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2012 Louis Latour Rully Pinot Noir
9/6/2017 - IPT wrote:
78 points
Color: dark cherry hues and tinge. Quite transparent.
Nose: wood dust and slate minerality.
Flavor: on the forward - bitter red fruits, cranberry, crab apple, very minor - overlapped by a delicate combo of smoke, leather, earthiness and oak. Middle is mellow and unassuming - light on the tannins, a bit chalky. Finish is smooth, brief. Linger is around 20 seconds. Light bodied.

Rather unassuming Burgundy red. Past is prime and as such the QPR isn't any good. The profile would be good if it wasn't so watered down. To play devils advocate, this bottle does slightly improve over several hours. Original notes were at 1 hour of airing. If this one is in your cellar, drink it now. If you see this one on the shelf, look for something else less costly.

Update (9/7/2017): bottle holds up the second evening. This bottle definitely needs to breathe 4 hours or more (up to 12) to really open up. Left a decanter/aerator on the bottle overnight and didn't hurt anything.
  • IPT commented:

    9/7/17, 11:48 AM - Thanks for pointing that out. Was aware the bottle was a Burgundy, simply a typo. Much appreciated.

  • IPT commented:

    9/8/17, 6:34 PM - Sooner rather than later would indeed be advised. If you know the date you plan on drinking, open in the morning, pop the cork back on lightly, and enjoy in the evening. The difference in quality will be somewhat notable.

N.V. Wagner Family of Wines Red Schooner Voyage 3 Argentina Malbec Blend, Malbec
7/4/2017 - IPT Likes this wine:
89 points
Color: dark inky purple hues with lighter purple/red tinge. Very little translucency.
Nose: black cherry preserves with smoke and pepper.
Flavor: for the forward - jammy dark fruits and kirsch, smoke, toasted oak, dark chocolate and a touch of vanilla. Middle has good balance and good tannin structure. Finish is smooth with a bit of the dark chocolate tartness following to the end. Linger is 30 or so seconds. Medium to full bodied. Dry.

Went into this bottle with high expectations (hate doing that). While not quite what was expecting, still a solid Malbec. Let sit for an hour and appreciate. Given the $50 dollar price tag, not the greatest QPR. Not so sure if this bottle will appreciate well over time, but still have 2 other bottles so will find out. Glad I finally got this wine but not so sure I'll look out for the Voyage 4 if Wagner Wines will make it.

Update (7/5/2017): tried this bottle the second night. General improvement overall, but especially with regards to the nuances in the flavor. Would likely add 1-2 points as a result. Lesson learned: let this bottle sit after opening maybe 8 hours or more. Well worth it.
  • IPT commented:

    7/5/17, 7:55 PM - Thanks for the clarification on Voyage 4. Glad to hear my review is useful. Put in an update, in case you're interested.

2009 Marqués de Riscal Rioja Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
12/1/2016 - IPT Likes this wine:
90 points
Color: black pitch hues and tinge. No translucency.
Nose: dried dark fruits, slight green, cracked black pepper.
Flavor: fruit consists of dried plums and dark currents with some underlying flavors to compliment - licorice, bitter dark chocolate, some pepper, and a touch of vanilla. Middle shows some chalky tannin structure doing an excellent job of coating the mouth. Finish is smooth and silky. Linger is a good minute or more. Medium bodied.

For the flavor profile, the fruit component seems to be the predominate element, but by no means is it overbearing. Excellent balance overall; a very fine Rioja. Given the vintage, more likely than not that this bottle is reaching the end of its journey so enjoy while you can.
  • IPT commented:

    12/3/16, 6:10 AM - My pleasure. Thank you for the kind words and hope the notes help!

2014 Elouan Pinot Noir Oregon
7/29/2016 - IPT Likes this wine:
90 points
Color: deep red tinge with decent translucency for a pinot.
Nose: blood orange zest, flower petal and slight minerality. Sometimes get a whiff of licorice.
Flavor: dark-red fruits and anise for the fruity elements, but otherwise a hefty steak flavor - smoke, oak, pepper, and whatever else that gives that meaty profile - all complicating the forward, and in a good way. Some heat by the middle then quickly the flavors drop off into a finish that's a bit tart and very abrupt. Linger is 15 or so seconds. Medium bodied.

