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N.V. Castle Creek Winery Merlot American
4/16/2008 - pgm wrote:
67 points
This was a gift from a friend from Utah who explained, "because I bet you don't have any wine from Utah." Correct indeed.

Though appreciated as a gift demonstrating some friendly wit, I would characterize the wine itself as, to use a term I remember from a TN from Eric, DNPIM---(Do Not Put In Mouth). Very little nose to speak of, thin and nearly flavorless on the palate. However, these positive features were marred by an unfortunately powerful and persistent finish featuring Blech, Ick, and Ugh and a sting of alcohol.

Good only for a collection of wines from all 50 states, in which case it serves perfectly well unopened.
  • pgore commented:

    3/9/10, 6:26 PM - In case this review was not clear - let me repeat. Place this bottle on a nice library rack or waterfall rack, label out... then leave it alone.

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