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White - Sparkling
6/24/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
The only vintage available midtown this morning, and easily supplants memories of recent forays back into the woods if not badlands of nv bubbly.

But, one should consider twice both bottles and glasses of 2007 Champagne imho. And not just for the simple reason that 2004, 2005, 2008 and increasingly the six and nines are “better.”

When I started keeping and tradings wines in Paris in 1993, I was made aware by nego friends that INDEED, tossing off the chaff to the US market (as well the markets of Europe and AsiA, etc) was more “a big deal” than “a bit real.”

Basically, as reflexive acts of both patriotism and economics, shittier wines get pushed OUT of France, while superior bottlings “mysteriously” linger in the caves in-country.

Naturally, this is to some degree a matter of common sense, but worth keeping in mind as a retail consumer always. This is the second 2007 Salon I’ve bought at retail because either midtown (west) LA or NYC had nothing else. I hope it is my last. I was out the door under 5 bills this time, but you know: Basta.

93-94 a bit thin.
Rosé - Sparkling
6/24/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
92 points
Still have NO IDEA where folks are getting vintages for this or Laurent brute Rosé! Far as I know, it’s made up by republicans or some other sort of skinny head.

In any case the more pink, more berried and finer beaded nv Billecart Rosé is the superior drink to the Laurent Perrier Rosé, as expected. Perhaps this is why Laurent brings the metal box into play. Both are off dry, so to speak.

Likely the Laurent is a shrewder gift, more French sounding, a shiny box, AND ALSO MAY BE CONFUSED WITH PERRIER JOUËT, which, I submit, is likely a well-known/loved phenomenon over at Laurent Perrier.

More precise, balanced and longer, if a touch sweeter than L-P, better logo, girls seem to prefer it as well. (Could be a in part a salmon crossover.)

In summary:

P-JOUËT vint Rosé a notch over nv B-Salmon, which a notch over nv L-Perrier, which a notch over
vn Veuve-Cliquot, which is now just over the line of what I avoid due to quality concern.

I advise drinking Salmon Rosé exclusively in order to fund real champagne nights/flights of Salon and Krug- To whom now I retreat hastily back into company with. Ciao. JD
Rosé - Sparkling
6/22/2019 - jdtonic wrote:
90 points
I’m a little confused— me and the guys at Sutton Wine Shop can’t find any dates on any Billecart or Laurent brut rosé. Or perhaps Brute Rosé.

So I’m reviewing the NV Laurent Rosé. (Does the cellie translate bar codes into vintages? I was feeling so on top of things earlier, too..)

A light orange pink, quick-vanishing frothy mousse, but a very persistent bead of six or seven streams of tiny bubbles. (A few neon tetras could easily become a school in there.)

I have a some hay flax and strawberry notes, a bit ponderous, but not bad. I think it’s more mineral and a bit of stems than grapefruits but I gotta say ok to Ruby Reds. Tough to shake the idea (and scent) of pink grapefruit based on the color of the beverage alone. (It’s uncannily like the juice left in the bowl after a grapefruit was therein devoured.)

I think I prefer billecart but this stuff’s similar.

(I been spoiling this bistro. I came in with this swill tonight and they said corkage if they sell it — I said how much for either and turns out they don’t sell it. POURED 1994 Hillside, 2000 Yquem, Multiple Deuce Chambertin, 96 Margaux, etc liberally all around here lately. Ah human nature.)
6/20/2019 - jdtonic Does not like this wine:
87 points
One 115 buck outlay, on a persistent “tip” (I knew better than) from Sherry Lehman later, and reality bites! I gave the 2/3 remaining in bottle to a thirsty cabbie. Funny watching my mannerly French waiter work his way to “This Sucks.”

I mention the poor retail advice only because of zero offer of recompense the next day from Sherry-L. I feel so abandoned—-And HOW on earth will I find another wine shop near midtown Manhattan??
Sure—But another S-L recommended Chambertin will be drunk tomorrow. A Gallois charmes with which I have experience...

