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2008 Alban Vineyards Syrah Reva Alban Estate Vineyard Edna Valley
7/2/2016 - Jody Smith wrote:
In a nice place right now. Tannin has been tamed a bit (decant, lots of sediment), but still no shortage of grip. Big black fruit bomb, propped up by plenty of structure. All meat and blackberries, with typical Alban, explosive nose. In an age where everyone else is trying to 'dial it back', I'm happy to report Alban continues to march to the beat of their own drum. Always a treat.
  • Jody Smith commented:

    7/3/16, 8:36 AM - There is still plenty of tannin and fruit in the 2008 - no reason to rush through them, but a good time to check in if you have multiples. I generally prefer the fruit foreword flavors in CA wine, and save my desires for secondary/tertiary expression for CA's French equivalents. This one is just starting to round out. Tannin is not quite as angular as it was a couple years ago, but fruit and florals still take center stage. I'd say this is just entering its drinkability window.

2012 Rudius Cabernet Sauvignon Knockmore St. Helena
5/21/2015 - Jody Smith wrote:
Apologies in advance for such a horrible note - just want to alert others holding this wine that I had a bottle tonight that has evolved atypically fast for both Rudius and Pritchard hill. A glorious cab in the making and very much worth checking in on already. A treat!
  • Jody Smith commented:

    5/23/15, 9:59 AM - I was in a hurry so I just attached one of those Rabbit aerators to the bottle and it was drinking fine. I had a glass left on day two (stored in fridge overnight) and it was a bit, but not significantly more open. I only have 1 left so I want to see what time does for it, but opening today, it would really only need a short hour or two to come alive.

2010 Pax James Berry Vineyard Paso Robles Grenache Blend, Grenache
6/23/2014 - Jody Smith wrote:
This is a really pretty wine. Looking at others notes, I'd say size is relative. This wine doesn't come close to Saxum or Pax 1.0 in wieght or intensity, although this is no AFWE Wind Gap either. This falls somewhere in between. This needs lots of air today. On initial open, the nose is reticent and the body, quite lithe. I confess, I was a bit disappointed with my first pass through the new line up. I was hoping for something reminiscent of Pax's earlier efforts and didn't find it - at first. What I found, is that pouring into a decanter, and shaking the heck out of it, repeatedly (this could probably benefit from time in a blender), and the wine gains great weight and the nose explodes. There is incredible purity of fruit, with a clean mineral character dominated by berry fruit, mostly in the red spectrum, raspberries, but with a hint of blackberry. Decidedly berry though. This wine is most notable for its powerful nose. It has a very rose like quality - if I hadn't tasted it, I'd guess Barolo on aroma alone. Very interesting. This will be a great diversion from your stylistic preference, regardless of which end of the spectrum your preference lies.
  • Jody Smith commented:

    6/24/14, 7:14 PM - McKrafty, I prefer the double decant method as well, however life doesn't always allow for such planning. Sometimes, I want something specific, even though I know it needs air to open. I've found many winemakers to be over zealous in the exclusion of oxygen, a little shake is usually all it takes to blow off the reduction and get it to open up.

2012 Carlisle Zinfandel Sonoma County
6/6/2014 - fredman wrote:
91 points
I could drink this every night.
  • Jody Smith commented:

    6/7/14, 7:17 PM - +1

2009 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay B. Thieriot Vineyard Sonoma Coast
12/1/2012 - Trish22 wrote:
89 points
Yellow in color, past its prime.
  • Jody Smith commented:

    12/1/12, 1:35 PM - Frank, I had the 09 two nights ago and it was sublime. Plenty of energy in my bottle!

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