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White - Sparkling
N.V. Krug Champagne Brut Grande Cuvée Edition 167eme Champagne Blend
from half bottle. using krug ID, 47% pinot noir, 36% chardonnay, 17% meunier, and received its cap in 2017.

Darker golden color, with faint amount of slightly coarse bubbles. Nose complex, fruity, golden fruits, lemon, some yeasty richness. Mouth watering tartness on nose.
Palate rich, figgy fruit, nutty yet complex, bright acidity. Some maple/honey.

Wonderful, very classy even for a more difficult vintage. When drinking them young, I've enjoyed the halves of Krug GC more than the 750s which likely needed more age, and this bottle was no exception, ready for business now in half format. 94 pts
  • fred o. commented:

    2/9/20, 1:42 PM - @LiteItOnFire -- it was straight PnP. hard to let it sit/decant since it's so drinkable, the half went pretty quickly...

2011 Château du Hureau Saumur-Champigny Les Fevettes Cabernet Franc
Smoking a tobacco pipe with tart cherries in the mouth while standing 100 feet away from a barnyard. Wife wrinkled her nose and refused to taste it.
  • fred o. commented:

    7/6/19, 10:03 AM - Vivid imagery here. Nice!

2015 Sandhi Wines Chardonnay Sta. Rita Hills
3/1/2019 - Justin S Likes this wine:
91 points
A compelling wine that is almost like a stylistic caricature of what it wants to be (French) rather than the real thing. A textural wine, the acidity is rounded off a bit, but you get a pretty generous and leezy mid palate with some ginger and prickly spice. Not too much cream. I enjoyed it. Forced is not the right word, the best comparison I have is like a good Elvis impersonator.
  • fred o. commented:

    3/2/19, 12:17 PM - Caricature? Can see what you mean tho

2016 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
PnP into a decanter. Vibrant ruby-violet color. Nose grapey, dark fruits, light vanilla with some baking spice. Palate richly fruity, smooth dark fruits, slightly sweet with hint of anise; faint very smooth tannins on finish.

Seamless in its mouthfeel and flavors, somewhat primary and oaky right now but the fruit is exuberant and enjoyable especially when you're in the mood for it. The oak notes do recede with some time and the fruit picks up more definition as it sits, so I'd let it sit in a decanter for at least a couple of hours the next time. Good QPR for Napa cab lovers. 91 pts
  • fred o. commented:

    2/17/19, 10:26 PM - yeah. mindf*ck, eh? cheers.

2016 Yvon Métras Beaujolais Gamay
2/15/2019 - fred o. wrote:
Spritzy, then pronounced nutty note on the palate with time, and a foul rotten odor. Flawed, suspect mouse taint. Unfortunate
  • fred o. commented:

    2/16/19, 5:14 PM - I think you’re right about the higher flaw rate, unfortunate in any case. Glad your bottle turned out better

2017 Turley Cinsault Bechthold Vineyard Lodi
On day two its kinda smelling like day two.
  • fred o. commented:

    2/10/19, 9:05 PM - poetic however not sure what "day two" usually smells like??

2016 Turley Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Napa Valley
12/13/2018 - Ecb1456 Likes this wine:
92 points
40 minute decant. A bit of a white hot mess right now. Gravelly minerals with a vanilla butterscotch nose. Hints of berries in the nose as well. Almost as thick as a petite syrah in is opaque purple color. Thick mouth feel. Blackberries and dark cherries with a dark drying crispness. Tannins are all over the place right now. Needs some time. I will set it aside for the night as see how it behaves on day two. Not a typical Cali Cab. Drinks like a cross between a Brunello and a fruit bomb Zin without the fruit.
  • fred o. commented:

    2/10/19, 8:59 PM - 92 pts seems kinda high for a white hot mess, no? Your note is nice but the points don't seem to match your sentiment...

Rosé - Sparkling
N.V. Savart Champagne Premier Cru Bulle de Rosé Brut Champagne Blend
tasted blind. pale pink color with faint bubbles. Nose stony, light yeast, rose petals. Palate tart green apple, lean. A bit too lean for my taste and not giving, however others preferred this to a big house champagne in a blind tasting. YMMV. 89-90 pts
  • fred o. commented:

    1/26/19, 4:56 PM - hmm, I think it's probably a bit of both -- acidity needing some more time to come into balance, and base vintage variation. It was still a lovely wine, though, and others tasting it that night clearly preferred it to a Charles Heidsieck vintage rosé, so you might like it more now than we did

2015 Bedrock Wine Co. Ode to Lucien California Red Rhone Blend
9/27/2018 - kenthargis wrote:
Very disappointed that these bottles were damaged by the damn heat in the broken wine fridge. One was drinkable but not great, the other wasn't drinkable. Would have loved to have seen these in their prime someday....
  • fred o. commented:

    12/26/18, 9:59 AM - sorry to see what happened with the wine fridge. however, I have to say that it doesn't provide much help for others as a tasting note, as your experience doesn't say anything about the wine's intrinsic merits/qualities. perhaps consider a private consumption note next time when marking it as consumed in CT. happy holidays

2015 Château Mouton Rothschild Aile D'Argent Blanc Bordeaux Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
lightest straw golden color. Nose slightly closed at first when cold -- opens up with time. lightly grassy, some florals/honey. Palate rounded fruit flavor, light lemon and prominent oyster shells, dry. Good depth if questionable QPR. Could definitely seeing it developing more complexity with age, though. 91 pts
  • fred o. commented:

    11/4/18, 8:45 PM - haha Scott, I'm glad :). thanks so much for hosting!!