The 2007 Champy GC is Too acidic, with muted tho spiced red fruits on a stove, and a weak palate. Finishes clipped and south of 88. I say about the only thing worthy and present in this vint, ironically, was the price and the not inaccurate whiff of gevrey spice. (See what leaves Lehman’s for 100 bucks from the Cotes de Nuits.) (Memories?)

Avoid the (false) bargain.

[With a 2013 Estournelles St Jacques and maybe the stray lucky bottle of Gallois CC may one duck a rather $erious ‘hate-bang-for-burgundy’ herein.]
White - Sparkling
6/21/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
95 points
That pronounced ‘saline bitterness on the mid-palate’ which I saw mentioned in these pages detracts from this not-yet-ready-for-prime-time player. Great yeasty sourdough though. And yellow apples are peeking up like Garcia Lorca from behind unripe watermelons. Interesting...

I think it (that bit of December Gulf Stream) resolves into the ‘titanium peach pith’ of its older brother, but maybe not/ not until NYE 21-22. I don’t think the very picky/wealthy will waste too much time here with the 1996 still readily available, which means, by all means, buy her now if you BELIEVE.

(But I do wonder, was “saline bitterness” mentioned in early tastings by zither/ür/ersatz Illuminati in Krug juveniles from stellar vints like the 1996? Hmmm...)

Delicious with nothing at all while Mr. Chow shouts, sighs, and dies behind me on 57th. Gives battle-fatigued resto staff a noticeable lift for a while, anyway.

94-95 pts
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6/18/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
My third bottle.

I dropped one outside flatiron wines SF one day, and a hobo commented on the GORGEOUS bouquet when I got back in the car a half hour later, due to her

Fine Blue/Black Fruit & Good spice as mentioned. I do really enjoy this wine, and, at the risk of seeming more daft than usual: it always feels and pours and tastes and seems very PURPLE to me. So herein: Blue and blackberries really are just trying to get to dark grapes in a sense. Sorry. I resist saying more for mysterious personal reasons. Ok: THIS WINE CONFUSES ME. I have only had one DRC Riche, the 05, and it was bigger. With the Méo 13, I suppose, there’s a “dry extract” issue. I wanted more, And, so,
As tasty as this wine very much presents,

I feel obliged to mention that I paid too much for this vint. For good or ill, as trading out at par or better—as with the 2009 Crow— has proved challenging, I will suffer through the six packs... Ha.

(I believe many men have overpaid for bottles with RICHEBOURG written on them. Yes: It helps.)

They run, thus far:
93-96 pts,
based largely on variable perceived extraction.

[ok-Will make a point of a little meo camuzet tasting with other wine studs for our mut Ben later.]
White - Off-dry
6/19/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
95 points
Sometimes I think I’m a suckling kinda grade pig, tossing out As willy-nilly, all giggles and self-congratulation and flatulence — ok no offense intended here to James Suckling at all, indeed, we have never met, and that person has nothing to do with any of this...

So I worry I’m not strict enough, or I just don’t always get picky enough, etc , etc , ,
but then I open a bottle like this, with someone having opened it at age four (meaning age 1) and saddling her with an 89 and I realize no: I don’t know and care less what others are drinking, or where when or whence they bought or stored their vints & beverages. . .,

But this 2007 GC Lorentz Late Vintage Gewurtz is an OUTSTANDING wine of power, breed, & finesse.

Just about the best thing to wash down pâté on the earth, both subtle and electric, soft and intense. Lovely. White peach, beeswax, more things, mint, basil butter, lovely and unique.

Someone said it’s like Sauternes— and I left Vendôme and ran and grabbed a 2000 Yquem, thinking it may somehow befuddle or even surpass the Semillon, and you know what: THE YQUEM WAS BETTER. (I’m just spoiled by familiarity.)
But who but me starts any hint of a fight with Yquem?? Yquem is like the Eminem of wines!!!

AND almost completely different anyway and (even my precious 2k) too sweet to drink (unlike this Gewurtz) with more than a bite of food.


[98 points the lovely and likely underrated 2000 Chateau d’Yquem. And Somebody needs a nap.]
6/18/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
Clear purplish ruby.

Reticent nose of topsoil, gevrey herbs, forest berries and plum.

