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2014 Dorcich Cabernet Sauvignon Monte Bello Santa Cruz Mountains
5/22/2020 - aero Likes this wine:
92 points
Full body, modern style. Attractively ripe and juicy fruit, nearing hedonistic, but without barrel spice and oak carrying it away. Expressive nose and palate. Earth, herbs, and minerality are proper secondaries to the fruit. Finish is swelling and long, and without a couple hours of air it's quite intense.

Fully ripe, none the usual green you'll find in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Curious if there isn't Merlot in there. Here is a wine you can pop and pour today, and has backbone to last a few decades.

PS - I believe the grapes come from Vidovich's vineyard, and the winemaking style could not be more different.
  • aero commented:

    5/28/20, 2:42 PM - Agree on all counts -- Dorcich is doing modern fruit rather than modern oaking, and it is something I'd drink anytime. Have you had the 2016?

2009 Clos Saron Syrah "Heart of Stone" Sierra Foothills
11/23/2017 - aero Likes this wine:
92 points
PnP immediately the nose and palate are rich, nearing opulent. Dark and earthy, with uplifted berries you can feel between your teeth. Firm structure. Complex. 2009 seems an expressive vintage for Clos Saron. Ready to drink today (with air) and into the 2030s. Ended up purchasing a case. Highly recommended.
  • aero commented:

    12/28/18, 10:00 AM - Thanks Carmelo - had a few Clos Sarons that evening and believe those were (mistakenly) the stats for their 08 or 09 Black Pearl. Updated the review

  • aero commented:

    1/24/19, 11:53 AM - Black Pearl (RIP) seems to have been a formative bottle for so many -- purportedly got the vintners of Frenchtown Farms into wine making. Perhaps a testament to co-fermentation of Syrah and Cab Sauv, in addition to the SF-AVA terroir and wine makers. Clos Saron is having their yearly open house in April, perhaps see you there.

    I've never tried Villa Vallecito -- looks like they don't have distribution, but next time out that way will give it a try.

2012 Château de l'Ou Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes Secret de Schistes Syrah
3/22/2016 - kbcadeponei wrote:
93 points
Luxurious style, with an aromatic profile that flirts with the New World style, the 2012 Secret de Schistes greets us with its undeniable flavor keeping a serious posture when confronted with such intensity. Predominance of chocolate liqueur, licorice, cassis, cherry and some spices, in a full and robust wine, of structural harmony and involving exuberance. 93
  • aero commented:

    5/5/17, 3:13 PM - JJ Buckley has at least a few cases stocked in California.

N.V. Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot Number 64 California Red Blend
12/7/2016 - aero wrote:
Bought while looking for good value $10-15 daily drinkers. This isn't a QPR king, but it drinks to me as if the people who made it honestly take care with the tools at their disposal.

It's medium bodied (13.5%), possesses moderate balance, not too artificial, jammy or sugary, and falls off fairly quickly. Dark and red fruit, pepper, touch of vanilla. Tannins aren't a problem here. While I'd rate it "average", in a lineup at an open bar I'd grab it over most others in the price range. Average+.
  • aero commented:

    12/12/16, 9:31 AM - Glad it helped tward, I feel the same way about CT. Saw K&L's email today too, and RP's notes wow. Off the top of my head K&L's 2011 Juan Senor de Lesmos Rioja Crianza is a better drinker for about the same price dependent on liking Tempranillo. Bogle might have a better Old Vine for $10 too, but memory is fuzzy it's been a while.

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