Very enjoyable Oregon pinot. Complex flavor profile that stands out. Unfortunately the profile finishes so quickly that you're left wanting. Would rate 3 more points if the finish was as good as the forward. Good to drink immediately, but does improve with a bit of airing. Drink or Hold for a few years.
  • IPT commented:

    11/26/16, 5:25 PM - Thank you for the kind words! Glad to hear that my reviews can be helpful. I can understand your own point rating; with this one I had some initial conflicts about the rating I gave, but in the end stayed with the original number. didn't want to get into the habit of second guessing myself. Cheers!

2014 G.B. Crane Disciples Napa Valley Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel
8/2/2016 - bluedogwine Likes this wine:
95 points
Stunningly good stuff! 93/7 Zin to Petit Sirah ratio in the blend, made from old vines in GB Crane, Morisoli and Milat vineyards.

Powerful, heady structure, rich and deep brambly red raspberry, sweet earth, kirsch, dark red cherry. And is that snickerdoodle cookie?! Extracted but not overblown. Saturated red fruit, mouth coating texture and medium+ finish. Not for the shy, but then again, with Dave Phinney behind the wheel you should know what to expect.

Overall one of the best and most interesting Zins I've had.
  • IPT commented:

    8/2/16, 7:35 PM - So glad to finally see a rating for this wine. Have a few bottles in the cellar and very much looking forward to the time went I open a bottle. Cheers!

2010 Cantine Leonardo da Vinci Chianti Riserva Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese
Notes of a Novice:

• upon opening, first taste
• mainly ruby with a bit of brownish in it, but not garnet yet
• fairly thin in body
• beautiful legs
• on the nose - something like mild cheese, or something else mild and not too attractive, but not too annoying,
• on the palate, fresh, acidic, not very fruity
• sour cherries as the primary flavor
• perhaps a hint (soupçon) of unripe dark fruit, including a very minuscule measure of prunes
• medium tannins (still working on my tannin-detection and hierarchy)

• after 9 hours of decanting

• did not detect any changes (or if there were any, they were imperceptible to me).
• did not care for this wine - not for me. For me, it's in the "too sour", too "unrefined" category.
  • IPT commented:

    7/4/16, 6:53 AM - Glad to see I'm not the only one who does not like this bottle. A quick note: if you get a red that has a "brick brownish/copper" tinge in the coloring this usually denotes oxidization. From your notes, it appears that the bottle was oxidized. Given the vintage, I'm not surprised. These cheaper wines don't have an excellent shelf life and are meant to be drank within 3 years or so after bottling. Good thing is that if you find a '14 vintage, you might enjoy that one.

2013 Zolo Malbec Reserve Mendoza
Notes of a Novice

100% Malbec
13.9% alcohol

• color is purplish ruby
• quite thin -
• beautiful legs
• mild, mellow, lovely semi-ripe fruit - tree and berries
• barely detectible barrel/oak
• alcohol mediu/high
• beautiful acid
• lovely tannins
• beautiful, long finish

• would definitely buy this wine again
• having some home-made, old world grilled sausages with it - superb
  • IPT commented:

    7/3/16, 1:41 PM - Nice comments once again. Only thing; you stated the wine is 100% merlot. Malbec is a varietal (one of the 5 reds originally originating from Bordeaux) so this bottle is 100% malbec. Would make changes to the notes.

  • IPT commented:

    7/4/16, 6:21 AM - Nice. Which blend?

  • IPT commented:

    7/4/16, 6:49 AM - Thanks for the info. I'll look into that bottle. I did check out the forum you mentioned earlier and just looked at it again. I skimmed over it, and glad to hear that you're taking advantage. Myself, I rarely delve too much into forums in general; the structure just has never been very intuitive to me, and a lot of random chatter to have to disseminate through. My approach is that I try to keep contacts with wine makers, distributors, and other professionals in the industries, that way when I search out new info, I've already vetted the source. Easy to start this for anyone is to have a conversation with the folks that sell you the wine; especially at a vintner rather than at some chain grocery store. Those folks love to talk about wine, and eventually will be more than happy to name drop, and that's when you can ask about their contacts.

    I will say one last thing. Good on you for trying out merlot and merlot blends. That's a varietal that was as popular 20 years ago as cab sauv is now. Currently, a lot of people poo-poo merlot as too "herbal, barnyard, simplistic" etc. My personal opinion on this is that it has less to do with the varietal and more to do with popular perception that merlot is a commoner's wine, and has nothing new to add to the evolving wine scene. That perception carries on to both wine drinkers and wine makers, so merlot has had a rough time for the last 10 years or so (this perception started back in the late 1900s to early 2000s but really took off after the movie Sideways; Paul Giomati inadvertently killed national merlot sales when his character goes on a tirade about hating merlot). Anyway, you can still find excellent merlot single varietals and blends that put all the skeptics to shame (especially when you serve them merlot in blind tastings and they love it) but now-a-days you'll have to pay for good merlot - $40 a bottle to start usually. So good job finding one on the cheap end!