With air, some piquancy to herbs and intensity to both red and blue berries. Legs like corduroy.

On the palate, racy notes of soil, sand and strawberries. Like a motorcycle race on the Isle of Man which ends early but gently.

A terrific 1er Cru.
93-94 points and bottle open 15 minutes.

At 185 out the door, among the “deals” at Sherry Lehman.
Rosé - Sparkling
6/17/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
95 points
Tighter and tastier than the 2005, and

Yeah it’s a treat,

Like a cash offer 26% over asking> Praise God.

Dried red currants, fine fading bead, some potpourri, only notions of strawberries here, and stainless steel such as delivered by fighting knuckles. (Excellent with the Ning Lobster rolls.)
Tastes better with a girl around, though hip-hop legends blunt the burn a bit. Some salty brioche.

(The Bjork Box is lovely though tonight it reminds me of Sith Sabers, failed friendships and- YEEZUS- only one left, tbh. I have replenishment to effect across every board but maybe Napa Cabs ok...)
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Rosé - Sparkling
6/15/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
92 points
From two glasses at Caviar Russe

Glass one better mousse but leaden. 90-91

Glass two fresh bottle better bead 93-94

Red Apple and Bosch pears and dough.
6/16/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
Is New York City the greatest town?

Well, I miss the edge more than most, gentle reader, and neither mainly for my communist leanings nor easy hard drug procurement purposes..

Why then, do I so miss the obliterated edge of Manhattan? Cuz it seasons the stew. That’s why. What fun is Meyer Lemon tart without a bit of blueberry coulis? WHAT FUN IS WHITE TAILS AT THE OPERA WITHOUT A LITTLE (Árôme du) BUM PISS ON THE WAY TO THE CAB?? [Aside: Get the lemon blueberry Mille Feuilles at Balthazar whence that cool coulis bit.

And so then: Why is (a relatively edgeless) NYC easily still the greatest of American cities? Because one can decide to walk anywhere in Manhattan and in the first wine shop one enters grab a 2012 Spottswoode for tomorrow night’s repast..,

..And in the second shop grab the 2012 Monument Tree by Copain... Oh, For whatever they may serve at some hotel bar or other...

Unusually lifted (esp. for A-Valley) aromas of dirt, strawberries, cranberry juice and maybe spruced loam.

Palate is more of the same bright flavors with that evergreen element resolving as a mint note, and truly bracing and mouthwatering acidity.

“Wow” was heard sharing this perfectly-cellared Copain, btw..

Oh look! Here comes a milk-piglet from Nomad!

6/16/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
92 points
Coming around.

(Handles her booze better than splits of the 15 Vieux Lazeret, I promise you THAT.)
6/16/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
91 points
Yeah, I expected more, too, but given only my recollection of the wine itself. The problem, I suppose, is that I was just a twig-bundling peasant slogging thru the rafts of 40-80 buck chuck so very recently, indeed.

Dirty ruby— like Grenache with some Syrah and Mourvèdre thrown innit.

Raspberry schnapps, garrigue, heat and marzipan on the pointer.

I just reördered the same butternut agnolotti here at Balthazar to give her some time to lose her sharp astringency- On verra- and to stuff my pie hole FURTHUR.
2010 Sloan Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
6/13/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
97 points
The bottle before this last one was muted and inexpressive. Perhaps a 94 point effort.

I told mgmt—they seemed notably unperturbed. Anyhoo, boo—So I brought one to NYC.

Just a joy. Tough to beat this wine on a good night.
2005 Dominus Estate Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
6/14/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
96 points
I suspected that I’d regret getting only a half case of this wonderful vint, and here we are. All gone, so time to fess up and score it where it deserves.

The 2005 Dominus is like the Insignia taken as a brand. It is a benchmark bottling. Why are the French here in force: This is why. The easy richness, power and poise of this wine is the sort of bottling folks on 2nd or 3rd growth land in France spend a lifetime attempting to create.

Clear opaque purple. Not a hint of brick.
Sweet cassis, leather, clean brown soil and black cherries on the nose.

The delineation of the wine is such, that, if one were so trained, the relative quality of each variety in bottle can be ascertained. Gorgeous cherry, glove leather, herbs de pro, red currants, and salted chocolate nuances in the palate. Superb.

