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2006 Robert Foley Claret Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
11/27/2020 - melal41 Likes this wine:
94 points
Opened on Thanksgiving weekend with friends. Lovely wine.
Not decanted but did not really need it.
My feeling is the wine is on it's sweet spot and no need to hold.
Complex, aromatic, fine chewy tannins, long finish.
Grab one on a good deal.
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7/4/2020 - melal41 Likes this wine:
94 points
For the 4th celebration with various steaks.
Excellent. On a sensual side. Gobs of fruit and long lingering finish.
Very approachable now. Enjoy.
2007 Joseph Phelps Insignia Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
Tasted at VZ dance Las Vegas on annual rewards reception.
Somewhat disappointed with this 375 bottle. This is from the same allocation at release and other bottle was amazing. One of the best Cali Cabs I had.
This bottle probably suffered from accelerated maturation and looked, smelled and tasted as 30 year old Insignia. Very unfortunate.
Still was outstanding in many ways but not in line with best bottles I had in the past.
Still have a 750 and hopefully in better shape.
No scores at this time.
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12/23/2019 - melal41 wrote:
93 points
Bought a case from winery for a big discount.
Loved it. Very drinkable but a baby. Maybe not as nuanced as reserve wines but very aromatic, complex and just lovely offering from this solid winery.
They did not do a Reserve this year using that fruit for this wine.
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2010 Miner Family The Oracle Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
12/23/2019 - melal41 wrote:
94 points
Outstanding. Complex nose of dark fruits, tobacco and exotic spice. Full body, balanced and seamless. Long finish. Has years of life in it.
9/23/2019 - melal41 wrote:
93 points
Excellent bottle. Was part of a tasting night. Other bottles were Ridge Estate Cab 2008, Blankiet Rive Droite 2008, Spottswoode Estate 2008 and Mondavi reserve 2004.
Came on 3d place by a group opinion after Mondavi and Spottswoode.
This is fully mature red with a deep beautiful color, aromatic nose, medium body, very balanced and dark fruit dominated. Finish is smooth and medium length. Drink within 2-3 years. Very lovely.
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9/2/2019 - melal41 wrote:
95 points
Huge wine but in a right place now. Very dense and powerful but finish is smooth. Perfectly structured. Remanded me Padrone 2006 that I had 3 years ago. Has years to go. And a great value too for Cali Cab.
12/8/2018 - melal41 Likes this wine:
94 points
Finally got this one to open at friend's birthday. Basically insisted on it.
Bought 4 bottles on auction and here we go.
P&P with great nose emerging right from the start. Everyone at the table was impressed. I took time to take a first sip, let it air in the glass.
The taste was special. Very classy wine, not big and fruity but nicely delineated, structured, very long finish. Drink or hold. I wonder how top wines from this winery taste like.
12/20/2018 - melal41 wrote:
95 points
This was my WOTN at birthday reception at VZ dance studio, Las Vegas.
Other wines were Pride Reserve Cab 1994 , Blankiet Red 09 and Alpha Montes M 06.
Decanted for 45 min.
Maybach edged slightly with profound purple color, amazing nose. Combined power and elegance, complex and lovely. Sexy wine. Very long finish.
No hurry to open but what a joy of the wine now! Drink or hold for 3-5 years.
2/8/2018 - melal41 wrote:
93 points
Oh, my!
This is a real thing from Melka! Highly recommended for a friend at Total Wine and I know why.
Very exciting youngster with a long life ahead of it.
There is a lot going on in flavor profile supported by chewy tannins and very long finish asking for more.
Enjoy now or put away for 3-5 years. It is a steak wine.
2/8/2018 - melal41 wrote:
92 points
I had this wine before as a part of a tasting with friends. Bought another bottle and opened a year later. Very impressed both times. Not much to dislike. Everything in a right place. On second day I could not keep my hand off the bottle till all was gone. Just a great cab for a casual dinner.
Will go for another 2-3 years for sure. Enjoy!
had it with a friend at Marche Bucchus Las Vegas tonight. I was holding it for a special occasion and it came.
Popped and poured with amazing nose emerging in few minutes.
A great Napa expression of fruits and profile. This was singing and still young. Refined and complex, leather and cedar notes over dark fruits. A real delight of wine. Finish was endless.
Get it if you can find one. 95+ easily.
I am surprised I never wrote a note on this wine. It was my personal favorite of 2014. Yes, WOTY 2014.
Bryant Family 2001 was a runner up and Domaine du Pegau 2003 came close 3d.
No formal notes but it was a stunner and perfect in every way. Seamless, smooth and getting better with every sip. Finish was long and caressing.
I bought another bottle to keep till 2019. Great thing they are not as pricey as current releases.
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2010 Levy & McClellan Red Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (view label images)
Well it was not exactly L&M Red but a clone of it. Vintage 2010.
The story is I saw this wine in local store with label Et Al. No other info about producer. Made in Calistoga red wine.
