to make some pretty good wine. His son Mike and his wife make a nice petite Sirah called Retro Cellars. For me, Cabs have gone up in price so much for daily drinkers I like to enjoy a nice Zin, Turley has several vineyards on the mountain and they are all great with tons of aging capability. If you can find some from the early 2000’s they are hitting their stride. My favorite would be La Jota and Ladera. La Jota is now made by Chris Carpenter who also makes Cardinale and Lokoya, but a fun fact during the mid-90’s Anniversary series was made by Heidi Barrett.

2016 Orin Swift 8 Years in the Desert California Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel
6/26/2018 - Winedog1 Likes this wine:
96 points
Really dark color. Smelled like raw beef and brine. Apparently 56% Zinfandel, 34% Petite Sirah, and 10% Syrah. Comparable to a very high-end Turley, but not as sweet. Hint of vanilla on the finish.
  • HowellTime commented:

    10/11/18, 3:43 PM - Hi Bin707...., you say that there were 2600- 8 packs, can you tell me where you found you’re info. I personal called Orin swift and they told me there were only 1000- 8 packs for the 2016?

  • HowellTime commented:

    10/11/18, 6:26 PM - Vinomazing, when I think of Zuma that can stand the rest of time I think of Turley Howell Mountain. I have several late 90’s Turley’s from Black Sears vineyard that are just stellar now !!!

2006 White Cottage Ranch Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain
2/1/2017 - eschuldt wrote:
90 points
Ok but on the decline. Last bottle from a special winery, the first place that got me really excited about wine.
  • HowellTime commented:

    3/18/17, 8:07 PM - If you are still a white cottage fan Dennis John has a new label called Round two winery. Same style and keeping the WC tradition alive.

2006 Cakebread Cellars Dancing Bear Ranch Howell Mountain Red Bordeaux Blend
11/26/2015 - robertdtwo Likes this wine:
95 points
Oh. Wow. There has been some chemistry magic happening inside this bottle over the five years since our last taste! At its peak! I'm stealing this from an earlier TN, 'cos I couldn't think of words any better: "Perfect balance of acidity, tannin, and bold fruit, with subtle terroir, the flavor lingering interminably."
I want to thank this vineyard for introducing us to Howell Mountain on our first Napa trip in 2010; those mountain berries (mostly from Cakebread, Cade, O'Shaughnessy, and Outpost) have now taken over my cellar.
  • HowellTime commented:

    1/19/17, 2:21 PM - As a Howell Mountain fan myself, I just acquired a bottle of this and can't wait to try it. If you are looking for the ultimate Howell mountain experience the next time you are in Napa you need to check out the Taste of Howell mountain event (Above the Fog)!!! My wife and I attended last year and it was an awesome experience.

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