Perhaps the best steak wine in the entire world, but both paradoxically reserved and giving enough that could be paired -enjoyably- with Dover Sole.
Difficult to imagine any vinous individual not adoring (blind, gagged, neither both) this drink.

Still tannic and youthful.
Will try to find another tranche.

—next 15 years.
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6/10/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
96 points
This bottle not as expressive as the last pair,

But the 2Deuce is the my favorite of the wines reared by the late Joseph Roty. A beautiful thing.

Down to two necks.
(Not panicking, exactly... more like Wistful with noticeable tremor..)
5/29/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
98 points
I drank one glass on the property. Stunning! Just Stunningly good. I swear to god, I think Ms. Fleming must somehow engineer these (based on my first ever bottle): LUDICROUSLY LOW scores/empty reviews.

Q:: BUT WHY???

I had really wanted to ambush the maker before reporting this, with suitable cash and fair wine trades in hand, but it’s an injustice to THE TRUTH itself to not leave anyone looking here with a taste of reality. (Pardon)

We drank the other glasses over dinner at SOLAGE, where my not easily impressed vampire companion made big goggle-y bug eyes at sip #1.

Likewise the sommelier. Fleming is His workplaces’ neighbor. He asked for the bottle and tapped into his phone a changing priority...
And one sip to the not expressly vinous waiter got the same wide-eyed amazement. I had to chew (ample) sediment (in both the bottle and then in my pie-hole to find a taste anywhere NEAR 92 pts.

Fabulous purity. Superb flavor. Beyond notes
Not a millimeter into stew, heat, flab or twilight.

97-98 points.


Am very truly and dead seriously contemplating this instant a run up to Calistoga with treats from my cellar to get more TODAY.

I’m going up.
Life is short.
Napa close.
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2014 Miner Family The Oracle Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/31/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
93 points
One of really only two wines to cut thru a pretty standard-plus tourist/Bataan march of easily forty 60-160 buck Napa cabs, in eight houses. The other was a Kelly Fleming 14.

Sometimes I go along. Rarely quietly. Did ok yesterday tho. (Some folks were tasting the whites too! I was concerned that I might never enjoy wine again, and nursed watered-down cape codders at dinner —with effort.)

Could definitely use another year or two underground, but this 2014 Oracle has good flavors, texture, mouthfeel and balance here right out of the gate. EAT WITH FOOD!
A standout beverage, among those sourced and sold in this valley at this price.

Deep opaque ruby purple. Intense cassis, granite, red plum, and —- let’s say “clean wool/wet soil/olive tapenade/aggregate stew.” Palate tired.
But The intensity — wow—and the sharpness of the black currant fruit liquor and her minerals elements here recalls immediately like either a pubescent Latour-a-pomerol or juvenile Graves of good quality and provenance. Great balance, ((tho I’ve had toobmuch wine to measure finish tbh. And I will have to re-taste to confirm the notes—))
But a persistent and tasty, and well-structured wine.

Easily the Best drink tasted here since.. ok.. hmmm... why try this?? Dunno the othersuro good one ::: This is One of only two times I found a bottles for sale here to lay down. Another time I got one to I see upside, personally, but I’m wrong a third of the time — ok I will report back if suits me/ wine survives. ((Hoping for 150-200 buck Napanook Dunn return flavored on this 70 buck Oracle blend play)) ((Dunn. Graves. Pomerol.)) hybrid

Ok— it is coming back vis: my previous Miner overachiever: I had, I believe, something like a ‘97 or 2001 Flagship miner in late 2006 on a tip from a local female punchdowner— And all of these — (equally, I mean: the wine tip, the lady-factotum, [then working at Green and Red] who provided the tip, and the 1997 Miner Cabernet ) - I found to be Very enjoyable bargains. THOSE three bottles of whatever it was by MINER- did indeed improve steadily —and punch (up) above weight class until gone. (And the friendship with that human chick failed. Of course.) That’s my memory.

