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6/11/2012 - HipandKneeDoc wrote:
93 points
Structured, with firm tannins...much better than I would have expected
5/22/2008 - HipandKneeDoc wrote:
85 points
somewhat thin, not very complex.

expected more
3/2/2008 - HipandKneeDoc wrote:
89 points
funky nose, typical of cdp
dark fruit flavors
2/26/2008 - HipandKneeDoc wrote:
85 points
nose of wood splinters and cherries, mild tannins, certainly ready to drink. some fruit, nice
2/19/2008 - HipandKneeDoc wrote:
85 points
Light color, appropriate for Pinot Noir. Odor of a cherry thrown into a cauldron of melting watermellon Jolly Ranchers. Flavors of watermellon with a touch of cherry. Medium finish.
2/10/2008 - HipandKneeDoc wrote:
85 points
ruby color
minimal smell, some pepper and dark fruits
minimal fruit, with some black pepper on the very short finish
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