    Wow, I typed a lot. Sorry about that.

2014 Michael-David Vineyards Petite Petit Lodi Red Blend
Notes of a Novice

85% petite Sirah, 15% petit Verdot
14.5 % alcohol

• upon opening
• color is a very deep, purplish - dark byzantium
• on the nose, very pleasant, ripe, but not overly ripe dark fruit (tree kind)
• main smell is “wine” - no fruit standing out. Very pleasant
• I suppose it’s the “petite sirah” grape
• nice acidity, feels prickly on the tongue
• full-bodied wine, pleasant,
• has a bit of a sweetness to it
• not sure about bitter aftertaste (mild) - could be because I just had some bitter wine earlier
• full of aromas, very drinkable

• day 2

• (can’t remember whether I decanted or not)
• color is a very deep ruby (with dark byzantium in it)
• if there’s a hint of brown, it is ever so slight
• beautiful legs
• on the nose, very mild aromas, gentle, discrete - perhaps a bit too discrete
• wine is still bright, balanced
• nice acidity
• bit of bitter aftertaste (not too much though)
• decided to decant wine for a few hours, then poured back and re-corked

• day 3

• color, still very similar to day before
• pleasant, fruity, with a strong barrel smell (like a barrel that was not washed out - not moldy, but funky)
• there is a bit of sweetness to the smell
• in the mouth, strong acid
• strong tannins
• the “barrel” taste is overpowering, unpleasant - have a feeling this is it for this wine
• will give it a try tomorrow
• very modest finish, tannins still going
  • IPT commented:

    6/27/16, 6:21 PM - Excellent notes. Just one thing (common mistake) it's "petite sirah" not "petit syrah". Syrah (or Shiraz depending on where it's made) is a separate varietal and pronounced the same, but spelled differently. And Petite (with the added e) is to indicate the French feminine for the word "sirah". Petit verdot indicates that the french think of the "verdot" as masculine. Sorry for the excessive info but wine snobs and the French will bitch otherwise. Keep up the good note taking though!

  • IPT commented:

    6/27/16, 7:28 PM - Very welcome! Glad that my pointer helped out. Regarding your followup question: CT is for individuals to use as they see fit, but the overall vision is to bring more transparency to the wine world; not just rely on a few professional reviews or medals to determine what wine is good for what drinker at what price. This is more for the whole wine drinking community to do with as they please. Now that being said, your notes are extremely detailed - which is a breath of fresh air for me - and really help to delve into how a bottle behaves not just on the first night, but multiple nights. I haven't seen anyone keep as detailed notes as you. So keep doing what you're doing! It's entirely in the spirit of CT, and anyone whom may scoff you is someone who has a bug up their rear end, so pay them no mind.

2012 Rainstorm Pinot Noir Oregon
8/17/2015 - Wine Canuck wrote:
This was quite the oddball. The nose smells strongly of sweat and VA with artificial grape vitamin C flavour. Really simple. The palate is short, sweet and grapey. Not terrible; not memorable; and certainly not a classic for the variety or region.
  • IPT commented:

    6/26/16, 4:28 PM - Excellent summation of the bottle. Couldn't agree more.

2012 Coho Headwaters Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
12/26/2015 - Hemingway wrote:
84 points
This bottle way okay, I am wondering if something was off with it. I noticed the cork came out of the bottle a little too easily, so perhaps the wine was slightly oxidized. Smelled a bit green. I decanted it for 15 or so minutes. The sour taste gradually dissipated, and some fruit notes emerged. The wine was smooth for the most part and had a nice finish. Am wondering if that is just the flavor profile or if the loose cork had something to do with it. For the record, all Coho wines I've had previously were great. I have a 2012 Coho Michael Black merlot in the cellar, we'll see how secure that cork is.
  • IPT commented:

    3/28/16, 10:47 AM - Would recommend decanting longer than 15 min: 1 hour minimum in case you don't already.

  • IPT commented:

    3/28/16, 12:59 PM - I completely understand your pain. I sometimes take a small sip at opening to see the difference decanting does. Very helpful!

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