Anyhoo—- so I check in at Miner every 3-4 years, and never any regret there, purchases made or nay. Miner is old school and if you’re industry or just a pushy snob willing to pay to taste what indeed you hope to buy, is... always.. and forever..

. ..A friendly house, improved now, elevator option to a nice porch facing West across the Silverado (and off the beaten-) Trail toward the sinking sun and the Great Calm Sea. The Miner vibe is more relaxed than most, and so, particularly if a good wine is found, can be very RELAXING. Sunsets here are recommended.

No doubt miner has sourced great berries, though the Franc still bosses her Merlot. Wait another year. Or decant 2-3 hours. Hope this “Oracle” is a “Harbinger” as well.
Thanks Miners.

2014 Opus One Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
3/4/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
On a rare time when the staff was -(willing/able/both/neither/insane and/or renegade enuf)- to pour the 13, 14, 15 by side: I chose the 14.
(That horse blanket aroma cloying upon on the 2013 recalled -a tad for myself, too close for comfort— that odor redolent of goddam baking soda-heavy cream from the TL, tbh, and was as evident six months hence, as well.)

I prefer the 15 over the 13 for the same reason today, (Tho the non-erasure oA
1989 Château Clinet Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/11/2019 - jdtonic wrote:
99 points
Hot day errands are slow, troubling, and truly impossible except wine-related, flustered, sad, only Road Warrior understands—decided to grab my next to last ‘89 Clinet just because I needed help. (And the accursèd bacteria mauled last one)


This wine is a special animal, which I don’t know if the literature is up upon, but it made me smile with its heady brooding right bank menace of blackest oily soil and like animal musk swigging right out the fresh open canister on the 101.
(Oh, I’m the guy in that beat-up 87 Celebrity that torches you so-called racer kids routinely, and bullies you self-righteous slowpoke old sad-sacks out of the kill lane.)

The fascinating thing was to see if those electric red berries would appear out of the (clearing) fog of heavy red earth, plums steadily morphing from stewed and red to fresh and black and various leathery woody shrubbery minerals and fleeting florals yellow and green medicinal. (Animale is somehow a nasal resolution of medicinal.) (mayhap)
Seed by the roots came on the JD radio around SFO and that swig was where those Clinet berries started to emerge. They were spectacular in the swig around Brannan and 3rd, and I sat in my car in the heat at the palace hotel, knowing I’d be far more generous than anyone at Flatiron deserves. Just like a lingonberry/wild strawberry hybrid of a most particular and precise bright red flavor.

One 750 left.

[If you think you know pomerol, and have not tasted at length ~and perhaps alone~ the 1989 Clinet, set about this necessary chore asap.]
(Mind prov. These are asiatic globe trotters)
1989 Château Clinet Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
3/21/2019 - jdtonic wrote:
5/3/2019 - jdtonic wrote:
99 points
Last bottle out of wood.
Time to switch to 1.5L unless you get them from the haus itself.

[One of the bottles previously tasted (tho fine, actually) had more destination stickers than the trunk of a belle-epoque travellers trunk..]

Will just let the score speak to the juice. The fruit held 90 minutes open. Delicious with about 9o seconds of air.

Thing very Nice about fully mature women and wine—any and all foreplay, airing, decanting, stemware, compliments— every single thing takes a far back seat to an immediate good and hard pounding.

And pound her I did with gusto. And Chicken Roulade at Saratoga SF.

Drink em if you got em, or go steal the magnums under Buckingham Palace and Chateau M herself.
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5/19/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
99 points
From .375

Aired three hours during gAme 5 versus the accursed St. Louis fucking blues..

A great call though, as the almost black ruby beverage easily halved my disappointment with the Sharks, who missed a few first period opportunities, and then started circling not bait, not downed pilots, dying humpbacks or the ACCURSÈD AND BORING LUNKHEAD “STYLE” OF HOCKEY -that cynically tries to fill the zone with giant slabs of guys too slow to play lax St. Louis fucking blues, but rather, to circle the big proverbial porcelain bowl...