The shape was Harlan Estate (very distinctive) and label and back sticker were made of the same print.
I asked store manager were this come from and he said his boss was touring Napa, liked this wine and brought a case to sell. He admitted later wine made by Martha M
Not cheap but not even close to Harlan or L&M Red.
I took few bottles home and open one at Vitner's Grill in Vegas last week. Asked server to decant and that turned out to be a beauty. Drunk for 2 hours with fine steak. Clearly needs longer decanting.
This was a wow wine all the way. Very young and brooding. Massive size still looking for a balance. Like an adolescent with many talents drifting in many directions. Loads of dark fruit and layers of flavors
The nose was a perfection.
A fine pedigree of this wine speaks volumes.
This will turn out to be a superstar in 5-6 years and last for 10+ with ease.
I guess it is one of their private ventures for members only like Napa Valley Reserve.
Get it if you find it!
Opened it with some other 96 Napa cabs. Decanted for two hours before drinking.
This is a brooding monster of wine at 20 years. Never thought California cab could do that. Checked the bottle again to make sure it was 1996 vintage.
It was hard to rate it. Soooo big and powerful!
Loads of fruits and very complex. Big in acid and tannins.
May hold for 10+ years
11/20/2016 - melal41 Likes this wine:
91 points
Had it last night as a part of 96 vintage Napa cabs. Others wines were Silver Oak Alex, Staglin, BV Georges deLatour Reserve 95, Pride Reserve cab, Insignia.
This wine showed really well. Fresh and smooth, tannins are almost gone, fruit is very nice, long finish. I do not see any further improvement for this wine. Drink soon.
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10/6/2016 - melal41 Likes this wine:
93 points
I purchased this Pinot from WineBid after I had 2012 Selleck.
It did not disappoint in any ways. Rich and elegant, my style of Pinot.
It was gone before I took another pour.
I call Calera wines Cabernet lover's Pinot.
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2/21/2016 - melal41 wrote:
This Pinot is superb. I am not a Pinot drinker but this wine was out of this world.
So rich without being heavy, great fruit balance and long finish.
This will keep developing for years.
Bought 2 more even though it is not cheap.
Looking for more Calera pilots.
A must try wine!
8/10/2016 - melal41 Likes this wine:
98 points
I took this bottle for a wine dinner with 5 our tasting group.
Wine was decanted upon arrival and consumed consumed in 2 hours.
What can I say? No proper words to describe this perfection from the start to finish.
Complete joy in the bottle. Amazing purity and elegance with cascades of flavors that leaves you speechless.
I put up the score just to make it formal.
It is ready to go with good decanting time.
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9/17/2016 - melal41 Likes this wine:
93 points
Just a lovely juice. great value at $27.
loads of ripe fruit, very balanced and approachable at young age.
One of the best from this winery.
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9/15/2016 - melal41 Likes this wine:
94 points
Decanted for only 30 min and left in a glass for an hour before drinking.
Very well made maybe just lacking a finesse of great wines.
Not a fruit forward style, kept improving with every sip.
good blueberry and dark fruits with hints of earth and coffee.
Long finish. Very lovely and highly recommended.
Will improve in 2-3 years.
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I do not wish to rate this beverage as a red dry wine. As many mentioned it is very sweet. I would ad the first day it tasted unnaturally chemical and not grapy.
I forgot about it for 2 days then tried it again.
I admit the wine added some complexity and became drinkable like cab.
still ...
I fell in love with Cali Cabs in 90s and one of the first wines I loved was 1994 Caymus with other Caymus abs from 90s and 2000s.
This is going a different way to satisfy different palates.
Very sad.
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5/11/2016 - melal41 Likes this wine:
95 points
This was perfect for an occasion. 2004 was the only year I did not have a Bryant Family so I took DB4 for a tasting.
This wine is complex and elegant after 1 h in decanter.
Nose is simply amazing!
Better than BF 2000 and 2002 I had last year.
Has more years to go for sure. But delicious now.
2005 Lewis Cellars Cuvée L Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (view label images)
3/16/2016 - melal41 wrote:
96 points
Still big but perfectly balanced. Classic high end Lewis. A lot to love in this wine. Probably just entering a drinking window so no hurry to open if you have one.
My only bottle but no regrets.
1/13/2016 - melal41 Likes this wine:
95 points
Completele agree with Outlier note.
This is a massive young cab that can be enjoyed early.
Has a tremendous potential.
Can be confused with high priced elite Cabs.
Highly recommended.
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2006 Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
10/11/2015 - melal41 Likes this wine:
95 points
Opened at Whispering Vines for Vlad's birthday.
Superb and classy. Opened up quickly with rich dadk berry aromas, slightly floral. Imeccable balance, long palate.
Pure pleasure. At perfect drinking age but will go for more years without problems.
Best Pahlmeyer since 1996.
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