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2015 Ramey Claret North Coast Red Bordeaux Blend
Compared to the Bordeaux its got some nice
  • wineaboutit commented:

    4/5/19, 11:07 PM - WTF?

2010 Yalumba The Guardian, Shiraz Viognier Eden Valley Shiraz Blend, Syrah
5/19/2015 - bianca15 Likes this wine:
90 points
I forgot how much I love this wine. Smooth, lovely fruit flavor but with complexity. But it's the smooth finish that makes this special.
  • wineaboutit commented:

    10/14/16, 2:37 PM - Yes, easy 90 Pts. $6.99 at Gross Out Point Loma...great QPR drink now. Great BBQ wine in this fantastic weather. Only qualm could use just a touch mor acidity. Crowd pleasing style, nice party red too. From a terrific vintage down under.

2014 Bonny Doon Vineyard Syrah Cuvée Splendide Central Coast
8/22/2016 - Baron Slick wrote:
89 points
Jammy, fruit-forward nose. Bubble gum, spices, and tar on a bed of black and blue fruit. Mid-to-full bodied and fleet of foot, firm and unpretentious on the palate, it redeems itself with none of the jammy character that dominates the nose. Good length and balance, food friendly, and flavorsome. I'm sold.
  • wineaboutit commented:

    10/14/16, 2:27 PM - Found at Grocery Outlet for $12 vs $38 retail. Needs a decant, sold fruit, acidity and depth. Still young, 90 Pts. Point Loma GO.

2010 Viridian Pinot Noir Olsen Family Vineyard Willamette Valley
2/26/2014 - shorty01 Likes this wine:
86 points
So happy I tried this again. For whatever reason, this struck me even better the second time. Delicious Pinot fruit and very charachteristic of the Willamette Valley. Shockingly good for $5.99. Back to the store tomorrow for a few more to have on hand as a nice guilt free pleasure.
  • wineaboutit commented:

    5/27/14, 8:35 PM - Have to agree with you Shorty01, this is quite a nice little pinot for not much more than a song.. Have been drinking this over the last year and a half from time to time. Just picked up a case last week, and this pn seems to be taking a slight down turn, so I'd advise to drink them up. The Olsen family is no longer producing wine, but will continue to grow and sell grapes to customers, as they've been doing for years. Sorry to see them go, the wines were solid values.

2006 Toad Hollow Merlot Reserve Richard McDowell Vineyard Russian River Valley
Very tokbutsu.
  • wineaboutit commented:

    6/24/13, 12:37 PM - Not any longer, bordeaux would be a much better description currently. Nice wine.

2005 J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon Seven Oaks Paso Robles
1/2/2013 - MusicAndWines Likes this wine:
90 points
This wine has really mellowed out. I think it has another year left in it, but you may be risking it. Aging this bottle went added a few points to my rating.
  • wineaboutit commented:

    4/1/13, 11:34 AM - Drank from magnum, IMO an 86-87 pt wine, still enjoyable and agree this should be consumed now.

2008 Erath Pinot Noir Clone 777 Prince Hill Dundee Hills
3/21/2013 - ScubaSommelier Likes this wine:
93 points
The wine looks Garnet colored. It smells like Red Currant, Cherry, Mushroom, Light toast, and Vanilla. It tastes like Cherry, Cranberry, Red Currant, and Vanilla. The body is Light/Medium. The wine has Silky texture.

I am really enjoying this wine right now. Tart cherries dominate.
  • wineaboutit commented:

    3/21/13, 11:11 PM - Ya know, I think I'll spark one up after reading your notes. Thanks!

2007 Byron Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley
2/26/2009 - joraesque wrote:
84 points
For the last couple of years, Byron has produced some of the best values in domestic Pinot Noir, so I was really excited about the '07 bottling given that this was such an auspicious year for the Central Coast vineyards. Unfortunately, this wine fell short of my expectations, as it is overly acidic, with noticeable heat, and with none of that typically ripe Santa Barbara fruit; it almost seems like the winemaker kept all the better fruit for the more expensive bottlings, and only used underripe grapes, or grapes that were not destemmed.
A 1 hour decant improved the nose a bit by adding some barnyard notes, but it didn't cut out the heat enough to improve the palate. Another 30 minutes in the glass mellowed a tad some of the high acidity, but it also added bitterness on the palate.
Overall, this was very disappointing, but compared to everything else out there, it's still a good value California Pinot Noir if you can get it for under $20. Also, because of the very high acidity, it's a wine that's better with heavy/flavorful/spicy food, or with chocolate (better with milk than with dark chocolate), rather than by itself.
  • wineaboutit commented:

    1/2/13, 11:35 PM - I bought a boat load of this vintage in '09, and felt the same. Thankfully,
    today, this wine has dramatically improved/matured, and is a nice Cali Santa Maria value pinot.

1999 William Hill Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley
12/20/2012 - binksmummy Likes this wine:
85 points
12/20/12 Past its prime but smooth with fruit left on the pallate. Still a great wine.
  • wineaboutit commented:

    12/28/12, 2:04 PM - Appreciate the note, have 1 in the cellar, will drink soon.

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