KO nose of bdx dust, raspberry liqueur, violin rosin, cedar, Margaux herbs and violets and mmmmmarzipan. Completely seamless— others found it difficult to pick out flavors so I withdrew the offer of another taste and I guess I got it except for “glove leather and blueberries and or strawberries” but those aren’t quite right. It’s a note more like the black cherry put in coke. That raspberry liqueur is sweeter than any raspberry.
Let’s call it BLACK CHEERY.

Im upset I sold any of this. I predict it will become one of the greatest wines in history. And I mean in the next ten years, too.

But I won’t sandbag. It’s a remarkable and stunning wine of power and also impeccable balance.

Fresh and simply delicious in the palate. Rich black cherry compote, herbs, rasp, earth and smoky cedar notions. Finish of 50-60 seconds. Her resolve is dry and reminds you that the best is a half decade out. Easily.

The 1990 Haut Brion is not jealous of this wine, all things considered, but it’s makers would immediately agree that this drink just tastes better.

Or they’d be lying outright.

98-99 points.
Ready from .375 with some air .
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2004 Joseph Phelps Insignia Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/14/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
95 points
Deep Ruby Purple

Menthol, Plums, Graphite and Fresh Blackberries on the nose— within ten seconds.
(So Very fresh, fruity and instantly appealing. This is why the French are here, I think, to taste the otherworldly (newerwordly?) power in this soil..)

Plums, Earth, Ripe Black Currants and an intense flint/mint/minerals. Menthol (some day licorice) resolution I guess. Wow.

So Very very young and fresh. This taste only 25 mins open. Delicious. Enough

Obtain hold.
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2/25/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
96 points
Very tannic for this cuveé-- which was exactly why I poured it for Josh at Flatiron during a wine trade. (Just make it bitter; then the anti-Napa heads will rave about the "structure" and "complexity." This is entirely unfair, to both the wine and to Josh. But true enough among the Norcal Parker reactionaries to stay in print here.)

A very Delicious drink, with layers of fruit and savor-- blAck primarily. Some indecipherable red fruits and oak peeking out in tasty vanilla bean, crepe batter, etc...

Francophone has it about right, but I'd say this beauty peaks closer to 5-7 years. Hey: Otherwise ( at ten years) it will just be a "typical blockbuster Napa cab with no structure."

Hold a minute
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1998 Château Cheval Blanc St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
2/21/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
98 points
Class in a glass, as the kids say, these days.

Obtain. Pour. Smile. Repeat.
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White - Sweet/Dessert
2000 Château d'Yquem Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
2/3/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
Palate impediments. Splashed on the rocks to render an “insanely generous” gratuity merely “excessive.”

“Bad bottles” of Yquem share space with “flavorless Kyotan meals” in the saddlebags of the “Unicorns and Pegasi” out-guarding the “gates of hell” wherein resides “the Devil...”

(“Warm Chestnuts” and “candied citrus zest” were among the “notes and notions” both noticed and named by the nostrils and noggins nearby..
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2/4/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
86 points
Well I found this stirred in with a few mixed cases overpaid at auction and again at shipping and customs and taxation from Bruun Rasmussen of Denmark. (Salt caves? That’s them there.) Brought it in from the car because I realized I’d never tried the maker, and only once the lover’s vineyard.
And so she poured cloudy purple brown. And the non-pope bounty huntress brought pulled chicken a bun and white sauce. —And we danced ��on the river we danced. Old man dm

Nose of wet leaves and stewed plum and rubber band/aids was, in fact, distinctly Burgundian— if reticent. (After finding nothing but the previous commentator’s thumping on the vast interwebs, timidity reigned all around.

The nose was not fully suppotackc
She faded in a halftime.
File #86.
80 points.
Maple leaves in puddle of clean brown water
Where sits a plum and a bit of astringent.
Rosé - Sparkling
1/24/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
96 points
A treAt.

Superior red fruit definition from strawberries and currants compete to a tasty draw with brioche and baking baguette.

The kind of wine that makes your date take the whole ice bucket over to her side of the table so nobody (including me) even considers asking for a taste.

Bjork put a pink laser laser on the box; close enuf —(interestingly I actually preferred this wine to the 1996 Rose a few nights ago) JD
2008 Joseph Phelps Insignia Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
1/24/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
95 points

An hour for champagne and oysters in a decanter is all she needs. Just a poised and lip-smacking bdx blend that is year in and year out: The benchmark of Napa.

