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4/13/2019 - pbreton Likes this wine:
96 points
Superlative elegance, finesse, and purity. Very fine tannins. Comes across as a light and ultra silky young Mouton-Rothschild. Very impressive. From the Araujo's biodynamic Rancho Pequeño Vineyard in Oakville. Crafted by Diana Snowden Seysses.
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2/12/2015 - pbreton Likes this wine:
99 points
Complex aromas of sweet spices, toffee and noble oak. The palate is complex, richly textured, creamy, balanced and refined. Very impressive.
2/10/2015 - pbreton Likes this wine:
99 points
Pure, refined, seductive, rich and balanced. A Napa Cabernet Sauvignon of great sophistication, delineation and elegance. Gorgeous aromas of red and dark berry liqueur, minerals and flowers emerge from the glass. The palate showcases beautiful purity of fruit and minerals through it's long, zen and silky finish.
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2010 Dominus Estate Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
11/6/2013 - pbreton wrote:
93 points
It is quite young and needs a few years to integrate the oak, which is abundant and quite obvious at this stage. Primary on the nose. The palate is smooth, creamy and layered. This will certainly become a very good wine in a few years. However, nowhere near the 100 pts Parker just gave it. Wines like these are omnipresent in the market.
8/25/2012 - pbreton wrote:
78 points
Undrinkable. Absolutely disjointed and cloying. Pruny, burnt fruit, too sweet and acidulated. A catastrophe considering this came from To Kalon. Very poor winemaking.
2003 Sloan Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
2/4/2011 - pbreton wrote:
65 points
How this wine ever received 96 pts from a professional critic and sell for such a high price underlines everything that's wrong with cult wines. This is a god-awful, over-extracted, unbalanced, oaky, hot, cloying imposter "created" for point seekers and not wine lovers. Stay away from this if you love wine. Poured down the drain. 65 pts.
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2/4/2011 - pbreton wrote:
88 points
From the importer direct from the producer. Bottle in excellent condition. Garnet color with slight browning on the edges. Very slow to open. Aromas still very subtle and simple after 1 hour. Forest floor, game, raspberries, cherries and smoke. Initial palate is a bit sweet and shows slight lack of balance (heat). Much more interesting on the palate after 2 hours with good energy, vibrancy and length. I fear this wine has started to decline. Drink fast. 88 pts.
10/16/2007 - pbreton wrote:
98 points
First taste of this wine gave me goose bumps. Incredibly dense and liquorous with pure cassis, black cherries, blackberries, delicate fine oak and dark chocolate. Napa doesn't produce many wines like this one. Brilliant!
1/13/2007 - pbreton wrote:
100 points
Tasted several times with inconsistent notes. This one being the best. Pitch black. Aromas of blackberries, licorice, dark chocolate, graphite and espresso. Extremely dense and concentrated with perfect balance, finesse and incredible length. Certainly one of the most solid, structured and pure wines I've ever tasted from California. Should be very long lived. Must be decanted a minimum of 4 hours.
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