White - Off-dry
2008 Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris Clos Jebsal Vendange Tardive Alsace
rich golden color. Nose apricot, floral. Palate bright apricot, pronounced acidity still balancing the richness and sweetness, finish with hint of nutty flavor and dried apricot, long. Goes well with ice cream. Interesting, deceptively powerful, will keep my other bottle for a few more years to see how this evolves. 92 pts
  • fred o. commented:

    9/19/18, 9:34 PM - I'm glad you liked the ice cream! We're always glad to have an excuse to have Jeni's. thanks so much for hosting us and for the wonderful dinner

2018 Monkish Lyre + Rhyme Los Angeles County Malt
7/23/2018 - fred o. Likes this wine:
94 points
per back label, "saison ale aged in an oak foudre with nectarines from Masumoto Family Farms." 6.8% abv.

slightly hazy golden peach color. Nose bright peaches with hint of buttercream. Palate again bright yellow peaches and nectarines with just the right amount of tartness, light body with hint of malt on the finish. Delicate and wonderful, drinking very well right now with Korean nengmyun noodles, the perfect match for watching City of Gold; brewed in LA by a Vietnamese-American who was inspired to craft Belgian-ish beers while studying in Scotland, this beer made with fruit grown by Japanese-Americans; diverse cultures coming together in an unexpected fashion to produce a delicious product that could only be from Los Angeles. RIP Jonathan Gold, we'll really miss you.
  • fred o. commented:

    7/27/18, 12:54 PM - This particular beer sold out, their cans/bottles are hard to get unless you time a release right, but the brewery is in Torrance and they do growlers of most of their stuff, which I’d recommend trying

2016 Šipun Žlahtina Krk
7/15/2018 - Beerzebub wrote:
Cool, stony aroma, joined on the palate by straightforward, cool, restrained appley fruit. Adequate acidity, although more would not be a bad thing. Light in body and intensity; mineral-driven and refreshing. Best with some air in the bottle, seeming to gain focus and precision.
  • fred o. commented:

    7/15/18, 11:55 PM - world cup wine, huh? where did you source this, would be interesting to try watching the Euros in 2 years...

2013 Château Simone Palette Blanc White Rhone Blend
dark golden color. Nose waxy. Palate honey with beeswax flavor, nice minerality, stone fruits. Good depth of flavor, definitely agree with the Rosenthal description of this as "sensual," a very nice white from Provence (not white Rhone -- thanks Xuzab for the correction). 92 pts
  • fred o. commented:

    6/26/18, 12:32 PM - thanks for the correction -- made the edit

2016 Marcel Lapierre Morgon Gamay
4/7/2018 - ve23 Likes this wine:
90 points

A young Morgon, textbook Gamay by one of the most renown natural wine producers there is. I’m not gonna add SO2, a Beaujolais rebel that gave a headstart to a movement that is now beyond all borders.

Lots of ripe and juicy berries, a cherry pie, round and plump. Ready now, but I’m interested how this evolves - so I put a magnum away for a few years. Let’s wait.
  • fred o. commented:

    5/28/18, 9:27 AM - nice note, however I don't think Lapierre is dogmatic about sulfur, seems like he uses it as needed. he does have a totally non-sulfur version of this, the N bottling that's mostly in Japan/California, however I wouldn't characterize him as a completely rebellious "natural wine" no-sulfur evangelical.

2016 Cruse Wine Company Carignan Evangelho California
3/23/2018 - G.A. Parker Likes this wine:
91 points
Welp, we ripped and sipped this one. Very fragrant nose, red fruits, candied fruits, with a savory graphite underpinning. Palate is juicy, red and dark fruits, fresh acidity with tannins that just dry your toungue on the finish but aren’t unpleasant. Herbal, minty finish with fruit and acidity carrying it through. Has the fresh juiciness that I look for in wine, but the complexity that doesn’t always go with it. Ned said he wished we had bought two - we’ll definitely be looking for this retail.
  • fred o. commented:

    3/25/18, 6:17 PM - We have a bottle, pretty sure I saw it around at silver lake wine, etc, too

2014 Trujillo Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
1/28/2018 - EMichels wrote:
87 points
Flat; Overly ripe
  • fred o. commented:

    2/1/18, 11:12 PM - Flap steak?

2016 Arnot-Roberts Rosé California Touriga Nacional
golden salmon pink-orange. Nose waxy stone fruits, bright. Palate with strong peach flavors, good minerality, bright acidity. Wonderful chilled but gets more expressive as it warms to room temp. Good with seafood pasta but imagine that it would be refreshing on its own. 90 pts
  • fred o. commented:

    10/8/17, 8:07 PM - Thanks Barry! Hope we can get another LA offline going at some point

2010 Talenti Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
6/3/2017 - SeedfamilyD Likes this wine:
89 points
과일향 가득 향기롭고 잘 익은 산지오베제의 모습을 잘 보여주었던.... 베란다요.^^ 베란다 캠핑에서 상당히 만족스러웠던... 굿
  • fred o. commented:

    7/19/17, 10:48 PM - Sir Lal: Google translate, man...

2013 Smith-Madrone Riesling Spring Mountain District
7/3/2017 - BrunelloBob wrote:
85 points
Watery, insipid. Flacid. Actually loses character as it warms. Inoffensive, but what's the point? Not sure where these other scores are coming from.
  • fred o. commented:

    7/9/17, 9:45 PM - I think it was a bad bottle actually. Not sure where you got the "sucked" part but I think that's presumptuous at best. I had a bottle recently that everyone out of a group of us really enjoyed. To each their own.

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