Shared with chef and server and mgr in a place that actually has a few wines. “Jesus” “wow” “yum” Yeah.

Shreds that corkage fee EVERY time.
Thanks, Joe!
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2002 Domaine Joseph Roty Charmes-Chambertin Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru Pinot Noir (view label images)
1/23/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
96 points


1/5/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
From magnum.
Good Ruby/Violet to Rim.

Nice nose with flAaaa- beg pardon. She’s a bit flat.

Basically if this bottle doesn’t come around at dinner in a halfy, along with a disappointing 2007 Salon, will be my worst day in wine in 14 months.

No back up. I publish this, in part, that the haters may rejoice, though more so to :

MOs Def: let thy magnums of 2005 Ducru lie awhile..
White - Sparkling
1/5/2019 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
93 points
I agree with two notes ago. Worst Salon to date.
That said: it was a decent drink— 91/92 points.
Citrus and minerals. No dough. In theory- and indeed possibly— heat Damaged. South FLA.

I’ve tried two: One in LA two months ago maybe a 95. Sharp and tangy but lacking the body of the —(nominate a year and score).

The bottle opened today as a foil for the Korbel served in the Cabana for the UVA game this afternoon had a clipped saline finish that vaguely echoed the twigs and stems and sinkwater finish of the korbel..

Another angel is a centerfold.

Hold off a few years, or hold out for better vintages.

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12/30/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
The smart move, if and when you can swing it, is walking into a wine store, like Flatiron Wines NYC, and buying EVERY single Rochioli they have on site.

(The few you don’t buy will be gone when you come for them a few days later.)
12/29/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
Few things taste better.
12/30/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
94 points
A bit more poise than recent Rochioli drunk by me.

Got the “wow” from a woman sitting across from me.

1/1/2019 - jdtonic wrote:
95 points
Clouded ruby rose.

Nose of tapenade, cherries, kirsch, and, yes: salted raisin reduction. Some toasted vanilla and herbs du Provence.

Tasty and generous palate of salted black cherries and bits of everything above mentioned.

Finish of perhaps 17 seconds.

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White - Sparkling
12/31/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
98 points

It’s better than the 1996 Billecart Liz.

It’s the richness of the wine which has been a bit invisible to me, tbh.

Not tonight.
Apotheotic and Stunning.
Whether the 96KcM is the better drink, as mentors maintain is an open question. Hope to answer it.
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Rosé - Sparkling
12/31/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
97 points
Light Salmon Orange.

Extremely fine bead.

Delicious Out The Gate— a nose of the very sweetest brioche, whiffs of fresh squeezed Valencia orange juice and vanilla bean.

A subtle but precise creamsicle brioche nose. Exactly.

Very tasty front of palate: sweet grapefruit and subtle brioche dough and minerals.
Truly & Exquisitely refreshing. Good mouth tension. Suberb.

If perfect: an underrated drink. Only very recent droughts of 1996 S & KcM eclipse. Timidity and temerity— and the suspicion that I may have only given the 96 KMesnil a 97 Keep this to: fuck it:

(The previous reviewer is commenting on the uncanny persistence of this BEAD. In other words, the microscopic bubbles are THERE, if invisible, and each taste creates effervescence that tickles everything.)
White - Sparkling
12/30/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
96 points
Like dough and ⚡️ sparks.

Have had a few bottles of this beauty now, and have avoided a review for the usual selfish reason: obtaining more will become more difficult/costly.

Possibly the apotheotic pairing to the best Osetra caviar; The 2004 Krugs are fabulous. Not good. Not very good. Just wonderful and as sharp as the glances from very mean and very pretty women.

I honestly do not know what fruit/s I am tasting—- but I know that they are all cast from some alloy of titanium and sterling silver spurs.

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12/30/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
96 points
From the Rayas Estate, exactly, on a rise in CdP.

Clouded Ruby.

Knockout nose of Raspberry pie and cardamom.

Someone recently commented elsewhere on dialectic in Rayas between Fruit and Spice.

That sums it up pretty well.

