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2009 Tenuta Col d'Orcia Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
2/16/2019 - swyang wrote:
Very smooth, sweet berries and gentle soul. Not a block buster nor want to be. A modest Brunello, just the way I like it, with ripe strawberries and quite well integrated tannin. Very inviting texture and in way there is a heart warming kindness to it, which suits perfectly this rainy evening in Oxford(UK). Cheers,
  • swyang commented:

    3/25/19, 9:05 PM - Thank you Arturo. Tonight I will have a glass to your health ;-)

2004 Domaine du Pégau Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée Red Rhone Blend
2/27/2019 - swyang wrote:
Delicious wine at its peak. Sublime nose which will take you in the Provence region with its generous sun and gorgeous landscape of lavander, wild flower and meticulously kept wine yards.(if you have imagination) On the palate it is gorgeous with superb caressing texture yet generous at same time coating every corner of your palate with rich, suave fruits, sweet in the most natural manner. Slightly earthy but oh boy that earthiness would be such an example of how a suave earthiness would be all about... this gem simply makes everyone on the table so happy and satisfied to have in their glasses and savor every moment of it. It has its own soul, coming from Chateauneuf du Pape and couldn't be from anywhere else and at its best. Cheers,
  • swyang commented:

    3/1/19, 3:44 PM - Nop, not decanted and it was just as well as it was just sublime as it was. Cheers,

2007 Domaine William Fèvre Chablis Grand Cru Valmur Chardonnay
5/3/2017 - swyang wrote:
Totally oxized... never wait more than 5years for W. Fevre. That is what I learn these days and indeed very sad.
  • swyang commented:

    6/11/17, 5:17 AM - Hi Gilrbo, many thanks for your note and yes you are right, I should not have generalized as I did, but so many of my 04 have been oxed that I was very upset indeed. I just opened today a '04 Preuse and was not oxed, however lacking the usual energy from a GC that I would expect. But it would be also fair to say that it did deliver ample pleasure of worthy of a very good Chablis. As for your Bougros '05, I can see that '05s must be in better shape and as I have a few of those as well, I will soon try them.(Cotes de Bouguerots) In the mean time in a few days time it will be a Montée de Tonnerre '10 which I have put in the cooler. Cheers,

  • swyang commented:

    6/28/17, 5:19 PM - Hello Gilrbo, sorry for this belated reply. I think you did the right thing to drink them on an early side rather than late, like me! As the summer approaches fast, I will start opening some of my '06 first and then see the '05 which should hold better than the former one. I may even try some of the '07 which I will keep you posted as well. Cheers,

2002 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Washington
3/6/2017 - swyang wrote:
I simply couldn't not drinking this... too much, way too much alcohol is surfacing to the juice and the fruits are getting too heavy and sinking down in the bottom of the glass. Hew... my god, that was simply terrible. They don't age, and certainly not gracefully... Sad.
  • swyang commented:

    3/6/17, 3:01 PM - Hi BRR, thanks for your comment. To answer rather bluntly, Nop, this certainly is not the type of wine that I like nor seek. However I am always interested in wines that are close to their origins and as close as to the vintage's profile. (Last night Opus One 2004 was superb) Quilceda Creek provided ample pleasure, when too young, and then before peaking, or developing, it went down and the bottle I had two days ago was simply not drinkable. Far from likable. Oops... I don't mean to sound too mean but can only speak truthfully. Cheers,

2007 Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Clos de la Maréchale Pinot Noir
4/13/2016 - swyang wrote:
93 points
a Superb wine just now entering its mature stage. Gorgeous transparent red color displaying beautiful shades of transparency on its edges. The aromas are incredibly refined yet precise and uplifting; Rose, small red cherries, spice, profound identity of clean wet stone mineral from the cotes de nuits in its best. Before describing the flavors I cannot bypass the texture which is simply divine and is as close to silky, finesse, or a stunning Violin upper singing tone as it could get. There is transparency and yet laser like precision and all the Roses, gorgeous fruits, slight black pepper, and just unbelievable flavors open and display like a rainbow on your palate. I feel silly trying to describe this as one really should and must experience such finesse in life. My wife justly described as; this is close to heavenly... Cheers,
  • swyang commented:

    4/14/16, 7:18 AM - Hi Yes, if you have a couple bottles it would be worth trying this one soon and wait for the other one a couple of years I would recommend a nice piece of red meat, simply with salt and pepper, perhaps with sauteed mushroom. I hope you will enjoy this as much as we did last evening. Cheers

2006 Luce della Vite Lucente Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
10/17/2014 - swyang wrote:
89 points
A bit too young, almost a bit coarse due to still very present tannin. Somewhat fresh but a bit too much wood though sweet fruits are still shining and if left in good condition, it will certainly be very enjoyable wine in a few years time.
  • swyang commented:

    10/31/14, 3:32 AM - Yes, absolutely, if it were La Luce, I don't think I would have opened it yet...

2004 Pio Cesare Barolo Nebbiolo
12/27/2013 - swyang wrote:
93 points
I couldn't help but open another bottle of this beauty, which is exactly at a maturity level that I love, and likely to stay for a good few years. Red roses color starting to fade away just a bit, giving a beautiful transparency to it, the nose is sublime with the right presence of rose, red berries, autumnal leaves and wet earth which lift itself to a wet stone mineral touch. That is exactly what gave me the love for wine; when the nature seem to meet and mingle in the glass... and to add just a bit more charm it even displays the right amount of spice/pepper and on the palate the healthy tannin suggest that it will keep this good shape for a while. Medium body(I don't even understand how I could have loved the full body ones many years ago...) and uplifting just like a beautiful soprano voice, which hangs in your ears, the back taste lingers on and on... wow viva Barolo~~
  • swyang commented:

    12/27/13, 7:03 AM - Hello W-S,
    Well, I kind of see what you mean and to be honest, I now prefer the basic Barolo to the Ornate or reserva. It seems less extracted more natural, at least to my palate and the 2004 is certainly getting better and better~ Cheers and happy new year!

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