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2015 Pewsey Vale Vineyard Riesling Eden Valley
9/13/2017 - spicy1 Likes this wine:
88 points
Riesling, along with Chard, is supposed to be a white that ages well. This is my third bottle of the wine and it doesn't seem to be ageing well. My scores over the last year are 92, 90 and now 88. Still a decent wine but it has lost some of the spark. Am thinking that the Boundary Break dry from NY is a better bottle of new world Riesling.
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    5/4/18, 10:15 PM - Similar experience with aging

2014 Domaine Lafage Côtes du Roussillon Bastide Miraflors Syrah Blend, Syrah
10/20/2017 - DrEdwardo wrote:
89 points
rich ruby colour. Still somewhat exuberant, youthful (and sweet) red fruit. Plush tannins, rich texture. Good floral & acidic lift. Though drinking well now it would benefit at least another year in the bottle.
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    11/2/17, 10:06 AM - Perhaps. But the best complement to tannin is fat. So any Asian food that is particularly fatty might work.

2015 Gabriel Meffre Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu Saint Mapalis Red Rhone Blend
1/21/2017 - Xavier Auerbach wrote:
87 points
A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre from the alluvial plain between Gigondas and Orange called Plan de Dieu, 100% destemmed, aged for six months in cuve before bottling. A basic but really rather nice, southern Côtes du Rhône. Generous and supple, ripe (but not overripe) fruit, soft but fresh palate, well-balanced, hints of cumin and paprika, clean flavours, good length. Good value for € 5.99.
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    2/25/17, 2:50 PM - €13 (C$18.39) in British Columbia Canada ☹️

2011 Marcel Lapierre Morgon Gamay
4/25/2014 - DrEdwardo Likes this wine:
91 points
Haven't had a bad bottle/vintage yet. Translucent ruby. Wonderful cranberry, cinnamon nose & entry with lemony-juicy lingering finish. Now if they would only ditch those blasted wax capsules!
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    4/27/14, 7:12 AM - I know but frequently/usually this results in crumbs of broken wax falling into the neck of the bottle. Notwithstanding, the wax serves no purpose other than esthetic and isn't worth the additional hassle of opening.

2006 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
2/1/2014 - Weston3220 wrote:
88 points
What is there to say, it is 'youthful' lots of people would of said I drank this too young, but I look at the price I paid I expect it to show when I drink it

French, tasty lots of acidity and red fruit, would like too see it in 10years
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    2/2/14, 7:52 AM - My rule of thumb for classed Bordeaux is to wait at 10 before opening

2009 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir Striped Label Reserve Okanagan Valley
This is smelling sexy reminding me of a oregon pinot [scott paul for example] Earth, Moss, Savoury bright red fruit
On the palate, high acid, med body, med intensity, long finish
Texture is sexy again, creamy in a good way, cranberry/cherry balance of fruit just beautiful

Day 2; Comes together in the acid department much more round and mellow in a good way

Conc: Still young needs more time
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    11/1/13, 2:54 PM - My experience with the stripeys is not to drink them for at least 5 years after vintage. In the meantime, drink plenty of the regular bottlings

2010 Painted Rock Syrah Okanagan Valley VQA
Took a good 45min to open up savory with a dark fruit core nice floral lavander note. on the palate has that bitterness of a Northern Rhone Syrah, and even has that youthful taste it and this needs like 10years

DAY 2, Opened up a bit, softened but still youthful, still reminds me of a nothern rhone, just needs the age to mellow n relax this baby
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    9/18/13, 5:00 PM - How's the oak treatment? I found the 09 OTT in its use

2005 Bodega Classica Rioja Hacienda López de Haro Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
2/12/2013 - biggie wrote:
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    5/12/13, 9:55 AM - My first bottle was corked too :(

  • DrEdwardo commented:

    8/14/13, 4:53 PM - Another corked bottle !!! This time it was a gift for the host of a dinner party.

2002 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir Striped Label Reserve Okanagan Valley
12/25/2012 - DrEdwardo wrote:
88 points
A rather subtle bottle that only opened up near the end. I would suggest drinking these sooner rather than later.
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    12/28/12, 5:52 PM - I have (still) bottles of BM Stripeys going back to 1999. I think they are extremely long-lived. In my experience, I avoid drinking the stripeys for at least 5 years after vintage and that they tend to last (i.e. are still not deteriorating) for at least 10 years after vintage. So, in the meantime, I drink the very approachable regular bottlings of a vintage. Just had a 2010 ( but I'd say it will be at its beast in another 6 months

2009 Delas Frères Côtes du Rhône Saint-Esprit Red Rhone Blend
8/5/2012 - Weston3220 wrote:
earthy funky noses

Conc: Average not good, can feel the 09 vintage on this
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    8/6/12, 8:51 PM - I gave it an 86. Preferred the 06 vintage much more.

2011 Road 13 Viognier Roussanne Marsanne Jackpot British Columbia VQA White Rhone Blend
8/5/2012 - Weston3220 Likes this wine:
90 points
First thing I wrote down was 'Flower Power', crazy Floral, elderberries
High Acid, Ripe Lemon tropical Creamy Profile lots of APricots
  • DrEdwardo commented:

    8/6/12, 7:56 PM - Glad I got 3 bottles @ the winery this last trip. P

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