Very tasty.
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12/28/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
92 points
Gutt 22 has it about perfectly. I get a bit of strawberries, and the oak is more than muted. Also: The finish is a bit clipped—-but—

And I love saying this about a RRV Pinot—-

But she’s a little young yet for Rochioli Grand Cru.

Rochioli (still: West Block 2009,10) is the best substitute if the 2007 Marc isn’t going to happen.

White - Sweet/Dessert
2000 Château d'Yquem Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
12/27/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
95 points
It isn’t the 1967, but I found the muted sweetness (RELATIVE TO OTHER YQUEM) charming.

Candied orange peel, marzipan, whiffs of cinnamon petrol and brioche (honeydough), as well as I forget, pardon, notes elsewhere. Furniture polish buttered cedar like... DELICIOUS Wine.

As good was the sip left in the bottom of a glass the next afternoon, that I immediately found a case of halfies.

If you like the less sweet Chateau Y: try the 2000.
It’s proximity to the 2001, which I’ve owned and sold twice, as the hype eats the earth, keeps this underrated. (I apologize to those among the “Yquemerie” to whom this knowledge is old hat.)

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12/27/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
93 points
Bright juicy red cran/strawberry note is the flavor Maypole which other birch, cola, red bean, brown butter essences flit around in and out of perception.

This is one wine where the wee waggish wine witticism: “Deliciously Uncomplicated” works.

Just a hair too jammy or a hair to light on acidity to pair with suckling tempeh.

But one of the best apparatif wines EVER.
12/26/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
98 points

Opaque Ruby/Garnet

Aromas which at first appear overëxtracted or mascerated minty plum, book leather, blackberry spirits and fine sand castle sand, give way into

Mouthwatering. Repeat. Mouthwatering flavors of blue currant, crême de cassis, leaded petrol, leather and indescribable spices.

The finish is around 47 seconds. Birch bark, camphor and underbrush complicate minty plums and crême de cassis are dominate. A superlative blend with white truffle risotto.
With black truffles shaved high on a black truffle tart? ? ?
Like being fucked my the maximum queen, long past WORDS like rape, death and incest are bleached of their meaning unlike and very much like the skeletons of starved monkeys laughing at one on a deserty dune which is comprised of the dust of every fine restaurant sign from this galaxy and the next couple (scrawled in Roswell hyroglyphs) where whack-a-mole, Like, space space spacepuking dolphins fill the Saharan air with

Camphor, loam crême de cassis, Blue currants, leaded gasoline, leather and blueberry coffee.

You adjust your toe, eye, tie and fly, rueing the

(Their bottles andor brains are heat damaged badly.)

98. Drink.
White - Sparkling
12/26/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
98 points
Afine bead and mousse.

Absolutely the equal of 96 Salon. The sugar and metals battle on each sip like tasty go-bots.
White - Sparkling
12/22/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
98 points
Nothing except turpinol and molten rock —- and yes, perhaps the 96 KcM, as yet untasted— cuts thru variegated palate impediments, (physical and emotional both), so well as the 1996 Salon.

A small clutch of 96 Krug Neil has been obtained.
On verra— et tout suite, je suppose.
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Rosé - Sparkling
12/24/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
93 points
Good cherries. Good bead.

A bit too sweet the first day. Better the second, actually. I get the feeling that is seldom written of bubbly..

Day two: bitter bing, wet steel and Apple and Brioche, as you’d expect. A pleasant sourdoughY note on the finish. A good drink, and very fine with Taj Campton chicken noodle soup.
12/20/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
95 points
A lovely wine.

If Diamond Creek is the only wine which survives the apocalypse, dolphins �� and the space aliens �� from whom they acquire flipper-grips and other key tech will have a good understanding of Cabernet Sauvignon.
12/16/2018 - jdtonic Likes this wine:
97 points
Clear Purple.

Generous nose of cassis, sweet cherries, cinnamon toast & graphite.

Open knit on the front with black raspberries, black currants, leather and mineral.

A short tannic finish which can be fairly attributed to it’s youth and the fact that LORD BACCHUS likely wanted to be certain I’d temper the 100 points given this delicious drink on these pages.

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